Top 10 Best German Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best German Songs of All Time till 2017. As we all know most of us cannot do without music we work while listening to music, play while listening to music and even when idle we still listen to music. When we do not have the music our efficiency at work reduces and when we are idle we become very bored and we can just sleep for the whole day since they do not have something to keep them busy. In other words, music has become like a basic need in most individuals’ lives. Here am going to list the best German songs of all time that will leave you out of breathe when you listen to them. Some have turned out to be romantic others entertaining while others are good songs for relaxing your mind after a long day at work or a long tiresome ordeal that you have undergone.

German Song Top 10 Best German Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best German Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Luftballons by nena

The well-known musician of the 80’s produced a song that emerge number one, in her days and up to today it is the best listened song that everyone wants to listen to. Who said that teenagers are the only ones who dance while jumping up and down everywhere the song also shows that even grownups and the elderly can also dance? The songs message is actually a sad story of wars and the dangerous atomic explosives though the beats are very cheerful.

9. Wind of change and still loving you by the scorpions

The song has greatly impacted a certain time in German’s history. The song brought about great disunity among the Germans. There is a certain way of whistling in the song that every kid that has heard the song tries to imitate and although the band has produced quite a number of songs the song, still loving you is great and has made it in the top of the best German songs.

8. Looking for freedom by David hasselholf

The song mainly talks about freedom next to the wall near Berlin. If you are looking for an epic show then look no further. The show of this song being performed is the best of all times and that accounts for the song being among the best German songs. You cannot qualify to be a German if you have not checked or listen to this song.

7. Easy by cro

Just allow to say that the one who sang the song has a beautiful song that will leave you speechless. The perfect Sunday tunes are for cro they will make you start your Sunday in a very nice way. If you feel that the song is that sweet as people are saying try his song “do” and you will definitely understand the meaning of the song.

6. Denkmal by wir Sind helden

Wir Sind helden have quite a number of songs but the one that has made everyone go nuts is the one and only denkmal. Though we still have another great one the song am talking about has broken through all odds.

5. Die eine by die firma

We cannot just miss out romantic German songs that have been the best big time this song is like this one die eine. Though rap songs don’t show romance that much the song does proves that wrong. German is not a romantic language but the band tried to make it as romantic as possible and they became successful and that accounts for the song being ranked among the Best German Songs of All Time and 2017..

4. Disco pogo by die atzen

Just as the name states the song is mainly played in parties and was and still is an anthem in most clubs and this makes people go nuts. While listening to the song, you cannot help but stand and dance to the rhythm of the song because of its jumpy beats and sweet rhythm.

3. Morgen by chima

Don’t take it badly but I never thought that German songs also include rap. Do not take it badly but German language is mainly an official language and such things as rap songs do not match with it. Chima has proved me and a great number of people who thought rap songs can’t be played in German. If you listen to the song you just change your mind like me. Please do me a favour if you do not under understand the song because of the fast flow then enjoy the beats and follow the rhythm of the song.

2. Sky and sand by Paul kalkbrenner

Paul gives a very good definition of berlin and with the song. It just matches the things you do in the beautiful and enormous city. If you are a great fun for movies then you cannot miss and you have happened to watch the famous movie called berlin calling then the song must be familiar to you. The song is brought out in a way that you will be able to feel it even if you donot pay any attention at all.

1. Alles aus liebe by die toten hosen

Just the songs introduction will carry you away. Now let us use the example when a boy asks for a dance and the stands to dance with her and lie her head on his shoulder and dance leisurely with the songs rhythm. This song that am going to speak about here is a good match for such events and no girl can probably deny you a dance when she hears that the song is playing that one I can even bet for that. Every girl loves to lean on a boys shoulder when this song is playing.

These are the most famous Top 10 Best German Songs of 2017. It is good to always try new things and expand your horizons. Well we have seen other songs that we should probably try out and I promise you will love them in one way or another trust me.