Top 10 Best Love Songs For Her All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best new Love Songs For Her All Time till 2017. Love songs are romantic tracks sung purposely for expressing feelings and apologies. As for now, we are going to review on best composition that you can dedicate for your woman. Let us check on this list featuring tracks that can be dedicated to women at all time.

Top 10 Best Love Songs For Her All Time

List of Top 10 Best Love Songs For Her All Time till 2017

10. Countdown by Beyonce

Beyonce is among best, successful and known song artists worldwide. Most of her compositions are love songs however she started with Gospel music. Young men and women are always inspired by her high personality when on stage. This song by name countdown has hit many nations for couple and lovers due to its complexity, soothing and with good vocals all time. Released on 12 December 2004, in Michigan City, Countdown has been heard mostly in big clubs, proposing parties or dates, birthdays and first date occasions. Men complement that lyrics in this song will connect a woman into ones heart. There is proof about this because many have really tried and came successful. Countdown is a really dimension for her.

9. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

Have you met big name Timberlake or any of his love compositions? Popularly known as Justin Timberlake or exboy bander, Justin is a circular music artist focusing on love matters. Apart from Mirrors which is best known by many people, he has also produced I am nothing without you, come and let us party together, yearning voices and my love. Mirrors was first performed at national music competitions for best artist overall in Mexico, United States of America. This caliber song has drawn hearts of many women who have been dedicated by their interested boyfriends, husbands, fiancées and even sugar mummies. Currently, Mirror is ranked as one best love songs globally. Its lyrics speak all truth about it.

8. Temptation by New Order

This is indeed a really temptation released by New Order on 19 November 2013 in Mexico music industries. Lyrics of Temptation are always enough to win your woman’s heart more than you can expect. Have you ever thought of expressing your feelings in form of a song? Temptation will rock it out. Consult those who have experienced it’s really hits and they will truly confess to you. New order’s love compositions can be described as just amazing, soothing, heart message for women and great vocal expressed in there.

Generally, Temptation is powerful, romantic and full of emotions for many. Get it in New Order’s website among other great love songs.

7. Hit by Sugar Cubes

Winning a heart of a woman or simply expressing love feeling can also be performed through dedicating lyrics of most touching tracks from famous artist. For example, Sugarcubes released Hit love composition in 1992 with an aim of falling in love again with his woman. It is a fact that all this worked and they are now happily hooked together. Serving as an example to many broken relationships, Sugarcubes has inspired many to flourish their dating programs whenever going out. Remember than women love attention and that is why they get happy when men spare most of their time attending them. Good thing about this kind of love dedication is that it can be done from a distance. This is one of the Top 10 Best Love Songs For Her All Time till 2017.

6. Heroes by David Bowie

David Bowie is an American circular music artist from Michigan credited for good job in music industry concerning love. Heroes is one hitting song from Bowie’s one and only album called Berlin released in 1987.This Track’s lyrics feature mostly on apologies towards female lover and is suitable for any man with a heart of expressing love and apologies to wife or girlfriend.

Heroes is a romantic and most touching tracks that can be downloaded on iTunes or Amazon websites for free. Get yours today and make everything at its place. Here is The list of : most popular English songs of all time

5. Wild Thing by Troggs

Troggs is an American English Band that existed between 1950 to 1970. This group is still there but with new and young artists. Chip Taylor, one of Troggs member was first in recording wild Thing in 1965. Later on in 1970, another artist by name Kate Wertheimer did a remix of it leading to first position in Billboard top 100 music competitions conducted on 1st July in 1965. Wild Thing is recommended for people with weaknesses of expressing love to party girls. However, it also works even with their weaknesses. I love you girl is one of its romantic line among many other touching words.

4. River Deep mountain high by Ike and TinaTurner

Several years ago, Ike and Tina Turner got into a deep romantic discussion before releasing love heat song called River deep and named after condition itself. Great vocals in this track are because of 21 serious musicians and another group of 21 backup singers. River Deep is an amazing song specifically dedicated to women by men. When I first listened to this song, my emotions go so deep and all I could imagine of is my boyfriend singing to me. I can imagine of many women outside yearning for such an occasion.

3. Jeepster by T Rex

Whenever T Rex is mentioned love feelings is what comes in many people’s minds. Have produced many love hits, T Rex is a group of men featuring love and romantic tracks. One of its member called Marc Bolan released Jeepster in 1971 with other T Rex being his backup. Vocally, you can always consider it best and good indeed.

2. I just can’t stop loving you by Michael Jackson

This list needed one of Michael Jackson’s compositions for completion. I just can’t stop loving you is a romantic and touching tract released with an aim of pleasing ones lover (lady). You can only understand whole meaning until you make an effort of listening to it. Amazing and attractive vocals are expressed here.

1. I wanna be your Boyfriend by Ramones

The best of all in our list is Ramones’s track that appeared in debut albums in 1971. As far as love songs for women lovers are concerned, this one is best. All credit is to Drummer Tommy who worked tirelessly contributing to its success hence appearing here. I wanna be your boyfriend is relatively short, sweet and romantic to listen to.

These are the Top 10 Best Love Songs For Her All Time till 2017. If you want to dedicate a song to your female lover, then listen and choose from one of love songs above. She will love it.