Top 10 Best Love Poems-Songs for Her

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Love Poems-Songs for Her 2017. There are many ways to express love, and over the centuries they have become more refined in some ways and more alarming in others. From singing telegrams to good old fashioned poetry, men continue to amaze women of all ages with their shy insecurities and blatant candor; so it comes as no surprise that some men would turn to music for help when trying to nab that special lady in their lives. After all, music is simply poetry put to a tune, and poetry has worked for ages. Good poetry does not have to have the best rhymes just as good poets do not have to be outspoken laureates who wear their hearts on their sleeves. A good poet could be the awkward boy in the next desk, awaiting his moment to grab the attention of his dream girl. Come along as we explore 10 love songs from some “awkward boys”.

Top 10 Best Love Poems-Songs for Her 2017

List of Top 10 Best Love Poems-Songs for Her 2017

10. To the Moon and Back – Luke Bryan

As any country music loving girl knows, Luke Bryan’s voice alone is enough to make any girl fall, and fall hard; but when put with the right lyrics, it can be outright magical, which is a good thing. To the Moon and Back is your typical sappy country love song designed to make that country girl fall for that country guy, and it does a good job, so long as you already like country. It talks of how he would love her through thick and think, through the good and the bad. It’s a sweet songĀ and would make a great set of wedding vows for any lucky young couple.

9. There’s A Girl – Trent Harmon

Another chart topper from country music, There’s a Girl comes from a relative newcomer, Trent Harmon. Again it’s your basic country love song, a bit less sappy than most, but still sappy enough to make the special girl say “awww, how sweet”. The song comes across from the point of view of a young man trying to understand why he does the seemingly silly things he’s been doing, until he realizes that the reason for his crazy behavior is in fact a girl. This song is a true testament to ‘love makes us do strange things’.

8. As you Are – The Weeknd

R&B is good for producing heart-wrenching love stories that listeners know are doomed from the start, but we listen anyway. We listen and hope that this time the music makes us want to cry for a different reason. As you Are by The Weeknd is no different, it is about two lovers who know they are going to break each others hearts but keep coming back to each other anyway. They know everything about each other and so feel drawn to one another even though their love continues to end in heartbreak. It is one of sad songs that makes you want to cry and puts you at ease at the same time.

7. Blue Ain’t Your Color – Keith Urban

Love songs are good for telling someone who is in a relationship that they are in the wrong relationship, and Blue Ain’t Your Color is no different. Keith Urban’s silky smooth voice lulls you into a soothed state as he tells his love that he could make her happier than she is now, that he could make her shine. He pours his heart out hoping to convince her that her current love interest is not good for her. It’s a classic tale of ‘you could do better than him’.

6. Everglow – Coldplay

Tales of love lost are enough to make anyone tear up, and Coldplay delivers a strong emotional torment in Everglow, the tale of a man who can not let go of a love that has gone. While it is unclear whether the love left or died, the story could easily go either way; he could be missing a someone taken from this earth too early, or he could be pining for that special woman who slipped away. Either way, it is a story that makes you feel for his loss. This is one of the Top 10 Best Love Poems-Songs for Her 2017.

5. Head Over Boots – Jon Pardi

We all know people who have been in a relationship for what may seem like forever, and maybe the spark has faded over the years. What better way to rekindle a relationship gone stale than a little fire. In Jon Pardi’s Head Over Boots, the man asks his love out on a date to pretend like it’s their first time, he wines and dines her and tells her everything she means to him; and honestly, what woman wouldn’t love being told how amazing she is.

4.One Call Away – Charlie Puth

The best love is one that builds from a foundation of friendship, one that can grow from a mutual like of each other into a strong and lasting love. Charlie Puth’s Once Call Away is about one friend reaching out to another; offering, first a friend, and then a love strong enough for two. He offers hope, strength and passion and is willing to wait until she is ready, a true love from friendship bond.

3. Company – Justin Bieber

Nothing is quite as exciting as new love. Meeting that one person and just knowing it’s right, allowing that initial infatuation to take hold and hoping it can grow into something more. In Company, Justin Bieber gives insight into that first meet and greet, that all too important first impression where the wrong words can put someone off you for good, and the right words could seal the deal so to speak. Bieber turns on all the charm as he tries to sweep said love off her feet, all the while being neither too corny nor to modern in his advances.

2. Tear In My Heart – Twenty One Pilots

There’s nothing like a good metaphor to make you stop and reconsider everything you know about love, and while it’s not entirely clear what kind of feelings Tear In My Hear is supposed to induce, it is clear that the man is quite in love with the woman. Whether or not we understand that love is irrelevant as every relationship is as different as every person, what is clear is that Twenty One Pilots has a reasoning all their own and it makes for quite an interesting profession of love.

1. Holy – Florida Georgia Line

The best kind of love is one that saves us from our inner demons, one that shows us the good in the world and in ourselves when all we can see is the bad. Florida Georgia Line gives a moving performance in Holy, a song about a man who is saved by his own personal angel. She is his everything, she has saved him from himself and brought him back to the light he thought he had lost. It is a beautiful story of redemption through love, of renewed life and light in the heart and soul of one who thought he had lost everything until he met an angel among women who pulled him out of the darkness.

These are the Top 10 Best Love Poems-Songs for Her 2017. There are many ways to express love, though men are usually not the most proficient or romantic in their chosen methods. Luckily for them there is a never-ending supply of poets and musicians able to lend a hand or word.