Chris Brown Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Chris Brown Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Chris Brown is a talented actor, singer, and dancer who continues to offer great entertainment to the whole world. Brown has high dancing skills and unique vocals. Since 2004, Chris continues to give his fans the fun with lovely songs. The musician has many high ranking tracks, but we can only manage to write about the finest. Below are the top 10 songs that the singer has produced, and some of the songs he has released recently.

Chris Brown Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Chris Brown till 2017:

10. ‘Don’t Judge Me.’

The song comes from the ‘Fortune’ album. Brown sings about the importance of being forgiven for the past mistakes and letting go the errors. The song rises to position ten on the R&B songs list. Chris Brown does not want to go to the point of being judged. He tells the girl that the rumors she hears about him are true, but it all happened before he met her. ‘Please don’t judge me.’ ‘And I won’t judge you.’ The track is romantic and holds a lot of truth.

9. ‘She Ain’t You.’

‘She ain’t you’ is a hit song contained in Brown’s album titled ‘FAME.’ The track has a flavor of R&B due to another track by Michael Jackson titled ‘Human Nature.’ The single rises to position five on the Hip Hop and R&B charts. The song is about being unable to move on after a relationship, and getting obsessed with an ex-lover. He sings about being unable to see another girl, and in fact, she calls her new lover a different name. ‘Whoa-oh-oh (Na Na Na).’ ‘She ain’t, no she ain’t you.’

8. ‘Yo (Excuse Me, Miss)

‘Yo (excuse me miss) is a track from the ‘Chris Brown’ album. The mellow pop track rises to position seven on Billboard 100 hot tracks. In the track, Chris Brown asks people whether they have seen a hot girl around, who he allegedly spotted some minutes ago. ‘Yo, I don’t know your name but excuse me miss, I saw you from across the room.’ ‘You’re making me want to stay yo’. The song is a creative way of approaching a girl, especially when you are strangers.

7. ‘Love More.’

‘Love more is a romantic track from the album named X. Chris Brown performs the song, but it features Nicki Minaj, the hot rapper. The song rose to position 23 on the Billboard and continues to be a global favorite. He tells the girl that despite her asking for consistent love, it is never enough, no matter how he tries. He wonders why the love is so complicated and tells her that it should be the simplest thing ever. He adds that it ‘drives him mental.’

6. ‘Loyal.’

‘Loyal is a hit song from the album named X. The song is about ladies who are not faithful in relationships. He wonders why a man should give his love to a girl who is not faithful, somebody who will leave you for a richer guy. He continues to sing about Taking hot girls to a club and having fun with them. ‘You just spent your bread on her, and its all for nothing.’ The track is interesting and factual, as all the things Chris sings about happen in real life. This is one of the Chris Brown Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘With You.’

‘With You’ is a famous track from the album named ‘Exclusive.’ The song enjoys certification by the ‘Recording Industry Association of America,’ thanks to the sale of over one million digitally downloaded copies. Brown tells the girl that he needs her and must see her since his heart is all over the globe tonight. He tells the woman that he does not need money or cars, as she is his everything. ‘With you, yeah, heh.’ The song is a global anthem sang by all, from cities to the villages.

4. ‘Look at me now.’

‘Look at me now’ is a track contained in the ‘FAME’ album. The song is performed by Brown, with Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne featuring on the track as well. The song rose to the first position on the ‘Hot Rap Songs’ chart. Chris wonders how someone can hate from outside a club, without even getting in. ‘Look at me now, look at me now.’ ‘I’m getting paper.’ Chris Brown uses the song to criticize his haters and those who do not wish him well in music and life.

3. ‘Don’t Wake me up.’

‘Don’t wake me up’ is a hot track from the ‘Fortune’ album. The dance song is the fourth in the entire album named ‘Fortune.’ The song rises to position ten on the Billboard. He wishes that nobody wakes him up if the love exists only in his dreams. He asks the girl to kiss him if he wakes up while she is around since he never stops dreaming about her lips. He sings that there is a lot of life in the city, and he has been awake for many days. ‘Don’t wake me up up up up, don’t wake me up.’

2. ‘Deuces.’

‘Deuces’ is a song contained in the famous album, ‘Fan of a Fan.’ The song is written by Kevin Mcall, Chris Brown, and Stevenson Michael. The ballad song describes how to say goodbye to a relationship that is failing. The song rises to position one on both Hip Hop and R&B charts. He sings to his former girlfriend, telling her that she always wishes him bad luck. He cautions that she will regret when he finds a better girl, who knows his worth. ‘Ohohohohoh, I told you that I’m leaving (Deuces)

1. ‘Run It.’

‘Run It’ is a track released from the lovely album, ‘Chris Brown.’ The song is the number one single for Brown on the hip hop and R&B charts as well as the track that lasts longer as the first one on ‘Hot 100.’He sings that he acts like a big boy, and he knows what girls love, which is to party the whole night. He asks all girls to come with friends, as the party will be a hot one. ‘Let me see if you can run it, run it.’ ‘Girl indeed I can run it, run it.’

Chris Brown New Songs 2016-2017

1. ‘What would you do.’

In his latest release, Chris Brown has a question, and he needs answers. He asks his girl what she would do if she fought for her life, without anybody on her side. He cannot stand to lose the lady, and he has nowhere to hide. ‘What do you do? Do oh yeah, what do you do.’

2. ‘Sometimes.’

Chris Brown collaborates with Usher to sing the emotional song titled ‘Sometimes.’ The song is about a lady who fell in love and her heart rested, and today she rests six feet into the ground.The song is a thriller, make sure you listen to it. ‘We all go down sometimes.’

Chris Brown may be controversial, but his music is the best you can ever listen to at any time. He may have used and dumped Rihanna, he may have beaten her up, and he may have smashed a fan’s phone during his visit to Kenya, but he remains the best. Brown’s songs are a favorite to many people, and we hope he lives longer to sing more.

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