Top 10 Best R&B Love Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best R&B Love Songs of All Time till 2017. Love is a wonderful thing and love songs just tell people about how great love truly is. Here is a look at the best R&B love songs that are really enjoyable to the soul and that will spark a romantic connection between couples. This genre of R&B love songs are among the best ever created.

R&B Love Songs Top 10 Best R&B Love Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best R&B Love Songs of All Time till 2017

10. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was (and still is) everybody’s favorite song bird. This amazing and talented woman sung for many years and was considered one of the best in the business. She made the song I will Always Love You back in the 90’s and it was a huge international hit.

It was one of those slow songs that everybody could not ignore. The song even thrills audiences in modern times. Houston’s song is often sung at karaoke bars and in people’s homes. It is truly one of the best R & B love songs.

9. Halo by Beyonce

Many people liked the song Halo because it was a great jam. This song was released during the 2000’s and it quickly dominated the charts. Beyonce sings of passion and love within this song as she praises her boyfriend for being a really great guy. This song is truly one of the best R & B love songs of the modern era.

8. Is It a Crime by Sade

Sade is known for her jazzy tunes and in the past she created the song Is It a Crime. This song was a slow song that was deep, rich and filled with lots of emotion. This love song was about Sade loving her man and not being looked at like it was a crime for doing so. Once this song begins to blast through a speaker system, two love birds will truly want to grab a hold of each other and express their love.

7. Come Back to Me by Janet Jackson

The late 80’s was a time period that belonged to Janet Jackson. She made the slow song Come Back to Me and it was a great success. Many people liked this slow tune because Jackson sang it so well. It was almost as if she was a guy’s long lost love that they should get back into their life. This song is truly one of the best R & B slow jams in years.

6. I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men

In the 90’s the group Boyz II Men dominated the slow jam music scene with some of their soulful ballads. The song I’ll Make Love to You was one of the group’s biggest love song hits during that era. People everywhere loved to dance with and snuggle next to their loved ones whenever this song came on the air. This was a great love song that really made being in love a great thing.

5. Let’s Get it On by Marvin Gaye

This song might not be the greatest love song and the song was not all that slow. However, it is a love song about a man who wants to get it on with his lady. This song is truly inspirational and it can get a husband and wife in the mood for a fun and naughty time with each other. This song was one of Marvin Gay’s best hits. This is one of the Top 10 Best R&B Love Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. Forever My Lady by Jodeci

Forever My Lady was a 90’s love song that was really a great tune. This song is about a man who is grateful for his woman and child. This song really makes females feel appreciated, loved and respected. This is the type of slow jam that a person would play when they are all alone with their girlfriend and they just want to let her know how they feel.

3. My My My by Johnny Gill

Johnny Gill’s song My My MY was a huge hit back in the 90’s. This former New Edition member went solo when he made this song. He soared on the charts and became an instant R & B love song. Johnny Gill’s music is great and it is the type of song that people want to listen to whenever they just want to spend some relaxing time with their loved one.

2. I Wanna Know by Joe

Joe was real popular back in the late 90’s. He made a song called I Wanna Know which became a huge R & B chart topper. This song was loved by many women because it was clean, simple and it respected them to the utmost. Joe sang this song to perfection. Many people could relate to the song and just could not stop playing it when it was out. Joe has truly made one of the greatest R & B love songs of all time.

1. Not Another Love Song by Neyo

In 2008 singer Neyo made Not Another Love Song which was a song about a guy’s hatred for love songs. This song was a slow song but it was a really good catchy slow tune that hooked people in. It became a huge hit in the late 2000’s and helped to cement Neyo’s career.

This song is about a guy getting his heart broken and not wanting to be reminded of his lost love by listening to slow music. This is a great song for couples who have broken up and are now ready to get back together.

Now that you know the top R&B Love songs you should use this list the next time you want to get romantic with your spouse or significant other. These are some really great songs that will show how you wonderful love can really be for just about anybody.