Top 10 Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies of All Time till 2017. Science fiction movies have taken over in Hollywood as they are introducing the tomorrow technology to people through the robots, talking animals like in the movie Dawn of the Planet of Apes. These movies are extraordinary in how they depict technology and alien lives on our planet. In some of the sci-fi movies they show how technology ends up destroying the world and man is left to fight for the little resources remaining. These movies are s entertaining and also enticing.

Sci-fi started way back when movie producers started making movie with the first sci-fi movie being “A trip to the Moon” that brought sci-fi to the big screens. Below is the list of the top ten science fiction Hollywood movies of all times till 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies of All Time till 2017

10. Close Encounter of the Third kind

Close Encounter of the Third kind Top Most Science Fiction Hollywood Movies 2018

This movie revolves around the life of a family guy who is also a prophet is seen to communicate with some extraterrestrial being. In the movie there is a scene of the rapture happening where the believers of the man are taken up by some visitors. The scenes of people being taken up into the skies make it fiction scene with those alien visitors taking up people to the skies.

9. Battle Royale

Battle Royale Top 10 Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies 2017

In this movie some teenager students are made to kill each other in school as a way of curbing disobedience amongst them. It is full of action and bloody killings of these kids. Though the scenes of people killing each other are not the best scenes to look at this one is evolving on the lives of these teenagers whose rebellion led to such a movie which is even funded by the government in the movie. It is the movie that motivated the production of the sci-fi the Hunger Games series of movies.

8. Interstellar


This 2013 sci-fi is definitely a movie to watch as it features some amazing alien technology where Cooper a character in the movie in the company of some other astronauts decided to visit Saturn where they believe there is support of life after the earth is struck by famine. In the movie they tries to show how human life can be taken to Saturn and colonizing it to ensure humans live there and escape drought stricken earth.

7. Dawn of the Planet of Apes

Dawn of the Planet of Apes Top Popular Science Fiction Hollywood Movies 2018

Imagine waking up one morning and you are forced to fight for residence with apes. In this movie the apes talk, work and even have leaders and they are in fight with the humans for destroying their homes the forest to create industries. One amusing scene is when the apes are seen riding horses and even use guns to fight the human beings. This amazing movie is a continuation of the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes though in this particular one the scenes create a conflict between humans and apes and the way the conflict is solved is even more amazing.

6. Ex Machina

Ex Machina Top Most Popular Science Fiction Hollywood Movies 2019

This was released in 2015 and is an incredible movie where a programmer is made to create the sentiment of life through a test known as Tiring Test. They end up creating some human beings (women) in robot forms who are used to depict how women are being treated badly by men. The robots created are even seen dancing in a scene in the movie. The robots in this movie look like real human being making it an awesome movie for all kids and adults.

5. Inception

Inception Top 10 Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies

The 2010 science movie on a blockbuster who is about to pull his last deal before leaving his career ae a thief. The scenes of buildings being bombed down and the sea waves rising it makes the movie thrilling. The creator of this movie Nolan has been very happy on how the movie has turned out to be very big in the list of the Top 10 Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies of All Time.

4. Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow Top Most Famous Science Fiction Hollywood Movies 2019

In this movie the fiction created outstands all fiction of all time. The famous actor Tom Cruise from the Mission Impossible franchise has been used to bring both the fiction and science in the movie. In the movie there is a battle with some alien life with soldiers and whenever Tom Cruise is about to be killed he is brought back to the barracks and is sent back on a mission. At first he does not understand what is happening but with time he understand how to fight these aliens without having to die. The military weapons used in this movie are very complicated and are the tomorrow technology kind.

3. Solaris


In this movie a haunted astronaut is having several visits from his dead wife. All these memories are brought about by the influence of an effect of a planet where the astronaut had gone on a visit. Starring George Clooney who depicts the effect of a rare planet very well making it an awesome movie to watch by sci-fi lovers.

2. The Terminator


In the second position on this listing is this amazing most watched and loved sci-fi. This franchise of movies has been one of the best sci-fi by starring Arnold Schwarzenegger who depict the life of a killer robot is somewhat amazing. Arnold depicted the life of a robot so well that it made even people think of him as an actual robot. All the movies in this franchise are definitely the best in the world of science fiction.

1. Children of Men

Children of Men Top Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies 2017

The best science fiction movie of all times is this amazing movie. Its storyline is based on the time when the earth has stayed for two decades without there being a child born. Theo (Clive Owen) is giving the mandate of protecting the first and only pregnant woman within those two decades. Can you imagine a world where only one woman is pregnant with a child making her to be highly protected? These scenes make this science fiction movie exciting and one that brings hope to the ending world.

These are the Top 10 Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies of All Time till 2017. These science fiction movie are just a few of the many amazing and exciting ones that have been and are still being produced with time. All these movies will offer the best experience to the lovers of depiction of amazing tomorrow technology and the outstanding performance of the works of fiction.