Disturbed Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Disturbed Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Disturbed is one of the best bands doing heavy metal today. Their combination of classic metal features with beats common to pop and R&B attracts thousands of fans to the group. The band composes songs that create an uproar in the entire body, not the kind of metal that makes you bang only the head. The team promises to reunite soon entirely. Here are the top 10 songs that the band has released. Check out to see whether your favorite song makes the cut.

Disturbed Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Disturbed till 2017:

10 ‘Asylum.’

‘Asylum is a song that brings the band’s original music back to life with a darker and serious tone, using a sound that is heavier than their past. The band sings about being in an asylum, which brings them closer to death. They sing to the girl that in the end, she will find out everything, including how much she is deceived. In the asylum, he lives a lie, and he has to let go. The condition drives him closer to the grave, as the conditions seem unfulfilling without her. He requests her not to let him live in asylum, ‘for in asylum, I live a lie.’


‘Deify’ is a track from the 2005 album titled ‘Ten Thousand Miles.’ People interpret the song as anti-war, and a direct attack on the policies of George Bush, who is the former president of the United States of America. The song is famous for supporting the soldiers who are against the war, and those who advocate for policies that reduce warfare and violence. The song is produced at a time when the US is at war with terrorists, and around the start of the Iraq invasion. The song is widely regarded as political, with Bush featuring at the beginning of the video.

8. ‘Another Way to Die.’

The song is single number one from the band’s 2010 album named ‘Asylum.’ The track introduces to a darker and new subject matter, different from the Band’s past music. The song is mainly about the violent events that continue to affect the Middle East. The song also touches about global warming, which leads to desertification and flooding. The band tries to tell the people that our activities are ‘another way to die.’ They say that if we do not address wars and climate change in due time, then we do not need ‘another way to die.’

7. ‘Liberate.’

‘Liberate’ is single number three from ‘Believe,’ the 2002 album. The song advocates for a war-free world, and it features a reading from a chapter in the Bible, Micah 4, verse 2 to 4.The band advises people to liberate their mind and to stop being narrow-minded. Limiting the mind is the leading cause of war in the world, according to the band. They hope the Messiah will come and take away the hatred in people’s hearts, and their minds will liberate.

6. ‘Shout 2000.’

‘Shout 2000′ is a remake of a classic ‘shout’ released by ‘Tears for Fears’ in the 1980s, and is not originally done by ‘Disturbed.’ The song is, however, better when done by the band, as they put a unique stamp on the song, giving it a vitality that did not exist in the original version. The original version is an anti-war track produced at the height of the Cold War, and its recharged version still maintains the anti-war slogans. The song exists in ‘The sickness’ album, released in 2000.

5. ‘Ten Thousand Fists.’

The song’s title doubles up as the title track in a 2005 album, ‘Ten Thousand Fists.’ The song is composed to act as a rebellion towards the actions of the US in the Middle East, specifically in Iraq. The track features in ‘Madden NFL 06, the popular video game. They sing that people cannot cover their eyes and walk away, like what is happening does not disturb them. For those who ignore, they will remember the night they were struck by ‘ten thousand fists in the air.’ This is one of the Disturbed Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Prayer.’

‘Prayer’ is the leading single in the ‘believe’ album, released in 2002. The track involves a conversation involving God and Draiman David, in which David seeks clarification from God on whether he uses pain as a way of getting a response from human beings.Two events inspire the song: the death of the musician’s father, and the ‘9/11 terrorist attacks’ by ‘Osama Bin Laden,’ in which hundreds lost their lives. The music video is controversial, and the use of images that resemble the 9/11 events receives criticism from a cross section of people.

3. ‘Stupify.’

‘Stupify’ is a single from the 2000 album named ‘The sickness.’ The track puts the band on a world map, and the same song features in various motion pictures such as ‘Little Nicky,’ in which includes its remix, in the Adam Sandler show. They sing about how much they wonder when people play around with their scope of reality, and how that breaks them down. Whenever the girl looks at his face, he ‘starts to stupify.’ The track is excellent, and it is one of the best that the group has done.

2. ‘Land of Confusion.’

The song is contained in the ‘Ten Thousand Fists’ album, released around 2005. The song includes an animated video produced by ‘Spawn,’ the guy who directs Todd McFarlane. The band sings that they have had thousands of dreams and heard millions of screams. However, they can also hear some feet marching in the streets. The world has many people creating many problems. On top of that, there is little land, and that makes a ‘Land of confusion.’

1. ‘Down with sickness.’

The song is the second track on the 2000 album titled ‘The sickness.’ ‘Down with sickness’ is the group’s first single platinum. The song is used in video games and motion pictures and is a favorite in sporting events. David Draiman screams after the introduction, which creates the group’s auditory signature, which makes the group instantly recognized. ‘Down with sickness’ is the best song ever recorded by the band, and we recommend them for having composed such an incredible track.

Disturbed New Song 2016-2017

The vision of silence

The musician starts by greeting ‘darkness,’ his old friend. He tells ‘darkness’ that an image crept upon him while he was sleeping, and planted in his brain. That is why he is still in the ‘sound of silence.’ In his dream, he sees thousands of people ‘talking without speaking’ and ‘hearing without listening.’

Disturbed in a talented music band, and their songs confirm that they are indeed blessed. Their top 10 songs are enjoyable to listen and educative as well. The hidden meanings in a majority of their songs motivate fans to find out what the tracks mean. We hope they release more records, similar to their latest version, which is very entertaining. Well done Disturbed.

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