Chance The Rapper Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Chance The Rapper Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. One of the most familiar people in rap music today is Chance the Rapper, the Chicago music star. His mixtape number three titled ‘Coloring Book’ is available in almost all mainstreaming platforms, and he is the first musician to get to the ‘Billboard Top 10 Albums’ using streamed music alone. Chance does what he thinks is right, and he continues to create a revolution in the industry by releasing free music and combining gospel, rap and jazz music. The refuses to sign record labels and produces his music. Below are ten of his best tracks.

Chance the Rapper Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Chance the Rapper till 2017:

10. ‘Acid Rain.’

The song is among the last records in the second project titled ‘Acid Rap.’ Chance sings about his life as he trips on acid, amid a massive rain storm. The song contains no chorus, and the musician puts some beautiful lines in the mixtape. He sings about personal challenges with his friends, his future and himself. He happens to predict something as he sings of his baptism o full Christianity. The song leans more towards the relationship between the singer and religion, which is later exposed on ‘Coloring Book.’

9. ‘Brain Cells.’

‘Brain Cells’ is the only track from his initial mixtape named ’10 Day’ that makes it to this list. The song is about his past habits of smoking marijuana. The song discusses some issues, including his life as a child, despite the fact that he writes the track while in high school. The song is made unique by the creativity and eccentric nature of Chance, not forgetting the excellent flow, attributes that lack in his earlier tracks. The track is a favorite for marijuana smokers.

8. ‘Everybody’s Something (Feat. BJ the Chicago Kid & Saba)’

The song is lovely, and its message is crucial and straightforward. For sure, ‘Everybody is somebody’s everything.’ No matter how people see you, there is that someone who loves you for who you are and understands you. Chance joins hands with Chicago Kid, BJ and Saba to convey the message in a relaxing beat. Chance uses a stretched singing voice, using a high pitch tone that makes the song interesting. The musicians deserve recommendation for the track.

7. ‘Finish Line/Down (Feat. Eryn Allen Kane, Noname, T-Pain and Kirk Franklin)

The song contains two parts and is the longest on the ‘Coloring Book,’ running for over five minutes. Part one is mostly upbeat where Chance recalls his journey as a musician, a lover, a person and a Christian. Chicago musicians T-Pain and Allen Kane collaborate with Chance for the first time to produce the track. Half number two contains a slower tempo, with a sexy Chicago musician Noname makes an appearance and raps about how God never abandoned her at her worst times. Kirk Franklin comes in last and preaches God’s name.

6. ‘Juice.’

‘Juice’ is the first single off the ‘Acid Rap’ mixtape, one of the rapper’s braggadocios tracks. In the song, Chance sings about his successes and milestones, which he has managed despite all the challenges that Chance has faced in his career. The song is famous and catchy, although the lyrics may not be his most meaningful. However, all he wants people to know is that he has the juice. Chance sells t-shirts to ensure fans remember the track. The song is such a creative masterpiece. This is one of the Chance The Rapper Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘Same Drugs.’

‘Same Drugs’ is an emotional and touching song contained in the ‘Coloring Book’ that uses drugs to show the psychological difference that exists between Chance and his girlfriend. Despite Chance arguing that the song has nothing to do with drugs, it is evident that he meant the drugs that we all know. He asks his girl Wendy when she forgets to fly. He regrets the disconnect that occurs between him and his childhood friend Wendy. The song is an anthem to many who love rap music, and those who like Chance in particular.

4. ‘How Great (Feat. Jay Electronica & Nicole)’

‘How Great’ is the most gospel track in the entire career of Chance. The song is an uplifting and heartwarming record focused on God’s greatness and Christianity. Nicole, a cousin to Chance, starts the song with a rendition of ‘How Great is Our God’ by Chris Tomlin. Jay Electronica does sing about Jesus Christ, despite him being a Muslim. However, Muslims regard Jesus as a prophet, just like Abraham and Mohammed, not a Messiah. The song is Chance’s most favorite in the entire album, and he has repeated that on several occasions.

3. ‘Cocoa Butter Kisses’ (Feat. Vic Mensa and Twista)

‘Cocoa butter kisses’ is a track in the ‘Acid Rap’ mixtape that is similar to ‘Same Drugs’ in several ways. The song is about the effects of drug use on the musician’s social life. The intake of narcotics disconnects him with relatives and friends, and he lives a lonely life, his only companion being the drugs. He, however, misses his life as an innocent child, and his mother was giving him coconut butter kisses. Vic Mensa and Twista come in with their verses concerning drugs, showing how serious the drug issue cause disconnect between users and families.

2. ‘Angels (Feat. Saba)

‘Angels’ is the first song that Chance ever releases on iTunes, and it is free. The song shows the singer’s growth and production as a young rapper, while at the same time talking about his hometown. Before the song releases, fans know Chance as a band member, singing the collaborative ‘Surf’ album. Fans got jubilant after the release of this song, and they loved his gospel influences. The song expresses the best lyrics the musician does, and Saba does a catchy and fun chorus. Once the song plays, fans smile and dance along.

1. ‘No Problem ( Feat. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne)

‘No problem’ is a fearless song from the ‘Coloring Book.’ The track is the best he ever does, and it is a direct diss to all recording labels that ever tried to slow his progress towards becoming an independent artist. He condemns the labels that prevented him from collaborating with other artists and those that made it impossible for him to release his personal music. Lil Wayne also expresses his problems with ‘Cash Money Records,’ his record label. The track is position one courtesy of its unique and catchy chorus, verses and message. It is the best song in the entire ‘Coloring Book.’

Chance the Rapper New songs 2016-2017

1. ‘All we Got.’

In the new track, Chance collaborates with Kanye West to produce a thrilling pop song. He sings of his success and the much he has for himself. ‘Music is all we got, so we might as well give it all we got.’

Chance the rapper is a talented pop singer whose popularity spreads all over the rap world. Chance Sings about his personal life issues matters faced by other artists as well. He also sings about issues that we all face in life, at one time or the other. His uniqueness makes his the best. We wish Chance the Rapper a successful ‘Rap’ life.

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