Top 10 Best Korean Dance Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Korean Dance Songs of All Time till 2017. Music industry in Korea has grown at very first rate compared to other nations. There are numerous number of artists, bands and groups creating dance music today. The following list contains best dancing songs of all time in Korea.

Top 10 Best Korean Dance Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Korean Dance Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Sexy, Free and single by Super Junior

This is a sixth Korean album belonging to a southern Korean Young boy’s band known as Super Junior. SM Entertainment, KMP holding and band member assisted Super in releasing Sexy Track on 4th of July, 2012. KMH helped in distribution process and ensured that they were available in online and several other music stores. After release of version A of sexy, many other versions followed. Super Junior’s Blend of voices makes everything right for Korean song fans. Being a hip hop track, Sexy, free and single is a popular dance song used mostly by ladies in portraying their dancing talents.

9. Haru Haru by BigBang

Have you ever longed for listening to sweet music from Korea? BigBang has truly answered your desire by releasing Haru Haru which is sweetest song ever in Korean History. It’s popularly known as GD to represent that long name. GD is an amazing and powerful song used by various dance groups in live performances. Apart from that, this song is touching and has a life changing video clip ever. I first listened to this song when I was in a party celebration with my closest friends. I am telling you we could not hold what we were feeling. All we did was to stand up and make all dance moves. My friends will bear me witness that GD deserves to be in position 9 of this list.

8. Gangnam Style by PSY

PSY is a Korean Dancer, songwriter and live performer who hit heads of many headlines on 13th January, 2012 after releasing Gangnam style. This is simply a dance style for that particular Korean Song. Gangnam has been features for having been successful in many areas like, most downloaded dance song in Korea, a research done by iTunes, having most likes in YouTube, holding second position in United State’s Billboard Ranking and finally positioned first in United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Australia, New York, and Ukraine.
It took a small period of time to achieve a lot of fame that cannot be achieved by any other track so soon.

7. Bad boy By BigBang

This is another hit blow from BigBang having presented two dance tracks so far. It must be having very hardworking and talented members who are always dedicated in whatever they have purposed to do. Bad Boys leaves many people almost missing breaths upon listening to it with its smooth melodies and complex lyrics. Have heard of Bad Boy before? Make an effort of downloading it from their website using an appropriate version.
Bad boy makes people to dance hence being voted here.

6. Bonamana by super Junior

Super junior boys’ band is popularly known as SJ. This is their second time presenting a second track in our list. Bonamana dance track is characterized by great features like nice beat that can easily leave you dancing and soothing vocals. I love SJ boys for their amazing work. Whenever on stage SJ does a complete work and cannot disappoint. They always work to achieve best in goals placed ahead of them.

5. No other by super Junior

It is super Junior again. These boys are now dominating in our list having taken three different positions. They are young but we are only features qualities of their article. No other was released by them in 2014 and opened a door for other people who have not come across Korea tracks. It is possible that no other may demand a higher position when I do research next time.
Dancers can sing and dance no other track at same time due to simple and well understood lyrics.

4. Roly Poly by Tara

Tara is another most featured Korean singer. She released Roly Poly in 2009 as a single lead song in her first debut album and received several positive reviews from fans and dancers as well. Roly is addictive and contains nice phrase, dances and most easiest song that most people desire to listen to. Most popular discos in Korea have been heard playing it due live performances or music competitions in each and every year. Tara may not be known by many people but her song is hitting in many headlines for rocking out everything.

3. Neverland by U-kiss

Neverland is an album of full length feature done by successful South Korean boys’ band popularly known as U-KISS. This band released Neverland on 1st September, 2011 in Philippines (universal records) from their first album. AJ and Hoon are most featured band members that contributed a lot in release of Neverland. Before growing successful, Hoon and his fellow worked under famous American producers in higher facilities such as Osaka in Japan. DJ Reli, Conductor Ryan and misfit helped U-KISS band in coming up with their lyrics.

2. Lucifer by Shinee

Lucifer track has landed in 2nd position of our list not because of its lyrics but because of great vocals and instrument performances. I can name several positive features from people such as it being perfect, fantastic, awesome dancing styles in clips, incredible voices and vocals as well and sexy boys. However, Lucifer was opposite by serious Christians in Korea saying that such a song can contribute to downfall of many Christians upon listening or just viewing it. If you haven’t gotten it then I will explain further. Lucifer means Satan and he is described positively in this track. It’s only that people dance a lot without minding the lyrics.

1. Gee by SNSD

On top of our list we are featuring Gee as best Korean dance hits. This popular track takes first position under this category. Gee is the most featured song in YouTube. Entire Korean songs are good and great in dancing but Gee had to be credited First position.

Those are best dance songs that I was able to gather in Korea. Examine them carefully, May be they will be of much help in your dancing career.