Deadmau5 Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Deadmau5 Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. You know you are about to have fun when you walk into an EDM festival or club and see a person wearing an ‘eerie Mick Mouse’ mask. That man is Deadmau5, a Canadian DJ who has been rocking since 1994 on the ones and twos, and you can be sure he is not slowing down any soon. In our series of that counts down the ‘top 10 songs of all time’, from one of the best EDM artists in the music industry, get into the race because you are just about to view the top 10 songs for Deadmau5, the greatest of all time and the finest.


List of Top 10 songs by Deadmau5 of all time Till 2017

10. ‘Brazil.’

The rise of Deadmau5 is responsible for the place IDM music stands where it does today. The musician not only churned clubs but also rocked entertainment joints with classic tracks such as Brazil. The single boasts of a simple beat that gets you moving any time it plays. The song boasts of inclusion in almost all lists of EDM songs as well as Deadmau5 playlists.

9. ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff.’

‘Ghosts and stuff’ is a song that haunts you a lot, especially the beginning. However, just allow the musician to launch into the song, and you will love the unstoppable beat. The artist’s discipline keeps you going all night, and you will forget if the song has a title like ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff.’ He sings that it has been long since he shared some time with his sweetheart, and he now feels so lonely.

8. ‘Hi Friend.’

The year 2009 was an incredible period for Deadmau5. The musician soars into IDM greatness that year and produces a hit album called ‘For Lack of a Better Name.’ The great album contains tracks like ‘Hi Friend,’ a techno song that is drenched into massive technology and lyrics that fail to make sense. However, the incredible thing here is the beat, not the lyrics. Those beats drive ‘Hi Friend’ into a traditional territory.

7. ‘Not Exactly.’

‘Not Exactly’ starts with a beat that is very familiar, and every fan of Deadmau5 recognizes the same quite well. However, never get drunk with such aura of familiarity, especially when we are talking about IDM because the real heaven of the record is just starting. ‘Not Exactly’ may be less familiar as compared to other tracks by the same artist, but it is one of the singer’s best, and the track is therefore recognized here.

6. ‘Faxing Berlin.’

‘Faxing Berlin’ is not oddly romantic as most people think. The single never sounds like an original Deadmau5 song, and that makes the same record so great. Instead of being out of the fire as most people would expect, the track is a smolder, and the artist makes it a charm. Deadmau5 cannot help it but has to see the girl again. Although he cannot understand himself, all he needs is to feel the lady one more time. This is one of the Deadmau5 Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘The Veldt.’

‘The Veldt’ is a massive hit on charts, and that is because the same has great lyrics and message. The song is a modern day classic day club hit that Deadmau5 perfects in earlier days of work. He makes the track a charm. If you tell your friends that you belong to the IDM club, then ‘The Veldt’ must be on your playlist; otherwise, you are a fake member of the IDM club.

4. ‘Aural Psynapse.’

Talk of a musician who has a taste for surreal, and that is Deadmau5. As an artist, having an individual and unique sound takes you a long way in the genre in which you can easily be a cookie-cutter. Because of the same reason, we should all appreciate the song like ‘Aural Psynapse,’ which is a slow burner containing some touch of Paul Hardcastle track called ‘Rain Forest,’ which released in 1985. The song mixes with a secret blend of electro by Deadmau5, and the results are an incredible song.

3. ‘Sofi Needs a Ladder.’

‘Sofi Needs a Ladder’ is a track that makes you wonder why musicians take some names for their songs.In the real sense, the song is not about a real Sofi needing some ladder. However, the booming EDM classic gets people on the dance floor, running and dancing. ‘Sofi Needs a Ladder’ is one of the best tracks ever released by Deadmau5.

2. ‘Animal Rights.’

Deadmau5 teams up with Wolfgang Gartner to produce ‘Animal Rights,’ the two blending to create an EDM magic. The song is somehow simple, although the same simplicity makes the track a magic, and the song is magical indeed. Nobody thought that Deadmau5 could team up with Wolfgang to produce such a beautiful record, and the song came as a shocker to a majority of the fans.

1. ‘I Remember.’

If there is one song that makes a DJ famous and ever recognized, then the track must be ‘I Remember.’ ‘I Remember’ is the best track by Deadmau5, and it does not matter how much more hit singles do exist, this song is hypnotic and booming. We will always ‘remember’ the musician by the track, and it remains to be the ‘best song of all time’ by Deadmau5.

Deadmau5 New Songs 2016-2017


If you thought that Deadmau5 is no longer producing new tracks, please listen to ‘Saved’ and if you do not get ‘saved,’ come back and ask me a question. The song just released, but it has nearly a million views on ‘Youtube.’ That tells you who Deadmau5 is and how far he is headed.

Deadmau5 is always remembered for being the EDM artist who pioneered almost all the trade and tricks that EDM DJs use today. The musician is still on the scene rocking out festivals and clubs as he continues to expand his music and create experiences that last a lifetime.

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