Top 10 Most Popular Best Mobile Games in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Mobile Games in The World 2017. Playing games on your phone is the most common thing people do today. In the past, everyone would get on the computer and go to yahoo or to play games when they were bored. Now we all just get on the app store on our phones and download them. It is easier and more accessible to do it this way so that when you are on the go you can play anytime or anywhere you would like.

Of course, deciding which ones to download is always hard since there are thousands of titles out there that people enjoy every day. Download the ones that are in the categories that you enjoy or just download one to see if you like it. Everyone likes different things so what is great for one of your friends may not intrigue you as much. With thousands to choose from, you can find something you enjoy for yourself easily.

According to the research I have done, these ten games listed below are the top picks in the google play store for your android phone. Everyone will enjoy them, from car chases to shootings all the way to playing simple abstract type games, you will definitely enjoy any of the ones on this list. Some of them are not suitable for children to play due to the strong language contents and explicit graphical content too.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Mobile Games in The World 2017

10. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival


In this game, you can make attacks and raid on your enemies. Build a base for you to go to for protection and then expand on into the wasteland full of zombies. The game does not go with the TV show it is more along the storyline of the comics of the Walking Dead. A lot of people have trouble with the game taking forever to load, rather it is the size of the game or maybe their phones are the cause, I do not know. I guess it would be worth a shot to try the game out and see what your own take on it would be, especially if you are into the comic book series of this.

9. Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG

Dragon Heroes Shooter RPG Top Most Popular Mobile Games in 2018

This game has a ton of features that come in it. Things such as gameplay with tons of action involved, different modes of the game, allowance of powering up your heroes, able to buila team with friends, and the capability of powering up your heroes by using the runes that you get from raiding bosses. Users have given five-star star reviews on the game being worth downloading and say that there is plenty to do on it all day long.

8. Castle Defense

Castle Defense Top 10 Best Mobile Games in 2017

In this one, you must stop the goblins, spirits, devils, and tons more monsters from destroying the world. By using props, warriors, and towers you can have a fighting chance at winning the defeat and taking down all the bad guys. It is supported on all android devices which is great since some games will only download to certain types of electronics. Reviews have said the update made the game freeze a lot but the creators are working on new updates to fix the issue.

7. Defense Zone 2 HD

Defense Zone 2 HD Top Most Famous Mobile Games in 2018

There is two versions of this game. The lite version, which only has three levels that can be played but it is free for download, or you can pay $2.99 and get the full game with all the features and the chance to play all the levels. Reviewers say you have to watch the advertisements to win harder levels of the game and that it crashes a bunch more than before it was updated. Maybe the creators will fix this issue and everyone will enjoy the game even more than they do now.

6. Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 Top Famous Mobile Games in 2019

Take down zombies by getting together a ton of plants, super the up with some plant food and get your defenses high with tons of ways to keep your brain safe. Depending on the type of device you are downloading the game on, the features could be different. You must have a three point zero android to play this game. Reviewers gave five-star ratings and say that it is the best game they have found. There are tons more plants to get and you are able to some of the plants early versus the original game did not give you that much stuff for the plants. You can beat the whole game without spending any money if you do not want to, which is great because some people do not like spending money on games we just want to play it free. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Best Mobile Games in The World 2017.

5. Stack


All you do is stack the blocks as high as you can get them without letting them fall over. It is so addicting that once you start you will be playing for hours. Reviews say it is a great game to play but beware hours will pass before you even realize you have been playing that long. There is a four point three overall rating for the game because sometimes there is a glitch here and there while playing. Other than that, it is an awesome game to get addicted to when you are bored!

4. Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 Top Best Mobile Games in 2017

Om Nom goes out of his box to travel around forests, cities, junkyards, and even some underground tunnels all in the search of trying to find candy. In this second version of the game, you will get new locations, new characters that you will run into and meet, and even new missions. Reviewers say the game is exciting and they love all the new features that have been added. With a high star rating, the game is one of the best ones to download right now.

3. Roll the Ball

Roll the Ball Top 10 Best Mobile Games in

In this fun puzzle game, you move the blocks with your finger to make a clear path for the ball to flow through. The riveted blocks will not move, but you must get the ball to the red goal block before moving on to the next round. It is highly addictive and once you play for just a few minutes you will not want to put the device down. People say the game has an ad issue but that should not stop you from playing the game.

2. Shadow Fight 2


The gameplay for this one involves fighting until you get the victory. There are tons a martial arts techniques that are programmed here and you can crush all your enemies, make fun of demon bosses, and be the only one to close the gate of shadows. If you think you are able to kick, punch, and dice your way through the game and win it completely then download it and begin your journey. Overall, people say it is a fun game and has awesome graphics.

1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Top Most Mobile Games in 2019

We have made it to our number one best mobile game on the android market today. In hearthstone, you are the hero in a card game that is fast and has tons of strategy. You let go of powerful cards to send spells, call upon minions, and take over control of the battlefield. Whether this is the first card game you have ever played like this or not, you will be sucked into the unique world. You can do introductory missions in the intuitive play section, build up your cards, play some practice rounds against a computer to get better before joining a real live game, you can switch your game from your phone to your tablet or even to your desktop with no problem because the games are linked to a account. When you are ready for battle then step into the arena and fight against tons of other players in the game for a chance to win some incredible prizes. The game supports various amounts of languages which mean whether you are in the United States or you live in Japan, this game will be the perfect game for you!

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Best Mobile Games in The World 2017. Everyone loves to play games every now and then. Everyone downloads games to their phones. If you enjoy sitting back and relaxing while keeping yourself busy on your phone then get yourself one of these and have fun anywhere you want. These mobile games listed will not only leave you wanting more but you can also play against other people in it! Why spend your days being bored and watching TV when you can get one them games from your app store within seconds?

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