Top 10 Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best And Must Watch Asian Movies 2017. Being the largest continent, Asia has countries of different culture, tradition, size and shapes. Their extremely unique culture and traditions attract people from all parts of the world. Their movies focus mostly on shaping people’s lives and the society at large. These movies have musical attraction and contents which are emotional. Through this, they have gained popularity all over the world. Today, people of different ages desire to watch Asian movies. Asian people express their talents in a better way through these movies. Let’s take a look on the top 10 best movies of Asia that one can be advised to watch.

List of Top 10 Best And Must Watch Asian Movies 2017

10. Kenshin

Kenshin Top Popular And Must Watch Asian Movies 2018

It is originally known as Rurouni Kenshin. Kenshin is a Japanese film that was produced in Japanese language. The DVD was released on December 26, 2012 by Osamu Kubota. It received its license in the same year has been distributed to more than 70 countries in Asia, America and Latin America. This movie has 9 starring people which are Teruyuki kagawa, Yosuke Eguchi, Yu Aoi, Go Ayano, Koji Kikkawa, Emi Takei, Takeru Santo, Eji Okuda and Munetaka Aoki.

The story of this movie tells about Ronin Kenshin who was on a trip and how he met his friends. It is full of fun and excitement. Kenshin runs for 135 minutes and it is net worth US$20 million.

9. Im Sang-soo’s for us there is no today


This is a Korean social film that is directed by reflects very uniquely in social lives and how to better them. Interest of audience is highly valued in this film. It counts them to be part of the film by giving an excellent story line and directing in a unique way.

8. Target

Target Top 10 Most Popular And Must Watch Asian Movies 2018

Target is a South Korean movie that is among the top 10 best movies that you can watch in 2016. It was remade to fulfill the promise they made to the audience of expecting more. Some its actors are Lee Hyun –Geol (hospital worker), We Yang-Ho (Arch King- Achiwang), Shin Dam-soo (drunken guy), Baek Jae-Jin (Regional investigation unit detective 2), Yum Ji-Young (Yoo Hyun –young), Ki Se-Hyung ( Killer two), Choi Gwi-Hwa (male hospital employee), and Jang Joon-Nyoung-Lee Jung-young. Target is a very good movie with talented actors and actresses. Find one and you never regret watching it I tell you.

7. When Marnie was there


When the marine was there is a Japanese movie that was released 19th July, 2014 in Japanese language. It was written and directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi Ghibli is the studio that produced it. The movie is based on the novel of Joan G. Robinson. It runs for 103 minutes and its net worth US$1.15 billion.

6. Futureless things

Futureless things Top 10 Best And Must Watch Asian Movies 2017

A futureless thing is one of the best known Korean movies. It was written and directed by Kim Kyung-Mook. This gentleman worked tirelessly toward this film that is amazing and very unique. It was released as a 24hour drama to compete with other film competitors in the industry that time. Its storyline talks about things that happen every day especially from 10am to 10pm. Futureless things states about a store which you cannot live without. The writer continues narrating that some of these stores are post office, bank, restaurant and where art capitalism is realized. Some of the actors are a university student, an indie musician, a lesbian, a North Korean defector and a jobless actor.

5. The monkey King

The monkey King Top Famous And Must Watch Asian Movies 2019

This movie gives a promise of engaging you to the last minute. It was released on 24th January 2014. The monkey King is a Chinese, Hong Kong. Part 2 of this movie was released on 2nd February, 2016. The director of this movie (Cheang Pou-Soi) talks about this film being based on a journey of a Fantasy novel.
The monkey King has magical performances which leave the audience amazed. It is such a good movie to watch.

4. Wake up girls

Wake up girls Top 10 Best And Must Watch Asian Movie

Many people all around the world tend to think that action movie cannot be released in animation. Wake up girls is a Japanese movie that was released to answer such kind of people. It is a very unique animated action movie. This movie has sold several copies around the world because of its uniqueness. People cannot get enough of it. Due to the rapid demand, it qualifies to appear in the top 10 list of the best Asian movies that you should watch.

3. Hot Young Bloods

Hot Young Bloods Top Most And Must Watch Asian Movie 2017

Hot young bloods are a Korean film directed by Lee Yeon-Woo. Its storyline features on love and relationship things in among high school students in 1980s. The actors and actresses of this movie give a real life experience of relationships in high school. It also tends to give advice on this young generation by showing them on how things used to be in early days. A hot young blood is a good movie that can be watched by parents, young people and even high school students.

Hot young bloods is popularly known because of the talented young stars acting in this movie hence making to be among the top ten best Asian movies.

2. The snow White Murder Case


The snow white murder case is a wonderful movie that has been nicely directed thus makes you to be interested in watching it. Its story line is based on Miki Shiromo, a cosmetic company worker who is suspected to be the killer of his own workmate.

1. Dante Lam’s that Demon Within


In Asia, Dante Lam’s that Demon Within is the leading movie amongst the best 10. It is said to be the best directed Asian movie. Its story line is based on a police officer who tries to save a gang leader (violent in nature). The police officer struggles a lot with his duty and emotions. For more information, get a copy of yourself and watch.

All these best and must watch Asian movies 2017 will keep you attached throughout the film. They have interesting storylines based on social lives. Culture of the entire region is also reflected. It takes one’s interests to choose on which one to watch.