Black Sabbath Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Black Sabbath Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Black Sabbath is a rock band that hails from Birmingham, England. It was formed by a legendary guitarist (who is also the songwriter) Tonny Iommi together with the primary lyricist who couples as a bassist Geezer Butler. Other members of the band back then included the drummer Bill Ward and Ozzy Osbourne who is a singer. They have since changed the line-up. People have on most occasions cited the Black Sabbath as the trailblazers of old heavy metal music. Their successes in this genre have seen them ranked as the ‘Greatest Metal Band’ of all time by MTV. Their entertainment career has overseen great commercial success selling more than 70 million records all over the world. These top ten songs have crowned their success in a big way by attracting a lot of fans to their camp.

Black Sabbath Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Black Sabbath of all time Till 2017

10. ‘Dear Father.’

‘Dear Father’ came in 2013 amid a reunion that saw the band nearly go full circle. Three-quarters of the band were in action but were without the services of the drummer Bill Ward. ‘Dear Father’ was the last song of the album born out of the reunion. The song had an evil sound with a growling riff. The lyrics were very exceptional in that they were so hard-hitting.

9. ‘Children of the Sea.’

The band was revitalized to full strength when they dispensed with Osbourne who had grown increasingly unreliable. Osbourne’s reliable surrogate was Ronnie James Dio, a vocalist who previously belonged to the Rainbow. When Dio jumped on the bandwagon, instant results were seen. The musicality was rejuvenated. Dio also took up penning duties. ‘Children of the Sea’ was evidence of the restoration. It is no wonder that this song has such a great vocal melody on top of quality lyrics.

8. ‘Heaven and Hell.’

‘Heaven and Hell’ was a song from the album ‘Heaven and Hell.’ The album was the ninth by Black Sabbath. It was the first album in which Dio featured. Dio was also responsible for bass-playing on top of singing. The song has one the greatest riffs by Iommi. The vocal performance of the song is a testament to why Dio is widely regarded as one of the finest vocalists in the history of hard rock.

7. ‘Air Dance.’

Towards the end of the ‘70s, The Sabbath had lost most of their magic spell. They were losing their talent to drug addictions. Their ideas were fast draining. Their final album towards the end of the ‘70s was messy. This album, ‘Never Say Die!’ was a messy compilation. The only nice patch on this work was ‘Air Dance’ which was a beautiful fluid solo by Iommi.

6. ‘Fairies Wear Boots.’

This song was the fourth release of the album ‘Paranoid.’ This song never charted on any top music chart. It is its musicality. However, that secures it in a sweet spot of metal rock. It is introduced by a short piece of playing instruments. The guitars possess a distinct crunch. The sporadic grooving in the song too reminds you that you are listening to the Black Sabbath. It is claimed that ‘Fairies Wear Boots’ tells of an attack they witnessed being executed by skinheads- a theory Iommi disputes.

5. ‘Symptom of the Universe.’

Metal fans revere Iommi very much for his artistry behind the guitar. His fame and popularity can be attributed to not only the solos but also the guitar riffs. The sixth album by the Sabbath, ‘Sabotage,’ released in 1975 was the last one that had no rival at that time courtesy of the unique skills by Iommi. Of all the shots he had at perfection, ‘Symptoms of the Universe’ did not disappoint him. Iommi rewards the song with a killer riff. I mean, if you listen to the song and you don’t feel like playing an air-guitar, you could be dead already.

4. ‘Iron Man.’

Once one gets to decide which songs by Black Sabbath will occupy the top four positions, you are lost for order. It is impossible to determine which one will land which positions. Their career has been epitomized by great hits. ‘Iron Man’ is one among these great hits. It comes in strong from the album ‘Paranoid.’ From the teasing grooves to the guitar riffs and the dark lyrics, it is a major hit by all means. This is one of the Black Sabbath Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

3. ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.’

This song came in hot from their fifth studio album. In the album, the Black Sabbath stepped out of the undiluted metal territory to produce a diverse content. Here the band used the loud-quiet-loud formula long before credit for this style was claimed by the American alternative rock. Its lyrical power can only be rivaled by few songs in the genre.

2. ‘War Pigs.’

‘War Pigs’ was from the band’s second album titled Paranoid. Paranoid is undoubtedly the best album by the Black Sabbath. The title track rose immediately to the singles charts. ‘Paranoid,’ an anti-war anthem has since stood the test of time to become a testimony of the band’s high musical standards. Despite some remnants of their origin in blues-rock, the combination of Iommi’s guitar and Buttler’s lyrics was able to define the Black Sabbath’s early sound. Their lyrics could have sent them to jail had they been under a dictatorial regime when Buttler sang, “Satan isn’t a spiritual thing, it’s warmongers. That’s who the real Satanists are, all these people who are running the banks and the world and trying to get the working class to fight the wars for them.” The song was written more than 40 years ago, but the lyrics remain relevant as they address the issues of today and probably those to come in the future.

1. ‘Black Sabbath.’

This song was the genesis of all. The popular narrative says that even before they adopted the moniker Black Sabbath they were still doing songs as the blues-rock band Earth. It is said that during this time, people used to flock cinemas to watch horror films. Out of this, the idea of producing scary music was conceived. They set out to chart the way into their future. The guitarist, Iommi, played some Tritons while Butler penned some horror lyrics about the devil. Thus, the Black Sabbath found their identity, and they bore a first born of a new musical genre.

Black Sabbath New Songs 2016-2017

Fans of the Black Sabbath have been looking forward to a new album release. A new album has, however, not been forthcoming. There is good news to this effect, though. The band has been on a celebration of their final tour ‘The End.’ From this tour, the band will compile four studio songs that have never been heard before. The disk will also feature four live tracks from three shows they did in 2013 and 2014. Check out for these songs in the compilation that you have never heard before.

1. ‘Take Me Home.’
2. ‘Cry All Night.’
3. ‘Season of the Dead.’
4. ‘Isolated Man.’

With a piece of work titled as ‘The End,’ it is a clear indicator that The Black Sabbath are about to hang up their boots. Their fans are delighted that even at the homestretch of the band’s career, they are still doing their best to entertain. I quote one of their loyal fans who said, “We wish them well, in their looming retirement and old age. We will surely miss them.”

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