Top 10 Best Finnish Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Finnish Songs of All Time till 2017. Finland artists have been writing and producing best lyrics over the years. When it comes to classical and contemporary music, Finnish musicians are proven doing well. There have done a number of rock, hip-hop, jazz, pop and dance music. Famous artists also have done Finland proud in other counties.

Top 10 Best Finnish Songs 2017

List of Top 10 Best Finnish Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Euphoria by Loreen

She is a Swedish singer and a songwriter. This track was released in her debut studio album Heal in 2012. Thomas G originally wrote it: son, peter Bostrom and was produced by Bostrom and Seventy Eight. In 2012, Eurovision song contest it was picked as a Sweden’s winning entry that was held in Baku, Azerbaijan, winning with a total of 372 points being the second highest contest’s history. It received highest points in 18 counties in every entry. It was popular in Sweden and rest of Europe receiving positive critical. She sold 400,000 copies in market.

9. Kran Tursimo by JVG ft Raappana

A rapper singer JVG and a reggae artist Raappana do it. It was peaked at number one in Finnish Single Chart and stayed at that position for 12 weeks. Its video was uploaded in YouTube in July 2012, selling 3,187 copies. This track is JVG’s second single in his second album if you ever wonder what it will sound like to have a Finnish rap-reggae song, this is the best example.

8. Vie Mut Kotiin by Jesse Kaikuranta

It was released in his debut studio album on 2, November 2012. It is written by Saara Torma, Hector Freeman, Paula Vesala and Jesse and produced by Eppu Kosonen and Matti Mikkola. This was peaked number one on Official Finnish Album Chart. The album was recorded in Universal Music Finland studio. It appeared in a finalist edition of The Voice in Finnish. It is a melodramatic piano track, which everyone loves to listen.

7. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

It appeared in her debut studio album Kiss that was released on April 17, 2012. First Tavish Crowe and Jepsen, later it was produced by Josh Ramsay as a pop wrote it as a folk song. It was released from EP as a lead single in September 20, 2011 through 604 Records. This lyric is about love at first sight, brings to a girl who is hoping that her crush will call back. This artist was signed to Schoolboy Records where she was able to release her album in United States. It was number track in Canada, Australia, Denmark, France, and Finland among other counties. It has an upbeat teen pop track that draws influence from disco, baroque and dance-pop. It was peaked number one in US Billboard Hot 100. She was nominated for two Grammy Award, Best Pop Solo performance and Song of the Year, but lost to Adele ‘We Are Young’. She has sold over 18 million copies worldwide. This is one of the Top 10 Best Finnish Songs of All Time till 2017.

6. Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez FT. Pitbull

It is a song recorded by an American entertainer Jennifer in her first hit album Dance Again, released on April 2, 2012. This song features an American rapper Pitbull. It was written by Enrique Iglesias, AJ Junior, RedOne, Bilal ‘’The Chef’’ and Pitbull. It was nominated for Best Choreography in MTV Video Music Award in July 31, 201. This was peaked number 17 on Billboard Hot 100.

5. Tacata by Tacabro A.K.A. Romano & Sapienza ft. Rodriguez

It is a well-known song by Italian group which was released on 5, January 2012. It was popular in Italy, Sweden and France. This truck was composed by an Italian Romano & Sapienza and Raul-Rodriguez Martinez made the lyric. It reached number 4 in Italian Single Chart and number 833 in Canada where it was popular outside Europe.

4. Kesayo by Pariisin Kevat

This song is done by Paris spring band which was released in their second single album All a Fairy Tale in April 2012. It was written by Arto Tuunela. First it was released in limited 250 pieces 7-inch as part of global record store days, on 30 April same year it was then released as a digital EP, including three remixes of kesayo chapter. It reached third place in 15-week download list. In June 2012 it was most played in radio stations. The video director Hannu Aukian was awarded in 2012 best music video award.

3. Whistle by Flo Rida

It is released in his 4th studio album Wild Ones in 2012. David Glass, Marcus Killian, Antonio Mobley, Justin Franks, Breyan Isaac and Flo Rida wrote the song, while DJ Frank E and Glass were producers. This song is about oral sex. It is s pop-rap track with a whistling melody. It received mixed up music critics, some were negative calling it ‘’the least subtle song ever’’. It was peaked number one on Billboard Hot 100 making it third number one hit of Rida sons since 2009. He was peaked top ten of charts in Australia, Sweden and Israel. The video was directed by Marc Klasfeld which was filmed in Acapulco, Mexico. He has been promoting it by performing during finales of talent show, The Voice.

2. Kolmas Pyora by Chisu

It is beautiful song done by Finnish pop singer and songwriter Chisu. It was released on October 2011 by warner music in Finland. It appeared number one in Finnish Albums Chart. She has a baby voice that makes her music sweet to listen to.

1. Saatilla by Elokuu

A hip-hop band known as wedding guests arrive sings it. It is written by Jonas Karlsson, Jon Korhonen and Antti Hakala. This track was released under EMI Music Finland in 18 May, 2012 as a single album. It was most played video in TV channels radio in Finnish.

Finnish songs are the best to listen to, because there are cool and relaxing. You can choose among listed ones.