Drake Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Drake Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2017. Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper, actor, songwriter and producer. He is known for his role as an actor in ‘Degrassi, the teen drama series. However, Drake is more familiar with his pop music, which has kept his fans thrilled, day after day. Below are some of his best tracks as well as his latest releases this year.

DRAKE Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of the top 10 songs of Drake till 2017

10. HYFR

HYFR is one of Drake’s fastest raps and is surely a successful hit song. Listening to the whole song before judging it is important. Fans are listening and dancing to the song and are surely thanking Drake, their hero. The song is great and rocks the world, which has seen fans vote for it in large numbers, propelling it to the top 10 songs done by Drake.HYFR has beautiful lyrics, it is great, brilliant and tells a story. The first verse is one of his all-time bests.

9. Find Your Love

Find Your Love is another amazing song, some fans wonder why it has to be number nine. The lyrics in this song have left fans wondering what Drake will produce on his next album. This song contains so many layers, with each layer being unmistakably catchy. The hit song puts Drake as a pretty damn good singer, on the top of his rap game. Fans love this song because it displays the softer side of the rapper.Drake puts feeling into this song, making it even catchier. Find Your Love has the loveliest mushy lyrics on the planet.

8. The Motto

The Motto has flow and is almost like a jerking song; it’s pretty dope and untouchable. Despite Drake not having a signature song so far, The Motto is simply a great track. Honestly, this is one of Drake’s best songs. The beat is simple and not over complicated. Drake has built his hits and made them full, but this is Drake going in a different direction than what his fans know. The Motto is a fan track to rock.

7. Over My Dead Body

The intimate piano ballad in the song shows the two sides of Drake: the tender heartbreaker.

The track ‘Over my Dead Body’ is simply gorgeous. It comes with a lovely melody, sweet piano stroke, and a warm feeling. The artist raps the weights off, having fun with the best music, just like his fans do.

6. Started From the Bottom

This hit song shows just how mature Drake continues to be in his Rap career, with some fans saying that this is the best Drake has done so far. This song is definitely ‘the boss’: it has catchy beats, great video, and a great meaning. That he started from the bottom, and now he is here.

Drake states that he wears every single chain, even when in the house. However, the song has been widely criticized by haters because it does not show him starting from the bottom, the videos just show the successful Drake.

5. Take Care

Take Care is a track that you either hate or love. When it comes to this poppish track, there is no in between, love it or hate it. The lyrics put by Drake in this song makes it stand out. The lyrics coupled with Drake’s singing makes the track among his top hit songs so far. The song is deep, and it penetrates to a person’s inner feelings because a majority of people have been in a situation like this one, a sweet flavor of love sorrow.

4. Energy

‘Energy’ comes with the greatest single line ever done by Drake. The hit song appeals directly to the young middle class, across the crowded dance floors in America. It is however somehow frustrating that Drake is a totem for a type of over-comfortable masculinity, but with a lot of irresistible fun.‘ Energy is, therefore, such a beautiful track.

3. Marvin’s Room

The biggest strength that Drake has is not afraid of great music. Plenty of people including Kanye are capable of making something similar to Marvin’s Room, but when he made his entire breakup album, ‘808 and Heartbreak,’ he left behind stoic synths and autotuned.

Drake’s voice is enough to make him vulnerable. His producer, 40, is in his best moods, bringing in smolders and man oleum instruments that take up the room. With this, Drake pines harder than he’s ever pinned before. Marvin Room is Drake at his Drakiest, and this is no longer an insult. This track is the boldest thing this Canadian musician has ever recorded. The track is sweet, sad and funny, launching Drake straight to the top.

2. Worst Behavior

One of Drake’s best songs is worst behavior, although mystery surrounds the song. The track has a lot of suspense, and the fans wonder what it is about and why they never loved us. They wonder whatever constitutes ‘worst behavior.’ Away from what is unknown, what is known is that the track tears the house anytime the song plays. Long after its release, the hit song is still one of Drake’s best. Worst Behavior is one of Drake’s rowdiest singles, taking over the most aggressive bars. The track’s reckless energy opens up: Nothing was the same.

1. Over

Drake’s music career was already rising before the release of the ‘Thank me Later’ album, but the release of the single ‘Over’ meant that he is an artist who will most likely stay in power even longer. Drake puts a cinematic beat, a perfect string arrangement and sets the tone for his song, apparently reflecting his past life as a Toronto child star. The hit song ‘over’ propelled Drake over the ‘Best I Ever Had,’ and made skeptics give him his due. ‘Over’ is Drake’s first commercial hit, which continues to play all over the stations for the right reasons. The track set the stage for Drake to release more tempo hits. Whether the song scares or thrills you, you should appreciate the song.

Drake new songs in 2016-2017

1. Why You are Hatin

Released in collaboration with musician Kamaiyah, this track song has gained air time in almost all pop stations in the USA. It has been such a present to Drake’s fans, and its release during summer is just appropriate.

2. Started From the Bottom

‘Started From the Bottom’ is one of Drake’s catchiest songs, and he tries to portray the idea that You Only Live Once (YOLO).Drake has surely set trends with this latest song.

3. Take Care

The beats to this song are just beast, and the inclusion of Rihanna in the track makes it spread like wildfire. It is a favorite to many, and has many views all over the internet. ‘Take care’ is such a hit song.

4. Best I Ever Had

This song is a favorite to many, even those who do not listen to Drake’s songs. The song carries fancy and love. , People in love like the song; they sing it to their partners, how romantic it is.

Drake is such an incredible pop musician. His best tracks are just fantastic, and fans never get enough of them. His new songs 2017 are even better, and the world can just keep waiting for what he will release next.

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