Top 10 Best Korean Pop Song of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Korean Pop Song of All Time till 2017. Pop music originated from the western part of the continent mainly in western America. The songs are from folk’s music and fine arts, it’s just like soft rock though a bit high .The music is mostly played and danced by the young youth ,The definition of this music changes with time as time goes by the music just evolve and sound a bit different as the rest. The first recording of this song was in 1926 that when it began to be known .Pop is just a very short song lately the song is just a romantic.

Korean Pop Song Top 10 Best Korean Pop Song of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Korean Pop Song of All Time till 2017

10. Lies by Big Bang

The song flow is just amazing ,it’s not a song that is sang with a lot of dance but carries loot of meaning in it .the bang group just blend so well and the English is co clear and easy to understand .by the release of this song it made the group so popular every where.

9. Ring Ring Dong by Shine

Done by shine boys the song is so popular in western and Asian country .the song just heats it so cool good to listen to, done in the way ever making so many people to love this pop music, we cannot forget on the popularity in Korea the song have done so good and most of the people just love how its danced and the word presentation.

8. GoodBye By G-Dragon & amp;Taeyang

These an amazing song done by two talented musician you can ever think about .combating of the voice just make it the best ,the rapping of the line just make it top it have been sold worldwide making this young men earn their living with their many people like the collaboration.

7. GoodLuck By Beast

This great group is known for its great energy in the performance and the production in the studio. The piano is well played flow of the rhythms is well done in the best way ever. The group was formed in 1981 in New York. By three young boys, one of them left in 1982 and started his music all alone.

6. Hello by Shinee

This is just a good song nice to listen to and it’s done in just a great way, the group has done so many songs together the flow of the words is so good. This is one of the Top 10 Best Korean Pop Song of All Time till 2017.

5. Four times around the by Nell

These beautiful women have been in the headline this year, with this good collaboration they have, the girls met in their schooling life and become good friends and started producing the music. Music not they are more than a talent, it’s there career and that’s what they earn their living with. The song they have done is a among the best played song.

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4. MrmrGirls By Generation

The generation is a great group they so many different music they have hip hop which just like their main thing that they do ,have been in the industry for some good time they started music when they were very young and via the music they are able to pay all their bills and still have something to save too. They make a very big show once invited to a platform; they have so many people who are a big fun to them. They have sold this song making them so popular.

3. Fantastic Baby by Big bang

In these song the dance is so good making it look so good, the song being in the top list of the pop song means it doing so great the song is amazing. The group did extremely well in the song .Fantastic baby is not there first song but it is the best the group.

2. Mr Simple by Super Junior

This is one of the best groups in Asia .The combination is perfect according to the lifestyle of the youth this making it so good in the selling .the award they are have worn are very many because of the songs they have. These album they have sold widely. The group mostly entertain the youth.

1. GEE by SNSD

Being number one in the list it means it’s the best pop song played in Korea. It’s even the most viewed in the You Tube with very many people buying it; the group won so many gifts because of the song. It’s done by a group of girls who are very talented in their own way. The song is very influential and passes Avery important information to learn from.

These are the Top 10 Best Korean Pop Song of 2017. Pop song is all about entertainment. They still pass important on formation too. The flow of the music is so good and great. In Korea they are a big fun of this kind of music ,the song are easy to dance as the music is playing it’s easy to sing and to listen too because they use the simple English possible .The youth get entertained by this music ,in them concert the audience is so great. The musician earns a great amount in this .Most people prefer pop to Folks, there pop music which are very romantic and sweet to listen too. They have been voted by so many people ,in the earlier days people believed that pop is is boring and talk about what is happening the case is different they are very nice especially the dance, thought a bit slow. The above are the best moving out going Korean pop song to listen to play at all time it all depend on the taste you have and what you like to listen.