Cole Swindell Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Cole Swindell Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Colden Rainey Swindell is a Georgian country music artist, better known to his fans as Cole Swindell. The artist holds a bright future in country music. His voice reminds us of the talented old vocalists who are long gone, and he carries on with the wave of the incredible Georgian musicians. Swindell thrills fans across the world with his gorgeous music and that is why we have decided to sample ten of his best tracks. Below are ten of the best songs that Colle has produced, as well as his latest releases. Enjoy having a look at the great songs.

Cole Swindell Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Cole Swindell till 2017:

10. ‘Swaying.’

‘Swaying’ is a song about love, dating and the costs associated with dating. The musician weighs the enormous sum of money spent versus the feeling enjoyed by lovers. Cole puts much grit in the voice as he sings the chorus. They pray that the bands do not stop playing their favorite songs the whole night. They want to remain side by side with each other with the girl in his arms, ‘wrapped up tight, just swaying.’ The song is fantastic and romantic.

9. ‘Down Home Boys.’

‘Down home boys’ is a track concerning the life of a boy from South Georgia, and the parties they hold after working hard every week. The song has a beautiful party tune and is loved by people who like clubbing. Cole sings about him and his ‘boys,’ and the way they rock the town every evening. He expresses the unity between them and the way they get girls around them and have fun, ‘Like me and my down home boys.’

8. ‘Get Up.’

‘Get up’ is a fantastic summer partying song for those who love having fun. The song contains some incredible bits that make people love to sing along. Cole sings about him and the girlfriend longing to go out for the whole week, and now the weekend finally arrives. He requests the girl to get up on his shoulders and show the world how pretty she is, as the songs continue to play. Swindell continues to sing to her: ‘Get up, get up, get up on my shoulders.’

7. ‘Back Roads and the Back row.’

The song gives the listener a perception of a small and lovely town, a pure feeling of power and emotions. Colle recalls his first taste of beer and the first heartbreak, as well as the happy and sad moments. Every painful experience leaves a mark in his heart, a ‘red’ mark. He remembers where they used to bow their heads with the mother saving their seats, while Jesus Christ saved their souls. Everything they ever needed to know was ‘Somewhere between the back roads and the back row.’

6. ‘I just want You.’

‘I just want you’ is a romantic song that allows the listener to feel the music, not just hear it. All that Swindell wants is to love the cute girl. He sings that regardless of where he goes and when Colle wakes up in the morning, all he thinks about is this lovely girl. The musician wants some things from the girl: trust, love and crave. He asks her never to doubt anything about him. ‘All it ever comes down to is, girl I just want you.’ ‘Yeah, I just want you.’ This is one of the Cole Swindell Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘Kiss.’

In the song, Colle seems to blame his girlfriend for applying a magical thing in her kisses. It is a funny look into a kiss, and what makes Colle feel special during the kiss. He sings to the girl that it could have been only one night, one song or one dance, but he will never forget it. He gets crazy by her kiss and wants to know what she puts in them, which makes him long for more. ‘A little summer tease with a twist, never knew how much I’d miss, that kiss.’

4. ‘Let me see Ya girl.’

The track is one of his latest releases and only gets to radio and the internet in late 2015. The song rises to position 32 on the charts, and it proves that Cole heads for greatness and that we can only expect more from him. He sings to the girl that he knows guys are all over her buying drinks. However, he has an idea, and he wants to leave her friends with his and go ‘see her shine.’ ‘That’s how l wanna see you, girl. ‘Yeah, let me see you, girl.’

3. ‘Hope you get Lonely Tonight.’

Swindell does the song in collaboration with other artists, the most notable being Florida Georgia Line, the duo singers. The musician wants to be away from the girl, and attend a ‘tipsy tailgate kiss,’ and intends to know if the girl regrets. He asks the girl to call him and pick him up at late night if the feeling is similar, but he tells her that it’s his wish she gets lonely at night. ‘You ain’t gotta wake up and miss me, no.’ ‘I hope you get lonely tonight.’

2. ‘You Ain’t Worth the Whiskey.’

The song rises to position three on the country charts after release. Colle thinks that his former lover is not worth drinking his whiskey. He tells the girl that he does not care whether she wrongs her, and neither does he want to know the name of her new lover, because ‘it’s what it is.’ He, however, tells the girl that he is not drinking so as to forget her, as she is not worth that. ‘But don’t think for a second am out to drown your memory. ‘Baby, you ain’t worth the whiskey.’

1. ‘Chillin It.’

‘Chilling It’ is the best song ever by Colle Swindell, and it rises to position one after release, smoking the country charts and spreading like bush fire. The uniqueness of the musician’s vocals and the feeling in the track makes it a national anthem, a great achievement for the young singer. ‘Long as am rocking with you, girl.’ ‘You know I’m cool with just chilling it.’ The song is a thriller, and fans all over the world love it, ‘to the moon and back.’

Cole Swindell New Songs 2016-2017

1. ‘Middle’ of a memory

In his new release, Swindell tells the girl that a single look at her changes the order from one drink to two. It is like they have known each other for long like they have talked the whole night. Unfortunately, her friends want her to leave, a few minutes into the dance, which makes him wonder and ask her ‘didn’t they know you can’t leave someone.’ He wonders why the girl has to leave her in the middle of a dance floor, in the middle of an old country track and the middle of neon lights. He sings to her ‘Why do you leave me right in the middle of memory.’

2. ‘Stars.’

The musician sings about a good night out, where girls shine down on him like stars. In the morning the girls fall like stars, and from that day she ‘steals’ his heart. He stares at her, wishing she was his, and all he sees are stars. ‘By the end of the night, you were falling just like stars.’

Colle Swindell is a super talented musician. Very few artists make it gain popularity in such a fast way. He works his way up the music industry by producing thrilling songs that entertain all, fans or otherwise. His new releases are a show of might, and he can just get better. Well done Swindell Colle.

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