Top 10 Best Sad Love Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Sad Love Songs of All Time till 2017. Sad love songs can be described as those tracks bringing sad and sorrow into our lives. They were sung after heart feeling events and forever needs to be remembered. Below is a list comprising of top ten best sad love songs of all time.

Top 10 Best Sad Love Songs of All Time till 2017

List of Top 10 Best Sad Love Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Creep by Radiohead

As a matter of fact creep portrays feelings that are commonly encountered in one’s life. If you haven’t heard it play then you will not have its full picture. As per my experience is concerned, creep is a depressing sad song bringing so many sad memories. Radiohead sadly wrote this song after breaking up with his girlfriend and all He could do was to express it through a song. Despite fact that it was recorded several years ago, creep still scratches people hearts and bring sorrow and tears.

9. How to save a life by Fray

Fray’s how to save a life article brings so much sorrow with fact that it’s normally played in saddest parts of movie films. A sad episode of television shows love using Fray’s composition. In my own suggestion, sorrowful episodes should not take too long because one might end up crying all through since it brings everything to real life. Storyline behind how to save a life talks about a lover who got annoyed with his fellow and committed suicide. Abandoning love of his life helpless, how to save a life was recorded instead for remembrance.

I heard this song for the first time when in a taxi. Remembering its history and sad episodes accompanied by it, I just could not hide my emotions. Tears ran down my chicks as I wiped them.

8. Mad World by Gary Jules

Do you happen to know Gears and Dom’s death story? Mad world track is incorporated with it after true death experience. Gary collected his lyrics from a true death story of a couple, Gear and Dom. This couple was madly in love with each other and one time they went to have some good time at shows Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, high ocean waves fetched them along with mighty waters and they all perished. Gary, an American popular artist decided to put it into a song for remembrance. Am telling you, its such a sad song especially for those who have lost loved one or life partner.

Gary Jules’s soft, slow, smooth and soothing voice rocks everything out for more depression and emotions at large.

7. Wish you were here by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd Syd Barret is former guitarist. Syd is best known for taking too many drugs that interfered with his brain in a manner that brains died first leaving him clinically insane. As a result he led sad life. David Gilmour also makes contributions to its production. Most people always cry upon listening to wish you were here.

6. Stan by Eminem

Unlike other great and saddest songs, Eminem’s Stan contribution has captured many minds and hearts in depth of rapping and video exaggerates emotional feelings. We all know Eminem especially when portraying out any character. Like in this one, lyrics comment of a certain man who commits suicide leaving his pregnant woman sited in car. Woman keeps waiting for her man who left as if he only went out to pass urine. Sadly enough, he never came back. Sorrow surrounds his wife even his son was born no difference was made. This is one of the Top 10 Best Sad Love Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. Yesterday by Beatles

Beatles is a common band producing absolutely gorgeous songs, emotional and always heart feeling with sadness. If only one can open our hearts when yesterday is playing, he/she could indeed see true meaning of sorrow in physical manner. At some point I always wonder whether this is still a love song. But I realize it is only that results are different. Yesterday is Very sorrowful than Nostalgia. Here are :  Best English Songs 2017

4. Wake me up when September ends by Green Day

Green day is a band comprising of singers like Billie Joe who wrote this with a lot of emotions and sadness. I never knew really meaning of it but had a clue than It must be something very hurting and sad that happened in September. That is why he never wants to encounter with this month in each year. Later on is when I came to learn that Joe’s father passed away in September when he was only ten years of age. In order to keep these memories in his life, he decided to make it in form of a song. If you happen to see its lyrics then you will be more surprised.

I once listened to its touching vocals and decided that will always vote for it since I could feel that sadness and sorrow deep within me.

3. My immortal by Evanescence

As many people have pleaded today, no one ever talked about sadness until seeing that clip itself lamenting strong connection and sorrows to people. After an official breakup, Evanescence talks about forgetting his wife but in Vain and decided to express whatever he was feeling in form of a song. Loneliness clings in his life like a close friend.

Evanescence’s fans are connected to his sorrows too.

2. Hurt by Johnny Cash

Hurt can be described as a real genius composition from Johnnie Cash. At bottom line of everything, things are just void as we wait eagerly for the expression. Every little sound of Hurt speaks about real experience. Johnnie emphasizes on all Fake friends who surround his life with so much lies and also bringing artificial happiness. I do not understand why some people choose to be friends when they know well that no commitment will follow. Poor Cash, but that’s all about it.

1. Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

I have taken a lot of time taking research concerning tears in heaven track of Eric. When his son died, sadness encountered his life and he felt devastated and felt like losing hope. Time heals as we all know and same case applies to Clapton. He even expressed this in form of a song. Worst of all is that whenever tears in heaven track is played, everything becomes fresh in his mind.

Sorrowful songs contribute a lot sad lives. Sometimes it may happen that incidents are far much gone and we are only remaining with memories from tracks like above top 10 sad love songs 2017.