Chainsmokers Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Chainsmokers Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. The Chainsmokers are one of the best music group in the world. The group formed in 2012, composing of two DJs, Andrew Taggart and Alex Paul. The group is famous by those in the trap music worlds and progressive house, despite them being less popular in the mainstream media. The duo became household names in 2014 after the release of a hit song titled ‘Selfie.’ The track gave them instant success and a massive inflow of fans. Below are the best songs that the group has done this far.

Chainsmokers Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by The Chainsmokers till 2017:

10. ‘ Kanye (The Chainsmokers Feat. Siren XX)’

The first song that the duo release to the fans is called ‘Kanye. ‘Many people wonder to who the song is dedicated, and why the song should bear the name of another musician, in the first place. The song is dedicated to the famous musician known as Kanye. Well, it looks as if the duo respect him a lot and admire his music. It is not only the non-musicians who recognize that Kanye has a talent. This American group also appreciate him. Well done Kanye, I am confident he deserves this recognition.

9. ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ (Feat. Daya)

‘Don’t let me down is one of the most exciting songs ever done by the Chainsmokers. Despite the fact that the melody and tone start naturally, then builds up to high points between chorus and verses, and the song becomes amazing. He calls the girl and asks her to hurry up, as he needs a miracle. However, he can’t see her and sings that he is losing his mind, and the girl should come and save him. Unfortunately, he runs out of time and regrets that there is nobody on his side, though he thought she would always be on his side.

8. Roses (Feat. Rozes)

The most ironical thing about this song is that a lot of roses feature in the combination. Throughout our busy days, it is always advisable that we take some time and smell some roses. That means to take some rest from work and have fun, for work will always be there, and all we can do is to sacrifice time and have some fun. That is the central message in the song. The Chainsmokers have done an excellent piece of work with this; they sing about the reality of life. Remember to smell the roses as well.

7. ‘Until You Were Gone’ (Feat. Emily Warren)

‘Until you were gone’ is a good start up song for people who have never listened to any music from this group. The song expresses an important stage in the career of the musicians, a time when they found out what they do the best and discovered their sound. The song is an excellent piece of music at its best, especially with the combination of another great artist, Emily Warren. The song is a regret to the musician, after a breakup with his girlfriend. He initiates the breakup and hopes he will be better alone, but that turns sour. He finds himself heartbroken and lonely because he never knew she is important until she was gone.

6. ‘Waterbed.’

‘Waterbed’ is a simple song that depicts a swimming pool. The charismatic video depicts people having fun and parties around a swimming pool and a hot tub. A pool party is one thing that brings friends together with the aim of having a good time, and that is what the whole song depicts. The two sing about leaving their worries behind and having fun. They advise the girls to ‘shake their ass like a waterbed. ‘They wonder whether they can also shake their feeling. The song is an entire partying song.

5. ‘Inside Out.'(Feat. Charlee)

‘Inside Out’ is another mellow song by the Chainsmokers. The song contains Charlee’s smooth voice and a slow tempo, making it ideal to listen to while in the office or when riding your car. He requests the girl to bend her heart so that he can see inside. He wants to see the pieces that build the girl so that he ‘builds her up and picks her apart.’ The musician gets genuine and requests to see both the dark and the right side. He, however, promises to love her for who she is and for who she is not: to love her ‘inside out.’ This is one of the Chainsmokers Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘New York City.’

The song is a depiction of life in New York, and what feels like to be living there. The song contains a softer tone in comparison to the rest of their songs and is an excellent and famous party song. The singer requests New York City to go easy on him, as he is losing his loved one to a different person. He even apologizes to the city by telling it that despite them having a promise, he never thought he could turn that selfish. He keeps thinking he will see her face in the crowds, but she is never there, and in fact, she will never be there.

3. ‘Good Intentions’ (Feat. Bully Songs)

The Chainsmokers are unique and different from other musicians in that they can fluently tell a story in their video and music. Positive intentions exude goodness in the heart, in various life situations. In the song, the musician claims that he has a confession to make: he has been led astray, he is trying hard to change although it is impossible, and he sticks to his ways. He sings that his words mean nothing, and there is nothing he can do. He claims the road to hell is paved with friendly intentions, and so whenever he falls he will fall to his girl. He says it was not possible to resist, but he deserves forgiveness for wasting his time, although words mean nothing.

2. ‘Let You Go.’

The song’s title makes it look like a sad song. Isn’t it? However, what seems like a sad song can be a total opposite. Sometimes in life, you just have to ‘let go’ a friend or a relationship, regardless of how much you do care. That decision allows us to be at peace with ourselves and with the entire world. He sings about breaking up after doing a lot together. He recalls the times when they were drunk in love when they did care for each other. However, now all that is gone, and he just has to ‘let go.’


The release of ‘Selfie’ puts the Chainsmokers on the global map. At that same time, people start taking pictures of themselves, followed by posting them online, to various social media sites. The song, therefore, relates to everyone, on top of it having a partying and clubbing melody that we all enjoy. The song is the best that the group has done so far, and they deserve recommendation for this track. ‘Selfie’ continues to play on radios all the time.

The Chainsmokers new songs 2016-2017

1.‘All we know’ (Feat. Phoebe Ryan)

The latest release by the duo depicts two lovers facing unending challenges such as arguments and disagreements, but they decide to stick together because they have had to endure more because that is ‘all they know.’ He promises to chase her forever through the city, and from Chicago to the Coast. The song is a beautiful romantic piece of art.

The Chainsmokers are doing well, and their latest release is the best evidence. The group thrills fans all over the world with their well-crafted songs. We hope that they will release more and better songs in the coming years, we just have to keep watching and waiting.

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