Chris Stapleton Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Chris Stapleton Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Chris Stapleton is a name that people mention almost daily, especially after his excellent performance during the ‘2015 CMAs’. The talented songwriter and singer continues to explode into the conversations of general music. Chris boasts of nominations to over five Grammys in his music career, and his performance at the CMAs continues to skyrocket sales for his ‘Travellers’ album. The album rises to position one at the Billboard, in just five months after release, making it his debut album. However, has tracks that fit to be called the best, and below are the best ten songs that the talented musician has composed.

Chris Stapleton Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Chris Stapleton till 2017:

10. ‘More of You.’

‘More of you’ is a duet between Chris and his wife, Hayes Morgane. The song plays around with love, almost dangerously. The track depicts romance at florid, which reminds us of the good times we enjoy in love. The song is not popular with the types of Stapleton, who we know for his dejection and dormancy songs. It seems that Chris finally finds love and decides to compose this one. He never gets enough with the love of his life, and that is why he wants ‘more of her.’ What a romantic track.

9. ‘Fire Away.’

Relationships have green patches. However, love reaches a point where reverse gears never exist. At that time, both partners decide to go on ‘for better for worse.’ The two decide to either ‘make it’ or ‘make it,’ and that is what the song ‘Fire Away’ explains. Chris displays his high voice entirely, and he powerfully belts, making sure the chorus is as sexy as ever. The song is an encouragement to those in love who decide to understand each other’s ‘weaknesses and move on.

8. ‘Traveller.’

A majority of the songs that Chris sings are a complete revelation of his personal background. Before he becomes a famous artist, he rambles in Nashville, writing songs for various country musicians, from traditionalists to pop country songs. He fronts the ‘Steel drivers,’ another bluegrass band. Chris sings different kinds of music, yet he controls the old fashioned music entirely, and that is best manifested by ‘Traveller.’ The track is a simple and straightforward country song, the best throwback that he ever writes.

7. ‘Was It 26.’

‘Was it 26′ is one of the few songs in the ‘Traveller’ album that Chris did not have a personal writing. The track is the musician’s view concerning Outlaw country. The song is originally by Charlie Daniel’s, and we can confidently say that it is brilliant. The difference between the two tracks is simply the voice of Chris Stapleton seeping into te music in a way that is convincing, and many people think that Stapleton solely does the track. ‘Was It 26′ is a show of talent for this great musician.

6. ‘Whiskey and You.’

‘Whiskey and you’ is an acoustic ballad featuring original lyrics and songwriting skills by Stapleton. The singer weighs up the distinction between his lost lover and alcohol and also features close to home and sharp words. Chris sings that the reason why he drinks is that he is lonely and that Chris is alone because he drinks. The musician says a lot in just a few words, trying to figure out whether he is lonely as a result of drinking, or he drinks as a result of being lonely. This is one of the Chris Stapleton Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘The Devil Named Music.’

One common thing that exists in all genres of music is ‘hate being on tour,’ and that is not different with country music. A combination of some terrible food, loneliness, and living out from some suitcase are terrible encounters. Chris views the topic from the same angle, with stories of endless nights, stoning and travel routes that he cannot remember. A majority of songs express the comfort found at home, but Chris has a disdain for touring as well as music. That explains why he wrote songs on behalf of other musicians for years, may be performing and touring is not for any ‘Dick, Harry and Tom.’

4. ‘Parachute.’

The song is combustible and is on an instinctual level. Stapleton sings about street lights throwing shadows away, with memories of a broken heart. He expresses a funny but true line of thought in the song. According to him, a roof is only useful in the presence of rain, and fire is only necessary when there is cold. A drink is only needed when Whiskey is the only thing someone can hold because falling is like flying till one hits the ground, he tells his girl to say a single word, and he will be her ‘parachute.’

3. ‘Tennessee Whiskey.’

In the song, Chris explains how he used to spend all nights taking alcohol, which is the only thing that he loved. Fortunately, someone comes to his rescue and brings him back to life. The musician uses romantic words to compare his lover to the things he loves most. The girlfriend is smooth, like Whiskey from Tennessee. Her sweetness is comparable to strawberry wine, and his warmer than a cup of brandy. He concludes by telling the girl that her love stones him. ‘You are as smooth as Tennessee whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, Tennessee Whiskey.

2. ‘Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore.’

Stapleton records ‘Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore’ in just a few takes but finally the studio fills with emotions. The feeling is, however, understandable, as the feelings evoked by the memories of dead relatives are very emotional. He sings that his father no longer does pray, and maybe he has finished talking to God. He recalls how his dad used to fold the hands and bow the head down to the ground, ‘but daddy doesn’t pray anymore.’ He remembers the times when they argued, and he thought the father was wrong, but he still knelt down and prayed at night; unfortunately he no longer does pray anymore.

1. ‘Sometimes I Cry.’

‘Sometimes I Cry is a vivid and raw track, the best that Stapleton ever produces. The song is mainly human, with experiences of pain and torment. The musician sings that there are times when he walks like everything is right, pretending to smile and successfully preventing the pain from coming out his eyes. However, sometimes he does cry, when there is nothing else that he can do. Everyone tries to tell him to move on, but he moves nowhere without her because ever since she went away, ‘sometimes I cry, when I can’t do nothing else.’

Chris Stapleton New songs 2016-2017

1. Fire Away

In his latest release, Chris tells his lover to load up her questions, pick stones and sticks and pretend he is a shelter and fire away, making her finest shot. The song already has massive fan support, less than a year after its release.

2. Hard living

Chris sings about him having thought he would have some interesting time, but it all turns out to be a hard living. He never thinks that such a thing can happen to him, but unfortunately, it happens, and it is just a ‘hard living.’

Chris Stapleton is a talented singer, and his music is the best. He thrills fans of country music throughout the world, and his popularity continues to spread like bushfire. His latest releases that include ‘Hard living’ and ‘Fire Away’ are an expression on how far he heads. We wish you well, Chris Stapleton.

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