Top 10 Best UK Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best UK Songs of All Time till 2017. United Kingdom is among the world region that enjoys vast talent when it comes to music. We have a lot of young, old and vibrant artists who really have produced mega and major songs in the music industry. This region is characterized and composed of a majority of the greatest bands that the world has ever experienced. Also, there are whole lots of other genres around the United Kingdom which have also hit the airwaves. Taking interest in these factors, these are some of the top songs that have sounded best of all time.

UK Song Top 10 Best UK Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best UK Songs of All Time till 2017


The girl pop group of Melanie brown, Chisholm and Emma Bunton released this song on 8th July 1996. The song is a simple clarification song. The song seeks answers about what a friend thinks and feels for the other. Composed inform of an inquiry, the girls want to know what the men are thinking about them, that they should be told what they want and in turn they will say what they want. They are simply disclosing their preferences so that later on, there should not be a misunderstanding.


Also a rock band composed of Tim wheeler, Bassit mark Hamilton and rick Murray, and the beat was released on 29th Jan 2001 under the album name ‘free all angels’. A love song dedicated to a lover, it comes out with great admiration and humbleness. The love has to get the strong message of love that she is simply amazing and the shining star. That she is the light that shines and shows the way.


Liam Gallagher and noel Gallagher form another rock band that produced this amazing hit. Under the album name ‘studio’ it was released on 15th September 1995.a song that comes out welcoming the new day in style. All the dreams of the night are gone and it is time to face the brand new day. This is the song that opens your morning in style and with energy. It is a song to psyche up the people who wake up very early in the morning; it’s a song that will make your companion very early in the morning.


It is one among the Top 10 Best UK Songs of All Time till 2017. Tim burgling released this song on 17th June 2003 under the album name ‘true’. It’s a life experience song that brings out the true picture of life with its challenges. That life needs strength for you to move on smooth. It also needs wisdom for you to cope with the daily challenges that comes everywhere you go. That everywhere you go as young as you might be, life may never wait for you.


Born Edward Christopher, he released this song on 16th may 2014 under the album name ‘X’. A love song to a companion trying to assure the lover of the feelings he has for her. Ed tries to persuade her that she should never leave because of somebody else rather than him. That he wants a promise that she will ever stay with him despite all the other challenges and temptations.


The English rock band comprising of john Lennon, Paul mc Cartney and George Harrison released this song on 1st June 1967 under the album name ‘sg. Pepper’s lonely hearts club band’. A song that only brings out the creativity of the band members and their innovation. It’s a song that blends the different ideas from different almost four scenarios to create a song that conveys different messages. It’s a song that needs critical thinking to understand its content and relate them well.


Chris martin and Jonny Buckland forming the Coldplay band released the song on 12th September 2011 under the album name ‘mylo xyloto’. It’s a symbolist song trying to show the kind of life young people grow expecting. Sometimes when you are young you tend to fantasize and have the wrong view of life but whenever we grow up, we find the real life tougher than we expected. This song expresses such uncertainties in life.


The rock band comprising of nick mason, roger waters and Richard Wright released this song on 23rd June 1980, this under the album name ‘the wall’. The song explains about a feeling when he was young and had to get some painkillers in plenty to feel better. Although they do help but he feels numb and every part of the body feels big and enormous. It’s quite a complex song but quite a big hit.


The reggae band comprising of jimmy brown, robin Campbell, earl falconer, Norman Hassan and Duncan Campbell recorded this hit in 1983. The original song was done by American singer Neil diamond in 1967. It’s a song used to calm the nerves after he breaks up with his love. He uses wine to drink and try to forget the feelings towards the gone love. He intends to replace the love of this girl with the love of wine. With a reggae beat and smooth rhythm, this is a song that has hit almost all the corners of the world.


Adele Laurie blue Adkins released this song on 23rd October 2015 under the album name ‘25’. This I would say is the greatest United Kingdom song in terms of sales, remixes, awards and audience. This is one of the Best English songs ever. This song has been a shock wave all over the world with remixes in all genres of music. The song is about keeping in touch with friends and people around you. Just saying hello to keep them close and ask them how they are doing. This ideally is one of the greatest songs not just in the UK but also in the entire music world.

These are the Top 10 Best UK Songs of 2017. As we can see, the United Kingdom is a great investor in the world music scene with such great hits. As much as the music is more of bands, some great songs have come out of it. As time goes, better songs are yet to come and the world is warming up for such great entertainment.

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