Beyonce Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Beyonce Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Almost everyone in the world knows Beyonce, especially after she married Jay-Z. Beyoncé is an American musician born and brought up in Texas. She started her career as a child, dancing in clubs. Beyonce has some great hit singles that thrill her fans all over the globe. Below are some of her best songs of all time.

Beyonce Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 Beyonce Songs till 2017

10. Run the World (Girls)

‘Run the world girls’ is just amazing, and that explains why it has hit over 100 million views on YouTube. The video to the song is of high quality and Beyoncé rocks in it. ‘Girls run the world’ is a beautiful dancing song and is loved by ladies, as it gives them hope by showing them that they ‘run the world.’ To be sincere, girls run the world, and they are smart, sweet, funny and vigorous. The song is important in Beyoncé’s career, not only because she is a woman but also because it attracts many female fans, making the musician more attractive. Many people love the song.

9. Listen

‘Listen’ is a track that is just so moving, and fans love it because it is touching. The lyrics and the rhythm are just great. This song is one of the most up-tempo Beyoncé has ever done in her entire music career, and the song addresses many people in a direct way. Despite the fact that almost all of Beyoncé’s songs are amazing, something about ‘Listen’ makes it unique and outstanding. Suppose I am the sweet lyrics, or the high power and emotions. It is a fact the ‘queen Beyoncé’ is always in complete control of her powerful voice, and she never misses a note. Fans love the song, and they love Beyoncé even more.

8. Sweet Dreams

One of Beyoncé’s finest times as a Sasha Fierce is made up of the futuristic beats and gritty beats of ‘sweet dreams.’ The electropop, urgent groove does well with the delicate vocals delivered by the songbird singer. Some fans argue that this is her best song and that she can never do better than this. The song has some of her best vocals and has hot beats that fans dance to. The track has a fantastic melody, and it is funky, straight to the point and catchy, with the best quality of production.

7. Best thing I ever had

‘Best thing I ever had’ is another magnificent piece of artwork by Beyoncé. The record has great vocals an amazing voice, as always expected. The song is a favorite for girls who have been into rocky relationships that broke up tragically. The track gives such people the hope that at some point in life, they will find their dream man, and won’t even remember the ones who broke their hearts. The song is both advisory and entertaining, as it offers life lessons to its listeners. Lastly, the music video is excellent, and the song is funny and cute as it shows her voice just well.

6. Love on top

‘Love on top’ is a cheerful and happy song, and it makes listeners smile, regardless of the conditions they experience in life. The song makes some crazy fans think the Beyoncé has their love on top, in the real sense. The singer tried to put so much on her track, and it turned out to be a good song, with an excellent video. The musician seems to be getting better each time, and she is a fantastic, loving ballad. The song amazes many, even those who do not like her love this song. It seems Beyoncé has got her love on top of many fans this time. This is one of the Beyonce Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. If I were a boy

This song makes listeners feel well, good and extraordinary. The song is, however, a reflection of how some men treat women, and its message is simply very real. The song carries an actual meaning loved by many people, both male, and female. The song is great, some people argue that it’s even better than Beyoncé’s other song:’ Hallo.’ The song has connective lyrics, a nice beat, and her voice tells the whole story.

4. Single ladies (Put a ring on it)

‘Single Ladies’ is another great track that gets fans automatically standing up and dancing every time it plays. Interestingly, even those who are not only single the entire song, you might think they are not in love. One unique thing about the record is that it never gets old. The moral of the song is fantastic, and it makes single women feel loved and appreciated, a different treatment from how the world perceives them. The song is one of her best of all time.

3. Irreplaceable

‘Irreplaceable’ is an excellent song, and those who listen to it on the radio love it and buy it. Irreplaceable is one of the best breakup songs ever recorded. Whenever girls look at the song, it makes them think that they deserve more than they get. A majority of the fans are addicted to the song and even have live versions of the track. ‘Irreplaceable’ is one of the favorite Beyoncé songs, and its rhythm is unique.

2. Crazy in love

‘Crazy in love’ is one of the songs that made Beyoncé the superstar she is today. The song made her famous and attracted a large number of the fans she currently holds. The song is amazing, the video is good, and fans hope that she will be more successful in her music career. Fans love the song.

1. Halo

‘Halo’ is a song that most fans love the most. Beyonce is right in the song. Her voice is perfect, and the tune is lovely, creating a great masterpiece. The song brings old memories back and makes many feel at home, regardless of the location. The dancing in the song is fabulous, and the track is her best.

Beyonce new songs 2016-2017

1. Don’t hurt yourself

This song may not make great sense on paper, but the song’s combination of Jack White tracks and the rock and roll distorted vocals, which makes much sense. The song sounds fresh with the clashing stanzas and the drumbeats foundations.

2. Pray you catch up me with me

The entire lemonade album shows just how hard it is to divorce, and the song ‘Pray you catch up with me’ explains that even better. The song is an encouragement to many people in rock relationships.

3. Sorry

‘Sorry’ is one of the most profound songs ever made by Beyoncé. The track is breezy and has a beautiful kiss off that is enough to show every below average man in your life ‘bye bye.’

Those are the best tracks every composed by Beyonce, as well as the latest songs she has produced. The tracks are very amazing, and we hope that she releases even better albums as she advances her music career. All the best Queen Beyonce.

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