Top 10 Best R&B Dance Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best R&B Dance Songs of All Time till 2017. R&B is one of the best music genre known for their amazing songs and singers in the world. RnB as a music genre is one of the best in terms of delivering the intended message to the society and to their huge fans. When you look at the music Chart you will not miss to find some amazing songs by renowned singer like the likes of Rihanna and Pharrell Williams.

Many old school RnB songs are still a hit up to today simply because RnB music does not lose it fans and the message found in these songs. RnB songs are songs which when you listen to them you will find yourself dancing to the tunes, hence for that below is a list of the top ten best RnB Songs of all times.

R&B Dance Songs Top 10 Best R&B Dance Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best R&B Dance Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Never Leave You by Lumidee

The beauty of RnB is the fact that even if you do not know the song you will always find yourself dancing to the tunes and the beats in the songs. In this song by Lumidee you will definitely find yourself dancing to this song. This lady has very beautiful vocals and when she opens her mouth to sing it will strike you to stand and start dancing to this beautiful song.

9. What’s My Name? By Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the best singers n holiday and all her fans never miss to dance whenever her songs are played in the club or on the headphones when they are walking along the road. In this song, Rihanna flaunts at Drake with her sexy eyes and her vocals are quite amazing in making this song a hit. The beats in this son are actually very danceable as Rihanna sings to sooth your ears as you dance.

8. Bump N Grind by R Kelly

Whenever the name R Kelly is mentioned, her fans and everyone always expect to hear her soothing voice entertain their ears. The lyric of Bump N Grind are friendly to the ear and have been crafted so well. This song by R Kelly will definitely getting dancing as the beats in the song sends you nodding your head from the beginning of the song. This is one of the dance songs available for all dancers who are also huge fans to R Kelly.

7. Climax by Usher

Usher Raymond is one of the amazing singers whose voice in the RnB music sector has been known for producing songs that are very sexy. In this particular song Usher has made it one of the most recognized RnB song since it high pitched beats has been known to be sending people on the floor dancing as they cannot conceal the feeling that is brought out when the song starts playing. This song is amazing due to the mixing of the soothing voice from this man and the amazing RnB recording beats.

6. Milkshake by Kelis

Can you imagine that a song can be created from one of the drinks that is favorite amongst different persons? This amazing song by Kelis was produced so well and was given credit for the amazing scenes that are found in the music video. The song has a blasting bass sync that will push you standing and starting to prove to the world the kind of dancer you are. This song is definitely a choice when you are in the dilemma of choosing the best RnB dance song 2017.

5. Maybellene by Chuck Berry

This is one of the best RnB in the 90’s that was loved so much especially because of the nature of its beats that were very danceable. This song by Chuck Berry is definitely worth listening to since it is one of the RnB that have been credited for being a hit song in several music ranking categories.

4. That’s the Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson

This is one of the best RnB singles which was sang and released by Janet Jackson in her 1993 album called Janet. This is one of the best songs because of the fact that it has won two Grammy Awards. This song is a danceable song since Jenifer Lopez one sexy sassy girl is featured dancing in this music video. Though it may not have that 90’s look in the video it I definitely being categorized as one of the dance RnB.

3. This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan

This is how we do it is one of the RnB released in the 90’s most specifically in the year 1995. This song is listed on the third position in this listing because it is one song that when it is played in the bar or in a club it sends people off their seats making them get mad as they dance to the incredible well-composed beats. As the title of the song says this is how we do it since it shows all its listeners how to do the dance.

2. One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men

This has been ranked as one of the best songs since it was ranked on the billboard 100 where it spent 16 weeks at number one. It has been ranked as the longest running number one song in the US billboard 100 chart history. It has amazing beats that has sent many people dancing on the floor of the club or drinking in the pub.

1 Respect by Aretha Franklin

Our top best RnB dance song is the 1967 song by one of the legends of RnB Aretha Franklin. This song was created with the best beats that have been sending people on their feet to the dance floor dancing. It also has been sung with such a soothing voice that has made people to get into that mood of feeling loved by that one special person. You should definitely make sure this is on the number of your RnB music playlist.

As I conclude these are the top ten best R&B dance songs of all time and 2017. This does not mean that others are not top but that these particular ones made it to the top of the ten top songs.