Top 10 Best Film Museums In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Film Museums In The World 2017. Top 10 Best Film Museums in the World 2017 are loved by the film lover in us all. Not only do they impact us emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, they can motivate and inspire. Film art is appreciated around the world by sharing the information of the film, the cast, the directors,…and anyone who takes part of a certain movie and listing it in a film museum if it’s worthy enough.

Not that they aren’t all worthy enough, it’s only that the main films that have impacted society or a certain generation, a genre, or even showing a historical significance while at the same time educating the audience can be considered film museum worthy. Film museums illustrate all this information to the public. The history of the film, the old and modern ways the films were made, and naturally the influences. In addition, the movies that are showcased in best film museums around the world should not go unnoticed. If you plan to be in one of these locations, you should visit the film museum and learn, take note, or simply enjoy what the film museum has to offer.

Cinema and the master film archives: film museums, the best

List of Top 10 Best Film Museums In The World 2017

10. Australian Center for Moving Image, Australia

australian-center-for-moving-image, Top 10 Best Film Museums In The World 2017

In Australia’s Federation Square which is in Melbourne lies a museum that is visited by millions, 1.3m to be exact. This was reported a couple of years ago. Although, this museum was founded in 1946, it was the State Film Center of Victoria.

It’s the second most visited museum in Australia with more people visiting every year, it’s a gem to the players of it. Australian Center for Moving Image or the ACMI film museum is a work of art. The archive of the Australian movies like On Our Selection (1920) is reviewed and showcased. The main venue for film festivals in Aussie, the museum has two galleries where films, videos, and the majority of the projected building’s facilities are located. There are two cinemas: Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.

9. The National Media Museum, Yorkshire


This famous film museum is a part of the national Science Museum Group, and it is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The National Media Museum was formerly known as the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. It is one of the most visited museums, and it was established in the year 1983. This film museum was selected as the best indoor attraction in Yorkshire by the public. The National Media Museum permanently focuses on various arts including photography, television, animation, videogaming, the Internet and the scientific principles behind light and color. It has seven floors of galleries and has three cinemas. The film museum operates in collaboration with the Picturehouse Cinemas and has hosted several film festivals, which include the Bradford International Film Festival.

8. Hollywood Museum

hollywood museum, Top 10 Best Film Museums In The World 2018

How can Hollywood not have a museum? It can’t, because every movie lover around the world knows that Hollywood, California is the number one museum in films in America. Popular for the history and vast amount of archives, it even has a Mel’s Drive attached to the film museum. The collections visitors will see will be mesmerizing and duly appreciated. The motion pictures and television archives are exhibited in the museum. There are four rooms that were used by Hollywood makeup artists. The main makeup artists that used it was Max Factor. The history of Hollywood’s cinematography and film art would be one film art museum that should be visited once in a lifetime.

7. The German Film Museum


The GFM ventured in with the German Film Institute, so when you visit, you’ll have double the amount of appreciation for the German film industry. The merging will bring you a vast amount of knowledge of the culture in film for Germans and some of the most detailed information that will bring you on the inside look of the cinema world. Located at Germany, will take visitors to the historical significance of films made in Germany, their techniques and their production formalities.

6. London Film Museum


Established in February 2008 by Jonathan Sands, the London Film Musuem dedicates film art to Great Britain’s film industry. It used to be called Movieum of London. Although it’s located in County Hall, it’s been relocated to a Covent Garden since April (2012).

Considered as one of the best museums worldwide 2017, it has a huge visitation report. Architecturally beautiful, film goers will love all the historical significance and techniques that are being utilized by film makers in this region. It also showcases the props, sets, and costumes from some of the most popular films to date. For example, an exhibit of Charlie Chaplin, the Great Londoner can be found here.

5. Museum of Cinema Ukraine


Located in Odessa film studio which is a historical mansion in the Ukraine, the film museum here highlights the east part of Europe.
This particular museum did belong to Demidovoy – San-Donato family. Visitors will find the exploration of the making of film and cinema before the Lumiere Brothers. The invention of cinema is actually the main attraction at this museum. The exhibit showcases the materials used in digital format and avante garde. Also, it shows the postmodern movement in film art in the east part of Europe and the invention of the movement as well.

4. The National Museum of Cinema in Torino


Located in Torino, it’s constructed in the Mole Antonelliana tower, a world famous film museum. It’s one of the most visited museums in Italy. Film lovers will find a massive collection of poster of popular and well known films. Part of the visit to the museum are the collective film objects that were used in Italian films.

Also, it displays pre-cinematographic (optical) devices like lanterns that are called “magic lanterns”. The film museum hosts the Torino Film Festival. There are several international film festivals since 2000. It has the famous panoramic elevator. The elevator is made with transparent glass walls.
This covers a 75 meter ride which lasts about 59 seconds. It offers a 360 degree, panoramic view of the famous city of Italy. Operating the museum is “The Maria Adriane Prolo Foundation”.

3. The Museum of Film and Television (Berlin)


in 2000 as a part of the Deutsche Kinemathek, The German Film Archive and Museum for Film and Television added a part to it’s museum in 2000. The Museum of Film and Television in Berlin has a large collection of film memorabilia: this includes architectural sketches, props and costumes, photographs from scenes or celebrities, and movie posters, …to name a few.
The library has a large extensive book archive which, naturally relate to the film industry. It also shares to it’s visitors the extension of the German film industry. Those that are “history buffs” will also see the “period of Nazi regime” area where visitors are known to visit in record numbers. This special and much-appreciated film and television museum also hosts several exhibits to the public.

2. The Museum of Cinema in France


Paris is known to many as an artsy city. Without a film museum, Paris wouldn’t be complete. It opened in 1936. And the museum displays have some of the most inspiring artifacts and objects that relate to the cinema. The highlight is France’s film producers, directors, and filmmakers including their art forms and cinematography specialties. Known to local Parisians as La Cinematheque Francaise, it showcases the beauty of cinema as a true art form. Movie lovers have to go to this museum for inspiration, especially if they want to get in the film industry for a career.

1. China National Film Museum


It’s naturally the largest professional museum worldwide. The China National Film Museum, located in northeast Beijing, is widely visited by millions. Established in 2005, it celebrated the 100 years of Chinese film and cinema. With a huge space of 38k sq. meters, visitors and movie fanatics come from all over the world to see the film museum of China. It actually takes up 65 acres! It has 20 permanent exhibit halls comparably to the others. The number one of the Top 10 best film museums in the world.

The Top 10 best film museums in the world 2017 would be notably enjoyed by all film enthusiasts, film art students, those who want to enter the world of film and movies, television or screen writing. Visiting at least one of these museums for it’s film appreciation, the historical significance, as well as learning the beauty of other cultures in cinema will benefit all film lovers. Another aspect of these Top 10 best film museums in the world is the architectural aspects of the buildings, the structure and design of each, and naturally the archives of film and literature for those who are fortunate enough to visit them.

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