Top 10 Best Italian Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Italian Songs of All Time till 2017. Italy is a country best known for great songwriters, actresses, models and music producers. Music industry in this country has grown at a first rate within past few years. There are top best songs from this nation but we are only featuring top 10 of them as listed below.

Italian Song Top 10 Best Italian Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Italian Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Super Sanremo by Chiara

Chiara is an Italian based model, song writer, television personnel, actress and radio presenter as well. She belongs to a group of singers comprising of other vocalists namely Nek, Annalisa, Malika Wayne, Nina Zilli, Marco Masini, Irene Grandi, Giamluca Grignani and volo. These entire music stars put their effort together in releasing one popular Italian song called Super Sanreno. It was recorded in 2015 and released to market that same year and has been really featured in many music festivals in Italy. Sanreno lands in 10th position in our list today.

9. Sanremo by Chiara

This is part two song of Chiara’s track above. It was released several years later after releasing Super Sanreno in 2015. Single Sanreno was put into market in early 2016 as a single lead song from her favorite album called Lina hand. If you happen to listen to any Italian Radio station or television shows, I am sure you will not lack to hear or watch Chiara’s second track.

Chiara and his team of girls are now very famous and have performed so many Italian songs. Some articles are later remixed or performed live.

8. I grand Successful by Anni 80

Anni 80 is one of the most featured Italian Song writers and artists who have played so many roles in producing most played Italian tunes. If you happen to tune to any Italian Television shows or radio, you will not miss to hear or view I grand successful. This track is a favorite tune among Italian people hence won a grand award of best song in 2009. Anni received a through way from this award and moved ahead in releasing other tracks with help of her team girls that worked closely with her. Of all her tracks, I grand hits in best position of them all.

7. A man without Love by al Martino

Al Martino released a man without love track on 26th December 2010. This is a love song featuring two states, America and Italy. However, Italians are the frequent players of it. When it was released, Italy Got a big blow from its admirable features like Vocals and beat from instruments. People from Italy are best known for producing love films and songs. A man without has taken some portions in different love movies and television shows of Italy. Credit is given to AL Martino for his fantastic work.

6. Classic by Eh Paisano

This is an Italian Album comprising of 20 classic songs that are capable of taking you to another level within a very short period of time. El Paisano released classic in late 2005 together with other band members including Julius Cumpari who was a talented guitarist, Dean Martin (piano player), La Rosa Monte, Come Prima and Tony Reno. Other Spanish members were Angelina Zooma, Louis Prima, Linnet kasapinga, Mover Spain to mention a few. Entire band achieved their success in producing this powerful hit among other Italian melodies. This is one of the Top 10 Best Italian Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. Festive Classics by Viva Italia

Festive Classics was produced by Viva Italia on 3rd April 2012 as her first debut album. Festive has many tracks that are mostly played in specific occasions in Italy. Each album contained more than 20 unique articles. There is a group of Italian artists who contributed so much in producing of Festive. They played different roles like instrumentalists, Vocalists and many more others. Some of them include, Di La, ArriveDerci Roma, Funicula Lenny, Domenico Modugno and Anema E core.

Upon producing this beautiful Italian song, Viva became famous and successful as well hence landing in this list of best tunes from Italy.

4. Pop Hit by Mina Cielo

Pop hits contain more than 60 tracks stored under 3 disks. All these tracks were released with an aim entertaining. There is no doubt that people of Italy have been entertained full to a point voting it in position 4 of this list. There are many classic albums in Italy but were never satisfactory according to Italians. In producing Pop Hits, Mina was being assisted by Nico Julius, Eri Nicola and Cosi Patel.

Pop hits are music compositions that you will not like them to stop once they start playing.

3. Best Rock by Tony Dallara

Tony Dallara is one of most famous and successful Italian song writers and producer. He worked best in producing Best Rock which composes of several classic hits. Dallara was working with a certain tem at that particular time. Some team members were Dalida, Mina, Caterina Valente and Adriano Celentano. Both have various things in common including passion, personality and vocals.

Best rock comes in a pack of 3 disks with 60 tracks in each piece. Tony is said to have been sold so many pieces in that particular year giving him success.

2. I Grandi Successi Italiani by Nilla Pizzi

On our second position we have Nilla Pizzi’s I Grande Success Italian. This track was produced among other 54 Italian hits in late 1950’s and early 60’s both of them featuring famous Singers like Tony Dallara, Renato Carosone, Muloro, Mins Kange and Julius Sam.

Grande success has been performed by different song writers who give it out in unique versions.

1. on iTunes by Sapore Di mare

Our list could not have been interesting and complete without featuring on iTunes. Sapore began his career by recording his tracks in England before moving to Italy. He is popularly known for produce high quality music with great vocals and beats from powerful instruments. Itune was the only recorded single lead song from a debut album at that particular time. Sapore is really a talented singer among all others in Italy.

There are many good Italian tunes from various artists in Italy. I have only feature best ten of Italian songs and hope you have enjoyed yourself.