Top 10 Best Selling Kids Toys And Games in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Kids Toys And Games in The World 2017. Kids love toys and they love to have the best or most popular ones on the market. If you have a gift to buy but haven’t kept up on what kids are playing with this year, this list will help you make the right gift choice. There are so many toys out there it is hard to know which ones are at top of the list this year. Retailers report which sales are higher allowing for us to know the toys that are more popular. This is the list for the top 10 best selling kids toys and games in 2017 for you to choose your next gift from.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Kids Toys And Games in The World 2017

10. My Dream Puppy Playset- Little Live Pets Snuggles

My Dream Puppy Playset- Little Live Pets Snuggles Top Most Famous Selling Kids Toys And Games in 2018

This incredibly cute Little Live Pets called Snuggles is looking for someone to be its best friend. It is even comes with an adoption certificate. Your young one will fall in love as soon as they see Snuggles. This little creature appears to be alive as it can move its face and breathe just as like a real puppy. Completely huggable with large blue eyes that are so expressive you too will think this toy is the real thing. Little Live Pets Snuggle comes with a bottle for your young one to feed to her and they will choose this little one to fall asleep with every night. This soft puppy will snuggle into your young ones arms as soon as she is picked up and they just might have a hard time putting her down.

9. Nerf-Nerf Elite Terrascout Drone Blaster

Nerf-Nerf Elite Terrascout Drone Blaster Top Most Popular Selling Kids Toys And Games in 2018

Hasbro has pushed their radio-controlled toys into video-controlled toys with this Terrascout Drone Blaster. Nerf toys have been known for their ability to shoot foam things and now they have toys with cameras that will allow you to video yourself shooting at things. This incredible Drone Blaster can shoot and record all the action of your play. This toy looks like a mini tank and it is able to go off-road and shoot up to 18 foam darts at any specified target. While out shooting; your young one can also video the Terrascout’s track with the built-in camera equipped with a live feed. They will be able to enjoy live feed on the remote while they navigate the Terrascout all about the neighborhood.

8. Speak Out- Board Game by Hasbro


This is a hilarious board game by Hasbro that all ages from 16-year-olds and up will enjoy. Players will double over laughing when they play this ridiculous game that requires them to insert a mouthpiece and try to say specific phrases for their partner to make sense of. Players draw a card from the pile and read the phrase written as best as possible. With the mouthpiece preventing them from saying the words correctly, the fun starts when their partner has to make sense out of it within the time allowed. As the timer counts down the players try harder making the laughter grow. This is a great party game making sure all players have a great time.

7. Sky Viper Streaming Drone with Headset


The Sky Viper Streaming Drone will capture all your high-flying stunts in HD video. It has a one-touch panoramic video capture and with the built-in controlled-spin flight pattern, you can capture 360 degree views from up to 350 feet away. This drone has been updated with new Flight Assist Features allowing you to auto launch, auto land, and auto hoover. It also provides you with complete control to perform stunt maneuvers. You will find this drone is easy to use, faster, and more stable to perform some of the best flying possible.

6. Star Wars Interactech Imperial Stormtrooper


This is an action figure featuring a Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper. This is an action figure like none other you’ve seen. It stands 12 inches tall and is made from stiff plastic with some points of articulation in the head, legs, and arms. The painting on this figure makes it appear as though it were a mini-Stormtrooper right from the film. Youngsters can put a baster into its hand or strap a jetpack onto its back. There are sounds and lights that will react to the Stormtroopers built-in motion sensors.

5. Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck

Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Top Most Selling Kids Toys And Games in 2019

The Num Noms Lip Gloss truck will provide your young one with everything she needs to make flavored lip gloss. She will be able to choose flavors and sprinkles and just like an ice cream truck would do; mix it up and dispense it. With the truck will come lip gloss base, glitter sprinkles, cupcake making tools, lip gloss flavors, a spatula, and three lip containers for the lip gloss. This toy product is suitable for ages three and up. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Kids Toys And Games in The World 2017.

4. Hug Time- Poppy DreamWorks Troll

Hug Time- Poppy DreamWorks Troll Top Best Selling Kids Toys And Games in 2017

The DreamWorks Hug-Time Troll, Poppy is a princess your young one will find as colorful as she is loveable. She stands 14 inches tall and can speak up to 25 different phrases with just the push of her tummy. If your child loves the Troll movie, she will love the songs Poppy will sing to her. She can even be rocked back and forth to look like she is dancing along with the tunes. When activated, the bracelet your child will receive and the bracelet Poppy wears will light up and flash to the beat of the music. Your child is sure to love this doll right out of the box.

3. Selfie Mic Music Set

Selfie Mic Music Set Top 10 Best Selling Kids Toys And Games in

This Selfie Microphone Music set will out-do any Karaoke you’ve done. There is a free partner app included to allow you to sing along to your favorite tunes. This app will provide you millions of songs to choose from ensuring the best performance ever.

2. Pokemon Z-Ring Interactive Set

Pokemon Z-Ring Interactive Set Top Popular Selling Kids Toys And Games in 2019

Your child will feel the thrill of the battle when their Pokemon Z-Ring begins to make sounds, vibrate, and light up. The attack icons on the Z-Crystal will become visible when they light up as inserted into the ring. Your child will have the option to play in two different ways; they can synchronize their play with the video game for a 4D experience, or choose to role play. When they choose the synchronized play, they will enjoy the full power of the Z-Move through vibration.

1. Hatchimals Egg

Hatchimals Egg Top 10 Best Selling Kids Toys And Games in 2017

Hatchimals live inside of an egg that your child will be able to hear. The heartbeat of the Hatchimal can be heard from the outside of the egg and when the egg is tapped, the Hatchimal will tap back. These incredible little creatures cannot hatch without your child’s help. Once the rainbow eyes can be seen inside the egg, it means the hatching should begin. Encouraging the Hachimal to come out will be pure pleasure for your little one. When it begins to peck its way out of the egg, your child’s adventure is just beginning. Now it is time to care for and raise it.

This list provides you with ideas covering a large range of ‘kids’. Adults and children alike will enjoy these choices. This list of the top 10 best selling kids toys and games in 2017 will help make your next gift-buying task easier.