Top 10 Best Irish Drinking Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Irish Drinking Songs of All Time till 2017. Drinking songs are tracks meant to be sung during drinking events and parties as well. These songs can be either performed in homes or alcohol stores. Among Irish people, drinking songs are common and sang by all drunkards and alcohol fans. Let us have a look on top 10 best Irish drinking songs 2017.

Irish Drinking Song Top 10 Best Irish Drinking Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Irish Drinking Songs of All Time till 2017

10. All summer Long by Kid Rock

Kid rock’s all summer long track make to be in position 10 in this list but position one in more than seven different countries. Long is a popular drinking song that was released on 12th December, 2012, in Ireland during sports celebrations. Rock recorded it with an aim of getting soccer mother all around. The chorus itself encourages liquor lovers as a way of living a free life because it suggests that they should drink without remembering next day. However, the government of republic of Ireland did not agree with this article since most people could drink carelessly and become irresponsible in their families. All summer was banned from all radio and television stations for a period of two years.

9. Brass Monkey by Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys are known for their Iconic tunes in Brass Monkey track. It was released on 1st August, 1986 and not so many people ever heard of it at that particular time but had heard of Cocktail namesake. Brass gives praise to liquor such as vodka combined with orange juice, dark rum spirits and many other drinks found in small sized bottles and always available in all legal stores. All these stores took off in selling their items immediately when Brass started playing.

Brass monkey took part in pop cultural festivals.

8. Drink Drank Drunk by Hellyeah

Hellyeah is famous music band in Ireland that has worked successfully in more than three albums. In 2012, this band produced a liquor track popularly known as Drink drank drunk from their third album with an aim of indulging people in sport drinking in Pubs and clubs. As a result, many people in Ireland drank a lot of alcohol and most of them got really wasted. Drink’s chorus speaks everything out as it inspires drunkards to add liquor in their glasses. That they should drink to a point of not even supporting their own heads. Director of Irish band, Vinnie Paul nicknamed it as hell raising drinking beer.

7. Too Drunk by Buckcherry

Buckcherry’s too drunk article can be described as a total mess in many parties. Too Drunk was released in 2008 from a debut album known as black Butterfly by this popular band. It was produced alongside Josh Todd (talented singer). A lot of men have really experienced Drunk in bars, liquor shops and most parties. Buckcherry however explained that upon release of Drunk, alcohol has really messed many people to a position of ruining Fun and leading to performance issues.

This track is only recommended in parties of adults since under age people are not allowed to see some things that happen in alcohol places.

6. Kiss me I am S-tfaced by Dropkick Murphys

Kiss me is a total false veil and influence of alcohol than any other track to be thought of in Dropkick Murphys. He released this track in 2003 immediately after performing in a live concert in Ireland. Chorus states of a drunkard man praising himself in front of ladies. He declares himself as a man of the house.

Kiss me hit as a result of lyrics produced in relatable and humorous.

5. Have a Drink on me by AC/DC

Have a drink on me is famous among Irish people and surrounded by other tracks like You shook me all along , anti Noise pollution and back in black. For over many years now, have a drink has become a through way song especially when they are holding parties and celebrations. This is most popular Irish Drinking Songs of 2017.

Have a drink on me has been featured as a favorite song for men.

4. Cold Kin by Ace Frehley

Ace produced Cold Gin from his fourth Debut album in 1974. Frehley was a famous instrumentalist specifically playing Guitar and assisted by Gene Simmons in doing vocals. Funny part of this track is that Ace is not a drunkard and yet encourages people in their drinking business. Another third part of guitarists helped in adding flavor to this track. It is almost 40 years now ever since cold was recorded and still played as if it was released to market yesterday.

Ace Frehley takes part in unusual role behind scenes creating a dynamic song although.

3. Whiskey Hangover by Godsmack

For the first time I read this song’s title, my mind featured a famous brand of alcohol. Whiskey Hangover was first recorded and released by Godsmack from his greatest hits in 2009. Aggression and force propelled it with a unique haunting bass line. Sully Erna is a talented singer who took part in Godsmack’s liquor composition. Once played several bottles of spirits were being sold to fans. These liquors include whiskey, Mary spirits and amarula alcohol Brands.

2. Nightrain by Guns and Roses

Among other popular drinking hit songs, Nightrain track has taken really effort in landing in second position of our list. Things would have been a boring site without featuring Nightrain commonly known by drunkard men who walked in streets of Ireland city with bottles of alcohol. Gun’s track inspires drunkards and non drunkards in getting a pure night of drinking and makes to be a must listen song by some specific people.

1. Whiskey in the Jar by Metallica

Whiskey traditional Irish and drinking article which has been believed to be more than 300 years since there is no exact date for its production. Whiskey’s direct language has earned it this top position with less competition. Learning this song is much easier than any other track that we have discussed above. There are many versions of whiskey produced in different years.

For those people who enjoy taking liquor, those are best Irish drinking songs ever thought of.