Burning Spear Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Burning Spear Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Winston Rodney is a reggae and roots songwriter cum singer from Jamaica, better known to his fans as Burning Spear. He originates from Saint Ann’s Bay. His most popular songs are ‘Slavery Days,’ Marcus Garvey, ‘Jah is My Driver’ and ‘I & I Survive.’ Burning Spear boasts of over twenty studio albums, but below are ten of his all-time finest tracks. Have a look because your favorite song might have made the cut.

Burning Spear Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Burning Spear Till 2017

10. Slavery Days

‘Slavery Days’ released in 1975 as a single, located in the incredible ‘Marcus Garvey’ album by Burning Spear. Winston Rodney is the talented producer behind the track, and we can say that he does a fantastic job. The song is primarily political, and it cautions people from being forgetful of the past injustices. The message is poignant, and the track is upbeat, well done Burning Spear, we will never forget the ‘Days of Slavery.’

9. ‘Jah is My Driver.’

The song is a single done in 1982 by ‘Burning Spear.’ The record is composed, written and performed by Rodney Winston. Burning Sphere pays tribute and homage to his religion known as ‘Rastafari’ by singing the uplifting track. Winston often wrote and produced songs, qualifying to be a ‘One Man Reggae Force,’ although his track is sometimes overlooked. The song is a favorite for people who want to pay tribute to God in the ‘Rastafari’ way.

8. ‘I& I Survive.’

The track is a blend of roots and reggae done by ‘Burning Spear.’ ‘I & I Survive’ also released in the form of a dub instrumental, its creator being Winston Rodney. The record is bumpy and fun, featuring the legend’s twangy guitars, keyboards, and drum beats. The song explains the ‘hard living’ style of the ‘Rastafaris,’ especially under harsh poverty conditions where people do not live but survive. The song is magnificent.

7. ‘Marcus Garvey.’


‘Marcus Garvey’ is track number one on the musician’s studio album released in 1975, known as ‘Marcus Garvey.’ ‘Marcus Garvey’ is a Jamaican politician who played a role to inspire ‘Black Nationalism Movement,’ therefore becoming Burning Sphere’s hero, and that is the reason he sings for him. The track turns out to be a hit after release, and it takes Burning Sphere’s music career to a higher level. Well done Garvey Marcus.

6. ‘Lion.’

‘Lion’ is privileged to be the position five track in a studio album released in 1976 by Burning Sphere, known as ‘Man in the Hills.’ The track boasts of being written, performed and produced by Winston Rodney. ‘Lion’ is an ecological plea to end the humanless slaughtering of endangered animals in the African continent in an activity known as poaching. The album is produced live, which enhances the song together with Burning Spear’s excellent vocal delivery that turns out to be his trademark sound.

5. ‘Children of Today.’

‘Children of Today’ is a track that shows up on ‘Living Dub Volume One,’ an album released in 1978. The record is a moving and dark instrumental blended with an incredible studio production by Rodney Winston, who also doubles up as the song’s producer. The track first featured on ‘Social Living,’ Burning Spear’s album of 1978. However, the same is remixed by Morris Sylvan, giving the record a ‘dub’ treatment. This is one of the Burning Spear Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Creation Rebel.’

‘Creation Rebel’ is a track that is famously known as ‘Creation,’ track number four from Burning Sphere’s album called ‘Studio One Presents Burning Sphere.’ Clement Dodd provides arrangements for Winston Rodney to write the record. As we all know about Burning Sphere and his previous studio works, the track is traditional and lighthearted, composed of reggae and rocksteady. ‘Creation Rebel’ is a magnificent idea.

3. ‘Free the Whole Wide World.’

‘Free the Whole Wide World’ is a roots reggae track that releases in 1980, done by Burning Spear. The political track is produced and written by Rodney Winston, and it contains a cumbersome and strong message that calls for the spiritual and physical freedom of all human beings on earth. The track includes unique production values takes the music a notch higher and enables Burning Sphere’s heartfelt and honest vocals to shine all through.

2. ‘She’s Mine.’

Track number six on Burning Spear’s ‘Farover’ album is ‘She was Mine,’ released in 1992. The track is about the emotions that we all go through and unrequited love, composed and produced by the same great man, Winston Rodney. The record is funny with an upbeat tone and a lively backing done by the ‘Burning Sphere’s Studio Band.’

1. ‘Rocking Time.’

‘Rocking Time’ is the tenth song from a 1974 studio album named ‘Rocking Time.’ The same is co-written by Clement Dodd and Rodney Winston, also the main producers of the album. The track is funny, as it encourages all listeners to stand up and have some rocking time. The album’s production has a drum tempo that turns out to be Burning Sphere’s sound trademark. The song is an all-time favorite, the best that Burning Spear has done this far.

Burning Spear New Songs 2016-2017

Traditional Song (Feat. Roan Davis and King Tubby).

In his latest song, Burning Spear involves two other artists, King Tubby and Roan Davis. The song is a nice one, and it carries the memories of the ‘Rastafari’ all through. It is an incredible art that will take Burning Spear to new heights.

Burning Spear burns in the reggae world, and that explains why his name features all that he does. Burning Spear has entertained his reggae fans for years, and they have never had enough of the musician. The reason behind that is that the artist does something new every time he gets to the studio, and he does it in a unique way than before. We love you Burning Sphere, may you continue ‘burning’ the ‘sphere.’

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