Billy Joel Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Billy Joel Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Billy Joel is a New York native who has been making music for more than five decades. The talented singer has made hit songs in all the years with roll and rock, piano tracks and doo-wop. The musician boasts of over 30 top hits on the ‘Billboard Top 40 ‘songs, making history in the music world. Joel is an active member of the ‘Roll Hall of Fame’ and the ‘Songwriters Hall of Fame.’ He plans a worldwide tour at his mid-sixties, on top of performing at Madison Square at least once a month, in respect to his home town. Below are 10 of Billy’s finest tracks, check whether your favorite song ranks.

Billy Joel Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 Songs by Billy Joel till 2017:

10. ‘New York State of Mind.’

‘New York State of Mind’ is one of Billy Joel’s most popular tracks. The song is about his home, New York. The musician sang the song in 1976, although it was never released as a single. After spending many years in California, Billy decides to sing for New York, expressing his love for the city. Joel has performed the track on many occasions, the most notable being during a concert in support of New York police and fire departments immediately after ‘9/11.’

9. ‘Tell Her About It.’

‘Tell Her About It’ released around 1983 from an album titled ‘An Innocent Man.’ The track is part of three songs that have topped in his music career. The track reminds us of Joel’s love for Motown sound, and a storyline is telling a guy to speak out to a lady and tell her what he feels before the woman is gone. ‘Tell her about it.’ ‘Tell her everything you feel.’ ‘Give her every reason to accept.’ ‘That you’re for real.’

8. ‘It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me.’

The song released in 1990 from Billy’s album called ‘Glass Houses.’ The track turned out to be a hit, staying for over ten weeks on the ‘Top 10 Billboard Charts.’ The track turns out to be successful, with lyrics saying how much he was not willing to change with the passage of time, all because roll and rock remain the same, no matter how one sounds and looks. The track gets thrilling whenever Joel goes on stage to perform.

7. ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire.’

The song is Billy’s number one hit song, although it came when he was almost winding up his mainstream radio phase of the career. The track is contained in ‘Storm Front, We Didn’t Start the Fire’ album. The track is remembered for being a rapid series of headlines in 1989. The track is fun and catchy, and that is the reason it finds its place here. ‘We didn’t start the fire.’ ‘It was always burning.’ ‘Since the world’s been turning.’ ‘We didn’t start the fire.’ ‘But we tried to fight it.’

6. ‘She’s Always a Woman.’

“She’s Always a Woman’ released in 1977, off the album called ‘The Stranger.’ The track comes from a sorrowful spot in Billy’s life, with the musician describing ladies as seductive and bitter, which means that girls can bring either the best or the worst in men’s lives. The singer, however, admires his wife in the track, expressing his love for her despite all the ‘ups and downs.’ ‘And she only reveals what she wants you to see.’ ‘She hides like a child.’ ‘But she’s always a woman to me.’ This is one of the Billy Joel Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘The Longest Time.’

‘The Longest Time’ is a track from Billy’s famous album called ‘An Innocent Man.’ The track is a love letter dedicated to doo-wop, the genre that he loves the most. The track is the most incredible composition of a homage towards the musical style. What makes the track fascinating is that on top of Billy singing the track, he also does sing the background vocals, giving the best that he can ever give.

4. ‘You May Be Right.’

The track is one of the two songs that Brooks brought back to the music scene twenty years later. The song was initially released from the ‘Glass Houses’ album back in 1980. The rack boasts of many successful years outside Joel’s version, with musicians such as Alvin, the ‘Chipmunks and Keith Urban covering the same song. The track features in the famous television series called ‘Glee.’

3. ‘Vienna.’

‘Vienna’ released in 1977 as a side B on the single titled ‘She’s always a woman.’ However, the track remains to be one of Joel’s greatest accomplishments up to date. The track is inspired by a meeting held between Joel and his dad in Vienna. The meeting makes Vienna look like a metaphor for many things, ranging from forgiveness to aging. ‘Slow down you crazy child.’ ‘Take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while.’ ‘It’s alright, you can afford to lose a day or two.’ ‘Vienna waits for you.’

2. ‘Piano Man.’

‘Piano Man’ released around 1973, from an album called ‘Piano Man,’ the two share the name. The track is the most famous ever composed by Billy Joel. If you visit Karaoke bars, you can agree with me that you have heard the track many times. The record is outstanding in his career, as it is his number one hit, giving him a nickname as well.

1. ‘Scenes From an Italian Restaurant.’

‘Scenes From an Italian Restaurant’ is the best track ever created by Billy Joel. The hit track released in 1977, off the ‘Stranger’ album, and it is his most exciting live track, although it did not release as a single. The track plays for over six minutes, showcasing four scenes in the track, blended to form something perfect. ‘I’ll meet you anytime you want.’ ‘In our Italian restaurant.’

Billy Joel most emotional song

Only the Good Die Young

In the most emotional track, Billy sings about the unfortunate thing of good people dying when they are still young. The emotional but thrilling track makes people cry whenever it plays. ‘They built you a temple and locked you away.’ ‘But they never told you the price that you pay.’ ‘For things that you might have done.’ ‘Only the good die young.’

Billy Joel may be aged, but his music thrills people all over the globe, you may think the tracks were released yesterday. As fans wait for his worldwide tour, they continue to enjoy his music. Nobody knows, maybe Billy will wake up one day and release a new single, or better still an album. We love you, Billy, you are the greatest.

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