Doors Top 10 Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Doors Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time. The Doors are an American rock band. Over the years, they have become an icon in the rock music industry and have been widely acclaimed for redefining the intensity in rock music through their terrific live performances. The band was formed in 1965 and has since crafted an extensive collection of memorable rock hits. They have managed to remain relevant as new fans of rock music add to their fan base and are impressed by what the band has achieved. The group has a vast collection of classics. In fact, it becomes nearly impossible to come up with a top ten list of their songs without courting disagreements. All the same, we will try as much as possible to justify this top 10 list by the Doors.

Doors Top 10 Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 songs by Doors of All Time

10. ‘The Crystal Ship.’

This song comes from the Door’s first titled album. This song was a phenomenal love lyric. It was penned by Jim Morrison who, as we all know, never written failures. ‘The Crystal Ship’ was released in 1967 and has a full length of two and a half minutes. People have interpreted this song in many different versions over the years. It, however, seems like ‘The Crystal Ship’ was telling of some affliction.

9. ‘When the Music’s Over.’

This song was a very long story whose full length stretches a whole eleven minutes. It came off their second album titled ‘Strange Days.’ The song has a very slow tempo and contains several solos by the ban’s instrumentalists. It has since become one of the band’s popular hits despite the fact that it was the tenth song on the ‘Strange Days’ album. Its eleven-minute length makes it the third longest song done by the Doors.

8. ‘Back Door Man.’

‘Back Door Man’ was the first song on side B of the Doors’ debut album. Willie Dixon and Chester Burnett were the original writers of the song. The growl by Jim Morrison as the song starts set the stage for this rock and roll star. The angry vocal by Jim is driven home by the top of the class blues organ riff by Ray Manzareck. By the time ‘Back Door Man’ was released, Morrison had become popular for his unique skill of crafting lyrics that found their way into intercultural sayings. He was able to achieve this even with ‘Back Door Man.’

7. ‘Roadhouse Blues.’

This song was one of the group’s biggest hits and has been particularly conspicuous in their live-on-set list. It was a single released from a posthumous album in 1970. This album recorded spectacular sales across the world. Surprisingly, it is said that ‘Roadhouse Blues’ was produced within a time of no more than two days. This rare feat is evidence that the band had become such a talent powerhouse with energy oozing from all over their musicality. ‘Roadhouse Blues’ was an exceptionally perfect tune for a live set. The song has retained a lot of its primal energy and is a now an all time classic.

6. ‘Break on Through.’

This was the first song that the Doors released in 1967. It was released on 1st January 1967 and could have as well been the first song to be released that year in the whole wide world. It was released off the album titled ‘The Doors.’ It did not perform well initially and recorded a poor ranking on the charts. However, the Doors’ fans loved it so much that it became a staple of their concerts. It was this persisted acceptance that pushed it to the top of the charts sometimes later which made it a hit. ‘Break on Through’ is among the most loved songs ever produced by the band.

5. ‘Rides on the Storm.’

This song was from the album ‘L.A Woman’ and was released in 1971.It has been a challenge to learn how Ray Manzareck pulled such notes from the piano. Its sound is just phenomenal and cannot be rivaled with ease. The mystery of its sound has not been unraveled to date. The eeriness in ‘Riders on the Storm’ gets enhanced by the fact that it was the last song on ‘L.A Woman.’ This is one of the Doors Top 10 Songs of All Time

4. ‘Love Me Two Times.’

It was off the ‘Strange Days’ album. It was among the earliest releases from the album. It was released by Robbie Krieger, the band’s guitarist. ‘Love Me Two Times’ is a three-minute dose of pure entertainment. It earned the appreciation and love of many Doors’ fans. The song was played numerous times in their live performances as they paid tribute to Jim Morrison who passed at the age of 27.

3. ‘People are Strange.’

‘People are Strange’ featured in the band’s 1967 album although it was released as a single. It combined the epic artistry of both Jim and Krieger. The song lasts two minutes and twelve seconds. It is quite often taken to have been inspired by Jim’s experiences with psychedelic songs. In spite of this, it was a song full of wonder.

2. ‘Light My Fire.’

This song was among their first releases at the genesis of their career. Although it had many versions that came at different lengths, it retained all its good qualities. The earliest release was in January 1967 after it had been recorded in the month of August the previous year. The song was a record breaker achieving a gold status as a single.

1. ‘The End.’

‘The End’ was to a great extent a psychedelic that has a full length of twelve minutes. It was rewarded with some beautiful lyrics by the writer, Jim Morrison. The song was part of the band’s first album. ‘The End’ played a critical role in reviving the group in the ‘80s. It featured conspicuously in ‘Apocalypse Now,’ a film by Francis Ford. Its use as a soundtrack rejuvenated the song’s fortunes dramatically. It immediately began to enjoy increased airplay which promoted the album sales. ‘The End’ is arguably the best song by the Doors.

Doors Songs of All Time

The Doors have had no song in current. Their active music career ended in 1973.

Despite their active music career ending in 1973, The Doors have remained popular and relevant, thanks to their great hits that have outlived their career. Their illustrious vocation has registered more than 133 million record sales to date. This makes them a band among the best sellers of all time.

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