Top 10 Best Russian Songs of All time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Russian Songs of All time till 2017. Russian song writers are best known for their great personalities, sweet vocals and passion for their profession. They have produced many tracks basically known by Russian people and entire world as well. Top 10 list of Russian songs are listed below.

Russian Songs Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 Best Russian Songs of All time till 2017

10. I will follow you by Anna Ternheim

Anna Ternheim is a Russian songwriter, model, producer and former competitive pop dancer. Her career began in 2003 assisted by Maxim Kachanov placing her in 5th position in goodwill Games of 2004. Anna is best known for producing several songs such as hold me close, love of my life, get it all and I will follow you. In our list today we are featuring her latest pop track which was released on 1st match, 1980, Moscow music records. Story behind Anna’s track narrates of a woman who followed her husband and was killed by terrorist. She lost in line of defending her marriage. This is so sad.

9. Arms by pizza

Arms is a popular track well known by Russian people and some other parts of this world. It is a pop music that was produced by Pizza which is a Russian music band comprising of Phoebe Vollmer, Deener Austin, and Kilham Matt, Macaulay Culkin, Matt kreutz and Colbourner. Arm’s lyrics are so amazing. The lyrics of arm track are describing of a girl who actually was flying to his boyfriend to seek a piece of cake but in vain. Eventually she had to kill herself. Generally Pizza’s romantic track is narrating a story about love and how many people die due to lack of knowledge and patience.

8. Before Dawn by Sati Kasanova featuring Arsenium

Meet these beautiful Russian singers, model, television personalities and music producers. Sati Kasanova and Arsenium have been featured in many lists and are always in top positions. Their tracks are amazing and have grabbed many winning and nomination awards giving Kasanova success in their career profession. Until dawn was record by this two stars after along time of financial difficulties. After getting commercial breakthroughs, they produce this amazing Russian song on 13th December 2013.

Before Dawn has rich information in its lyrics and listening to it is a coo moment to enjoy all time. Love burn until dawn is its most touching line.

7. Crazy about you by Dima Bilan

Victor Belan is a Russian singer and founder of a music recording industry called Dima Bilan. There are so many singer members currently compared to back then when it used to be Belan only. The song crazy about you was released by Belan as single lead in his debut album called Heroes in 1998. This popular singer participated in two competitions in performing crazy about you track. There is no doubt that this is a love song based on Russia. Belan tends to praise his lover in crazy’s lyrics and shows all happiness love and peace. This is one among the Top 10 Best Russian Songs of All time till 2017.

6. I will not give you up by Serebro

Serebo is a popular group in Russian band for female. Serebo is silver in English. Band members include Paulina Favorskaya, Daria Shashina, Olga Seryabkina and Linda Osbania. These four ladies have so much in common hence emerging successful in many competitions like Eurovision competition where they took third position. I will not give you up was produce by this same band on 3rd November 1998. A love possessed woman is being featured in this track trying not to give up his only beloved husband.

5. Sign of Aquarius by Vintage

Vintage Russian Band was formed in 2006 by Anna Plennyova (singer) and alexey Romanov (musician). Apart from Sign of Aquarius, Vintage has released five more albums sold in market today and have hit in top 100 Russian music. The two ladies released Sign of Aquarius as a single lead track on 13th February 2013 before producing their last song when am next to you as also a single too.

This song itself majors mostly on women’s experiences in love matters.

4. Stars in the Puddles by 30.02

30.02 is a Russian band comprising of Mikhail Shalmanov and Valentin Tkach. Both of them are Russian Musicians who have successfully grown in their career industries. There is no exact date telling us when they formed 30.02. However, its only known 30th February, year is unknown. This song doesn’t feature on individuals but features on a big city with luxurious lives.

Stars in puddles is a well performed track in Russian history.

3. Movie director by Gradusy

Dmitry Bakhtinov is the leader of Russian pop group known as Gradusy. Its members are Ruslan Tagiyev, roman Pashkov, victor Golovanov and Antony Grebyonkin. These members are distributed in different departments such as drum set playing, twisting guitar and playing piano. Before writing it, Gradusy had experienced personal financial loses fact as to why they decided to write using dark colors. Movie director is a true encouragement to us all and narrates in lyrics that once you encounter a personal loss, it is always good to stand and move on with life. Time waits for no man.

2. Loneliness by Slava

Slava is a Russian famous and successful singer whose full names are Anastasia Slanevskaya. She loves singing in club mostly doing live performance of her own composition and other tracks from popular artists. One day she got an invitation to perform at Karaoke Club in Moscow and that is how Slave met her destiny helper who was a well known producer. After finishing her performance, this producer requested her to join him in working together for better.
Loneliness track was released in that process with lyrics advising people to have close relationships with their lovers.

1. Provance by Elka

Provance was written by a popular Russian singer and actress, Elka. Her full names are Elizabeth Ghozez. She is characterized by originality and good vocals at large. Her residential home was in Ukraine before moving to Moscow. Provance track was released on 18th may 2014 and talk about freedom all through. Unlike other Russian tracks, this is not a love song.

The above are best collections of Russian songs of all time till 2017.