Bob Dylan Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Bob Dylan Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. One of the most influential artists in the world is Bob Dylan, an American artist, and writer. He has shocked the world for being the winner of the 2016 ’Nobel Peace Prize in Literature.’ The musician has a complex and profound catalog of music, and compiling his best music is not easy. That is because almost all of his songs are hits which are known all over the world. However, below are the ten best songs that Bob Dylan has composed. The tracks are the ones loved most by fans, and those that have the highest views. I hope you enjoy taking a look at them.

Bob Dylan Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Bob Dylan till 2017

10. ‘Knocking on Heaven’s door.’

The song is originally recorded for Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett sound, managing to reach position 12 on the Billboard after its first release as a single. It is important to note that many artists cover the song including U2 and Guns N Roses. The song is a masterpiece played on campfires all over the world. In the song, Dylan tells his mother to take the badge from him, as it is getting dark and he may not use it again. He adds: ‘I feel I am knocking on heaven’s door.’ Bob tells his mom to put the guns down, for he can’t shoot anymore because he sees a black cloud: and he is knocking on heaven’s door.

9. ‘Shelter from the storm.’

‘Shelter from the Storm’ is a song released from Dylan’s personal album: ‘Blood on the Tracks.’ Some versions of the song appear on feature films and television shows such as ‘Warm Bodies,’ ‘Jerry Maguire’ as well as ‘Criminal Minds.’ Bob sings about being in the wilderness when the road is full of mud. Suddenly a creature appears and offers to provide him ‘shelter from the storm.’ After being hunted and poisoned, the creature appears again, and she always offers to give him ‘shelter from the storm.’

8.’The times they are a Changin’

The song is released in March 1964 and produced by Wilson Tom. The song is famous for being an ‘anthem for a change’ in the 1960s, during the movement of civil rights. Many artists covered the song and used in Television shows and films. Women rights activists and counter-culture movements sing the song during their activities. During the Vietnam War, soldiers and warlords sang the song to motivate them in the entire war. ‘Times are changing’ is a great track, and it continues to thrill fans years after its release.

7. ‘Visions of Johanna.’

The song plays for over seven minutes, and many people consider it as the best musical accomplishment by Dylan. The song is in the ‘Blonde on Blonde’ album released in May 1966.The song presents a vision of a beautiful woman, who he can never get away from his life, despite how much he tries. A majority of fans argue that the song contains hallucinatory visions and haunting images. Please watch and confirm whether the allegations are true. However, the track is a great piece of artwork, loved by many people all over the world.

6. ‘Don’t think twice it’s alright.’

The song is one of Dylan’s most cynical songs. The song is about a girl who failed to treat her right. He sings to her, telling her that he is not complaining, but she could have done better than just wasting his precious time. He, however, tells her not to think twice about the whole issue, for its all right.Many bands cover the song, including that of Mary, Paul, and Peter, who rose to position nine with the same track in 1963.The track is a favorite break up dedication, for it explains why people ought to treat their lovers in a fair way. What a lovely song by Bob Dylan. This is one of the Bob Dylan Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5.’Girl from North Country.’

People have debated this song for decades, especially on who it was specifically to who the song is dedicated. Over the years, the song is privileged to be covered by many artists, as is the norm with Bob Dylan’s songs. Among those who have done the song is Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cast. In the song, Dylan tells anybody traveling to the North Country to remember to say her to her girl, once the love of her life. He sings that if anyone visits during winter, he should remind her to be in a warm coat, to keep her safe from the high winds. The song is a special dedication to a loved one.

4. ‘Simple Twist of Fate.’

The song is a personal and profound one for the musician, Bob Dylan. The song is about his broken relationship, and it goes ahead to explain the emotional impacts of the relationship at the last stages. The song starts by giving an overview of two lovers sitting in a park in the evening, looking at each other’s eyes romantically. However, he wakes up in the morning and finds the room empty, and the girl is gone. He tries to ignore and opens the window, but the feeling of emptiness is too much to handle. All these brought by a ‘simple twist of fate.’ The song is an excellent composition by Dylan.

3. ‘Blowin in the wind.’

‘Blowing in mind’ is one of the most famous songs ever done by Dylan. The song appears in some publications, on top of its release as a single. The track is an anthem for civil rights organizations and embraced by other movements, including antiwar movements. He sings that he wonders the number of roads a man must walk to be called a man, or the number of Seas a dove must sail to rest on the sand. ‘The answer my friend is blowin in mind.’

2. ‘Tangled up in blue.’

‘Tangled up in Blue’ is the first song from the album titled: ‘Blood on the Tracks.’ After its release as a single, the track rose to position thirty-three on the Billboard. Various artists cover the song from different genres including Jerry Garcia, The Birds, The Indigo Girls and Ani Difranco. The song starts with him lying on the bed one morning, wondering if the girl has changed her mind. Later he expresses his love for the girl, who is already married. He gets her from the ‘jam,’ but he uses some force. The song flows as a romantic love story.

1. ‘Like a rolling stone.’

‘Like a rolling stone’ is the most famous song done by Bob Dylan. The song is a massive commercial success, getting to position two on the Billboard, on top of being a success over the years. In the song, Dylan asks how it feels to be without a home, to be an absolute stranger, just like a rolling stone. The musician tries to emphasize the importance of having a home and a family. The song is a favorite to many, and it continues to thrill fans all over the world.

Bob Dylan new songs 2016-2017

1.’New at heart.’

In the latest release, Dylan sings that fairy tales are indeed true and that it is possible if you are young at heart, adding that it ‘s hard to be narrow-minded, only if you are young at heart. The track is fantastic.

2. ‘All the way.’

The song is an excellent one form, Bob. In the song, he sings that when somebody loves you, it is never good unless he loves you all the way. He thinks that the lover should always be there for a partner. The song is romantic and catchy.

Bob Dylan is one of the best artists in the USA and the world. His music tells more about his immense talent, which can only grow better. His new songs are more mature and romantic, and we are waiting for more. All the best Bob Dylan, we love you.

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