Top 10 Best DJ Remix Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best DJ Remix Songs of All Time till 2017. Music is a salve for the soul. So, when a person listens to a DJ remix it’s like applying a super ointment to their body. A good DJ remix will get a person up and dancing or have them singing and rocking all day long. There are plenty of DJ remixes and often times it is hard to figure out which ones are the best. However, there are some pretty good remix songs that have made the record charts. Here is a look at the best DJ remix songs of all time.

Top 10 Best DJ Remix Songs of All Time 2017

List of Top 10 Best DJ Remix Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Lindstrom and Prins Thomas: Essential Mix

Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas Essential Mix is a great DJ mix song that uses disco influences and past groovy sounds to get people up and rocking. This song was made in 2007 and it is considered one of the best mix tapes in Europe. This song piece has even made some inroads into the states. Lindstrom and Prins are two DJs who are good at their craft.

9. Flying Lotus: Essential Mix

In 2008 Flying Lotus released Essential Mix back in 2008. This jam infuses jazz like tunes mixed in with some EDM like overtones. It is quite euphoric and it keeps people jamming all night long. Flying Lotus’s work has been greatly appreciated on the charts and this group really showcases their talent through this piece. Essential Mix is truly a rocking song that gets people up and grooving.

8. Greg Wilson: Essential Mix

Greg Wilson Essential Mix hit the charts in 2009 and caused a huge stir all throughout Europe. His mixtape music was legendary. People everywhere jumped on board with Greg Wilson’s hit and they had a good time jamming to his music when it was released. Greg Wilson’s music dominated in 2009 and he continues to make more great music today.

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7. Theo Parrish: Boiler Room

Theo Parrish released Boiler Room in 2010 and his music was groove inspiring tune. He uses his ability to create an unusual sound that combines elements of jazz, disco and house. Parrish uses his Detroit based house music to draw listeners in. Once he hooks them he reels them in with his masterful control of the EQ knob. His music is a great sound that can make any party last for days.

6. Nicolas Jaar: Resident Advisor Mix 211

Nicolas Jaar Resident Advisor Mix 211 is a powerful mix song that utilizes off brand groups such as Mobb Deep and 20’s song about dope. While this might seem like a strange combination it actually works really well. The song was released in 2010 and it was an immediate hit. This mixtape song was a huge underground jam in New York at the turn of the decade. Nicolas Jaar’s music is an on point production.

5. Anthony “Shake” Shakir: Little White Earbuds Anthony

Little White Earbuds is all about the techno. This mix tape portrays the new dance sound that has swept the city of Detroit. Little White Earbuds helped Shakir to rise through the ranks. This techno infused song really hits the modern party goers dance nerve. They can’t resist its hypnotic charm and its amazing foot thumping beat. This is one of those mix songs that will always find its audiences. This is one among the Top 10 Best DJ Remix Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. Marcellus Pittman: FACT Mix 201

Marcellus Pittman FACT Mix 201 was another great mix tape song that was released in 2010. Detroit DJ’s are among the best in this nation. Their mix tape songs are very inspiring and they produce awe. FACT Mix is a great songs that lives up to the height. This song is a steady groove that will keep a person moving and a party pumped. Marcellus Pittman has done a great job with blending the bass, beat, and electronic functions in this song.

3. Optimo: Optimogeddon

Optimo, Optimogeddon was released in 2010 by a Scottish due with the name of Optimo. This group has a good ear for dance music. They typically sponsor a Sunday night party that has become a huge event that is well known in Scotland. They created Optimogeddon from one of their sessions and this song continues to be a standard part of the Scottish party scene to this day.

2. Disclosure FACT Mix 327

Disclosure FACT Mix 327 hit the charts in 2011 and it pretty much exploded on the U.K. dance scene. This song is a classic American house music piece that swayed crowds and entranced clubbers everywhere. The Lawrence Siblings know exactly how to combine different musical elements to generate unique musical creations that will keep people pumped up for hours on end.

1. Nguzunguzu: The Perfect Lullabye

Nguzunguzu created the Perfect Lullabye in 2011 and it went on to do well in the arena of mix tape music. Nguzunguzu is a duo that has made mix tape music on the west coast legendary. The music scene really enjoyed their great song that infused various musical tones and beats into a great music melody.

As you can tell, all of these songs are considered the best DJ remix songs that are available today. Each one of these songs can get a person up, jamming and having fun.