Top 10 Best Korean Love Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Korean Love Songs of All Time till 2017. As we all know songs have different purposes depending on the genre of the song. Others express love others are for entertainment while others brings about comfort and relaxation. Songs have a great impact in a person’s life. Nowadays we cannot survive without listening to some soothing songs to at least calm our nerves after a very tiresome day or even while working so that you may be cheered up to continue doing the job or the piece of work assigned to you. We can surely say that music is a controller of people’s minds since it can drive a person to do what he or she never actually intended to do. Love songs express a lot more than love; they also express sadness and happiness especially those that are discussed below. Below is a list of top ten Korean love songs that have passed the test of time.

Korean Love Songs Top 10 Best Korean Love Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Korean Love Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Secret garden~ reason by Xandddie

The romantic song, which was sung by Xanddie back in December 2010, has never stopped saturating the music industry ever since it was produced. It has a soothing sound and a very cool message that gives the listeners the need to listen to the song repeatedly. That is why this song by Xanddie is among the best Korean songs of all times despite the age. Xanddie has not disclosed much about herself so we may not get to know much about her. She has also released quite a number of songs that have also hit the music industry and got everyone wanting to listen.

9. Taeyeon by Rikki the mermaid

The actual meaning of the name of the song is what if. Rikki a long time musician who began to sing with traditional Japanese songs at a tender age of 4 years has grown up to release a songs that has made many people have a great desire of listening to such romantic songs. The taeyeon song was the best of them all. It is among the best ten of the Korean love songs. Nakano risky, Rikki, was born in the year 1975 on January 19th. She has inspired many.musicians by her songs and as a result, we get to see many upcoming musicians in the music industry thanks to Rikki.

8. Heaven by ailee

The song tries to explain how the sweetness of love and how complicated love is in a person’s life and if the people get in love then they are totally in love and cannot be separated no matter the circumstance. If you get to hear the song for the first time you will first think of Beyonce song, halo. The sweet vocals of aliee are greatly displayed when she gets to sing the song.

7. love girl by CNblue

During Valentine’s Day when you want to dedicate a song think of dedicating this song to your one and only queen and that is how she will get to love you more and more despite the circumstances you are in. A song shows compassion love and sincerity in love it brings out the aspect of faithfulness and as a result, the love song tries to bring out faithfulness in people who are in love.

6. Undone by B2ST’s dongwoon and kang mi young

In the song undon are the sweet Korean nodules that will make you want to eat more and more if you eat they are very appetizing. Though their actual meaning is not undon the song tries to bring out the real sweetness of love and how in people’s lives it discourages unfaithfulness and tries to bring out the aspect of people being together as two with no one “playing” each other in the relationship.

5. Beautiful target by B1A4

The song has great fun in it. If you play the song in your house it will leave you dancing like a mad person. If you are looking for a mood changer song then what are you waiting for try the song and it will surely change your moods right from a bad mood to a good one even without you realizing it. Song’s chorus I like it hummed your head.

4. My valentine by nichkhun and taecyeon

The song mainly talks about Valentine’s Day. Trust me you definitely would like to have a song that is talking about the holiday that you are about to have. My valentines speaks it all for all the fun you are to have on a valentines and the sweet moments you are to have with your loved one or let me call the person your soul mate. It has a very sweet rhythm and very solicitous lyrics that will make you to continue listening to the song again and again.

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3. Nagging by IU and 2AM Seulong

If you think you are ready to go for a romantic date and you have not listened to this song, then you are definitely wrong and you will mess it all up. It gives you great joy and happiness and this will prepare you to go and face your date and be able to talk and share a good time together.

2. Fool by juniel and yonghwa

The song is dedicated to people who are blindly in love and see that they cannot do without the relationship they are in the song has very sweet vocals from our very renowned artists’ juniel and Yongwah.

1. What I want to do when I have a love by featuring Rain

The song tries to bring the better side of and it is mainly a dedication song to people who think they don’t have what it takes to win a girls heart. This specially goes to the balled headed people.
Love songs surely express a lot more than love. They try to show that anyone despite the looks is worth it of love and is capable of winning a girls heart or a man’s heart. This is one of the Top 10 Best Korean Love Songs of 2017.