Chris Young Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Chris Young Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. With every new single released, Chris Young continues to climb the country music charts, and fans love him. All his fans recognize and appreciate his amazing music, and his songs continue to top charts, thanks to his talented artwork. Country music gets better whenever you mention Chris Young, and the name remains a dominant force in the country world. Below are ten of the best songs by Chris Young.

Chris Young Top 10 Songs List New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Chris Young of all time Till 2017

10. ‘She’s Got This Thing About Her.’

‘She’s Got This Thing About Her’ is a love song that makes you close your eyes, tap your legs and nod the head as you listen. The track is about loving a lady unconditionally, without being unfaithful or selfish. There is something special with the woman that makes Chris love her a lot, but he also can’t explain. The song is one of Young’s most romantic compositions and a fan favorite, an incredible track.

9. ‘Beer or Gasoline.’

‘Beer or Gasoline’ is a real life track, and anyone who has ever experienced hard financial situations understands that so well. Just imagine that you are damn thirsty and your body wants something alcoholic, but at the same point, you have no gasoline. That is a very hard choice, and not only Chris faces the dilemma but a lot of us. If I had the choice, I would choose some enough gasoline and a small amount of beer. What about you: ‘Beer or gasoline?’

8. ‘Drinkin Me Lonely.’

‘Drinking Me Lonely’ is a significant track in Chris Young’s career because he starts the ‘Nashville Show’ performing the track on the ‘Original Song Night.’ Chris continues to do a magnificent job with it, and his fans love it. During live concerts, Chris has to perform this track, whether he likes it or not, because fans demand it, they do not request.

7. ‘Lonely Eyes.’

‘Lonely Eyes’ is one of the latest releases by Chris Young, and the track climbs the charts first, it is like we can never get enough of this song. Chris Young appeared on ‘Letterman’ and performed the track, and all people got thrilled. The song starts with a guy lighting a cheap cigar inside a bar on a Tuesday night. The bartender yells at the man and he gets out, and the girl gets inside. The girl has lonely eyes, and Chris wants the eyes to look at him, and she won’t be lonely again.

6. ‘Neon.’

A majority of Chris Young’s fans know that this is their favorite song. Young’s favorite color is ‘Neon,’ and he sings about the same lights at a late night bar. The song acts as a title track for the same album. Chris sings that he has seen many colors from the yellow sunflowers of Texas to the green ones during summer, ‘but his favorite color is neon.’ The color is always in bars and on fun having spots, and that is why he loves ‘Neon.’

5. ‘Text Me Texas.’

‘Text Me Texas’ is one of the favorite tracks by Chris Young, despite the same getting less airtime on the radios. Everything Chris wants is a short message from his girlfriend. He understands she is far, but he wants one simple message before the girl sleeps. He is restless and thinks the girl is not alone, and that gives him sleepless nights. He wants a simple text from the girl, and the content of the short message should only be ‘Texas.’ This is one of the Chris Young Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Voices.’

‘Voices’ is a fantastic track about all the incredible influences that Chris Young in life. In the song’s video, the musician uses his real family. At that moment, the singer’s sister is deployed and therefore not available; therefore he ensures her picture is in the video so that she is not left out. He sings that even if you called him insane or think he is crazy, he can’t help but hear voices.

3. ‘You’re Gonna Love Me.’

All women wish to have a romantic man, one who is faithful to her and takes good care of her. In the track called ‘Your Gonna Love Me,’ Young describes himself as the perfect man if any girl wants someone who will love you and make you feel like ‘you are the only girl in the world.’ For any girl who wants to have fun and enjoy herself, then Chris Young is the man. ‘Believe you me, your gonna love him.’

2. ‘Tomorrow.’

All human beings who have experienced splits know how it feels to need just a single last time with the same person. That moment you just have to let go and forget that you ever had to regret. ‘Tomorrow’ talks about knowing that you are not appropriate for the person, but you spend the last night together all the same. The track makes it to position one in the ‘Billboard Country’ charts and is a great success for Chris Young.

1. ‘Getting’ You Home.’

The track is also known as ‘The Black Dress Song.’ The song took the musician only forty-five minutes to write bu it turns out that the same song thrills fans all over the globe. The song is a position one hit on all ‘Country Billboard Charts.’

Chris Young New Songs 2016-2017

1. ‘Think of You (Feat Cassadee Pope)

‘Think of You’ is a track by Chris Young that features Cassadee Pope. The musician sings about visiting a club on a Friday night, but the lights are the same, and the bar is the same. The place has the same people, with the same faces. However, the place still feels different, and Chris wonders why that happens. He remembers how they visited the place with the sweetheart. Chris knows that whenever people think of him, they think of his girlfriend as well.

2. ‘Sober Saturday Night.’

‘Sober Saturday Night’ is a sad regret song. The musician recalls how his life has changed since breaking up with the sweetheart. Before he would go party on weekends, but all he has now are ‘Sober Saturday Nights.’

Chris Young is a fantastic country singer with fans from all over the globe. He knows just what to sing and how t do the same. We love you, Chris, your songs will always remain to be the best.

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