Top 10 Best Love Poems/Songs for Him

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 most romantic, Best Love Poems Songs for Him 2017. Love is in the air floating on the breeze, and women are making the waves, the sound waves that is. For centuries it has been the man’s job to make the first move, to initiate the relationship; but now that women are gaining more power and recognition in their professional lives, they are showing more confidence and taking more power over their private lives too.

Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Him

That means going after what they want, when they want; and they are doing it in some unusual ways. Poems can reveal much about a person’s thoughts and feelings, and music even more so when those poems are paired with the right music. Read along as we explore women who have taken charge of their loves lives, both the bad and the good.

List of Top 10 most romantic, Best Love Poems Songs for Him 2017

10. Circles – Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer gives new meaning to ’til death do us part’ in Circles. Vowing that their relationship will last until they are six feet under shows her unwavering devotion to her love. She praises him for putting the pieces of her heart back together and tells the world that even though he turns her world upside down, she knows what she has in him and has no intentions of letting him go.

9. Devotion – Elle Goulding

The name says it all in Elle Goulding’s Devotion, an intoxicating melody that winds its way into your mind and grabs all of your attention. Imploring her love to open up and let her in, to show her the bruises and scars of his past, the song speaks of always being there both emotionally and physically to help her love through any problem that might come his way. A moving message for lovers everywhere who may have given up.

8. Lionheart – Demi Lovato

Lionheart by Demi Lovato starts out speaking of the all-encompassing obsession of new love; seeing his face in all the people she sees, hearing his voice in her thoughts. Then it delves deeper, hinting that there may be a past between the new lovers, binding them in their future and providing each of them a shoulder to lean on in time of need. Lionheart is a touching tribute to making it work even in the worst of times and sticking together through the toughest of times, helping to make each other stronger.

7. Make You Smile – Elle King

Make You Smile by Elle King comes across as a ‘pick me’ type of situation. She is telling her love interest that she would do anything, make anything happen if it would make him happy and make him hers. She almost comes across as desperate if not for her obvious confidence that he will see things her way and pick her over the other, clearly less desirable ladies.

6. Nobody – Selena Gomez

The most dangerous kind of love is the suffocating kind; not the kind where the man dictates every part of a woman’s life, the kind where the woman simply cannot function without him. Feeling like you can’t think clearly without him near, like you can’t feel the warmth in the air because he took it with him wherever he’s gone. Selena Gomez portrays this situation perfectly in Nobody, a song that speaks to how completely a woman can give herself to a man so that she doesn’t know where he ends and she begins. A dangerous love, but an exhilarating one as well.

5. Burning House – Cam

There is no love felt more deeply than that of a love lost. When you’ve lost what you thought you never would, when you realize it wasn’t what you thought had, the memories can infect every aspect of your life. Even worse than a love lost, is a love given up. Cam reveals how the love she let go still consumes her mind and her dreams like a fire consumes wood, literally, in Burning House; a testament that loving someone you shouldn’t can be harmful, whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

4. Speechless – Rachel Platten

There is nothing more frustration than feeling strongly for someone, knowing they feel as strongly for you, and having nothing happen because one or both of you are too scared to take the leap. That is where a woman excels most, knowing when a man is just too clueless to make the move on his own so she must give him a push. Speechless by Rachel Platten is little more than a woman telling the man to man up, shut up, and give her the attention and kisses she’s been waiting on. This is one of Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Him 2017.

3. Church Bells – Carrie Underwood

Love isn’t always what it seems, and can sometimes turn horribly wrong. Sometimes if a love seems too good to be true, chances are it is, and that is when self love must overcome the love a woman has for a man, no matter how deeply she may feel that love. Church Bells by Carrie Underwood tells women everywhere what can happen when you catch a man’s eye for the wrong reasons, and what sometimes must be done when you have to choose between loving him, or loving herself.

2. Adore You – Miley Cyrus

Everyone loves a good ballad, especially one delivered by a good set of pipes. That is exactly what we get in Miley Cyrus’s Adore You, a song about who loves who more. There is no greater feeling that it is right than when that special man is standing next to her, making her feel like she could take on the world as long as he is by her side. A message of mutual empowerment and support, Miley shows us that there are soul mates out there for the lucky few fortunate to find one.

1. Love Triangle – Raelynn

There is no love truer for a woman than the love she feels for main man in her life, her father; but when things don’t work out for mama and daddy, a woman may lose time with that main man. This is the message in Raelynn’s Love Triangle, the story of a girl stuck between her separated parents in what must be the worst kind of a love triangle, one that takes a girl’s first love away from her, showing her at an early age the kind of pain that can be caused by something that should never cause pain, love.

These are the Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Him 2017. Love comes in many forms, almost as many forms as the types of men woman have love for. It could be that forever kind of love, a first love, the first love or even a toxic kind of love; but whatever love life decides to send her way, know that no longer is a woman content to sit on the sidelines and let men do all the work.