Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World 2017. Everyone loves a drinking game at parties. Drinking games go way back. Playing these games is a way to try your hardest to get someone drunker faster. A little fun at parties never hurt. If you are a person who likes to party then you have probably heard of some or all of these drinking games. Some can be for fun and some are for competition but either way you your skills are needing in order to stay sober before you lose to the other players. Some games deal with cards some just deal with glasses and balls. If you play enough of these games then you will catch on for the next round to come and end up playing better then you have before.

List of Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World 2017

10.)Power Hour-


You can play this alone or with others. You choice a power hour song stream and each minute you take a shot. You have 6-7 beers and each time the song changes you take a shot. It teaches you to take it slow or it is used for people who want to pace themselves. Playing this game with others can be made into a competition so that you can see who is paying attention.

9.)Civil War-

Civil War Top Famous Drinking Games In The World 2018

Civil War is similar to Beer Pong. You have a 3 to 6 cup life line and opposing team players try to shoot the balls in your cups at a rapid pace until you hit a glass. If you hit a cup the person then has to drink before they can shoot the ball. The only down side is that you have two teams of three so anyone can throw the ball and the other team has to drink. You must drink before you shoot so it slows you down.


Chandeliers(coins) Top Most Drinking Games In The World 2018

With this game all you do is shoot a quarter into a shot glass and make others drink. You need to be a heavy drinking or be able to hold you liquor well. There is a big glass in the middle so that when it comes to someone making it you all have to drink the shot. Who ever finishes the shot glass last has to drink the tall glass in the middle.

7.)Screw The Dealer-


When it comes to this game you must go with your luck. The dealer will ask the person to the left to guess the card on the top of the deck if they do not get it correct then they must drink. If they get it correct the dealer drinks and it goes to the next player. If they get it wrong they drink they drink and try to guess if the card next is higher or lower.



The player and the player to the left must shoot quarters in to a empty shot glass until one makes it. If the first player makes the quarter before the player on the left then they must drink the tall glass of alcohol in the middle. If the player to the left can not make the quarter before so many times they must drink the glass again until they make it and are able to pass the turn.

5.)Chandeliers(Ball and Cup)-

Chandeliers(Ball and Cup)Top Best Drinking Games In The World 2017


This is played just like Chandeliers with coins but you play it with a ping pong ball.You also set the cups up differently. If the player to the left has to drink the tall so that they can have an empty cup to shoot the ball into. If you make it on the first shot you can make anyone at the table drink it and so on and so forth.


Corners Top Popular Drinking Games In The World 2019

This game is harder than most because you go by 4th life lines. You must drink so much for how ever you shoot. If you hit a person glass on the rim its 1/4 life so in turn the person must drink 1/4 of the glass. If you make a cup you must drink half the cup meaning you lost 2/4 of a life. Depending on how many is playing you must watch all players and you may play on teams meaning you can make the other team drink more or is you do not play well you can drink more yourself. This is one of the Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World 2017.

3.)Flip Cup-

Flip Cup Top Most Popular Drinking Games In The World 2019

In order to play this game you need to be fast. You must chug the drink and then flip the cup on the edge of the table only using your finger and the edge of the table. Make sure you have pairs on each team so no one is short a player and is drinking more than the other team. You must flip the cup and have it land before the next player can continue. Remember fast but slow and steady.


Kings Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World

In this game you use a full deck of cards spread around an unopened beer. each player picks a card and then either drinks or has someone else drink depending on the card they have picked up. Each card is different. Ace- everyone drinks until the player before them does. 2- you pick who drinks. 3- whoever drew the card drinks. 4-everyone races to touch the floor last one to do so must drink. 5-all guys drink. 6- all girls drink- 7all players point to the sky whoever is last drinks. 8-you and whoever you pick must drink.9-you must say a rhyme and everyone else must follow. 10- pick a category and everyone mus pick one to. Jack- You must put three fingers up and play never have I ever, put a finger down if you have until the last person puts the last finger down. Queen- You ask questions until someone ask someone who has already been asked. King-Make a rule that everyone must follow until the next king is drawn.

1.)Beer Pong-

Beer Pong Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World 2017

Each player on either team plays eye-to-eye to see who goes first. Then in turn the winner starts and you must take turns shooting the ping pong ball to make the cups.The other team must drink if you make it. You go back and forth with this until the cups are all gone. The winner is the the one who empties all the cups from the other side of the table.

These are the Top 10 Best Drinking Games In The World 2017. These games are all fun and made so you can show off your skills. Playing these games you must keep in mind the more you drink the faster you forget to watch the other players and the more off balance you may get. Remember playing these games you need to be of age and you must remember to drink responsibly. If you plan to play these games remember you need to have skills and coordination. In order to play most of these games all you need is a cup or a few cups and a coin, cards or ping pong ball. You will need lots of alcohol and lots of friends. Enjoy and have fun. Do not drive and drink and make sure you have a place you can crash if you decide you want to get wasted and have no way home. If you must go home call a Taxi or have someone who has not drank give you a ride home. Remember safety first. Never take a drink from someone do not know or someone you know does not like you.