Top 10 Best Danish Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Danish Songs of All Time till 2017. Well nowadays we cannot do without music they work while listening to music, play while listening to music and even when idle they still listen to music. When they do not have the music their efficiency at work reduces and when they are idea they become very bored and they can just sleep for the whole day since they do not have something to keep them busy. In other words, music has become like a basic need in most individuals’ lives. So if you cannot fight something then what else can we do other than joining? That is why am even giving you more genres of music that you may……no not may…will love just by listening to them for the first time. These are the Danish songs from Denmark. The songs are definitely sang in a way that they can just take your breath away. Below is a list of the best ten all time Danish songs.

Danish Song Top 10 Best Danish Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Danish Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Lindt I fem by rasmus seebach

I even wonder how I can start to describe this song. Rasmus is surely good in what he does he composes writes and even sings the song which will definitely hit the music industry without taking much time he has produced quite a number of songs and three of them have turned out to be one of the best Danish songs of all time.

9. Ingen dikkedarer by Niklas

Well the Denmark singer is no different to rasmus. He is also a great song writer and a very good singer….no lets a very talented wrapper. Ever seen drake performing? Then you do not have to see him performing different from that. Well if you are looking for a mentor in the field of art then look up to him he composes and sings great wraps that made him a celebrity since the year 2010.

8. I mine jne by rasmus seeBach

The vocals that come with the song are surely great. The beats of the song will make your sad and dull mood to turn into a mood of joy and happiness because of the environment that the song creates. You definitely cannot resist the song. The composition the writing and the beats of the song can surely tell you that rasmus see beach is one of a kind.

7. Natteravn by rasmus seeBach

The talent, the passion in music and the ambition surely explains why our great artist rasmus has been able to make three of his songs as the best ten Danish songs of all the time. The songs tune will make you even think of other artist who are pop singers like him. The songs that he produces are a clear sign of art work that has been done in the most perfect way and in a very good manner. Listen to the song and tell me if am lying.

6. Gi migDan mark tilbage by natasja

Wow trust me this one not only has the voice but also the looks, the body to model and everything that can be used to make her song one of the Danish of all times . Natasja was also a DJ at just a tender age of 13. Though she is dead she is an inspiration to many. She passed on in an accident back in the year 2007 but her song still remain the best Danish song of all times and 2017.

5. Det burde ik voer sadan her by xander

Xander breaks it all by the songs that he makes it and sings he even goes a step further and does the unthinkable and that is what makes him be a very good singer that makes everyone like him from the moment he takes up the mike and sings to the crowd and that is what made his song be peoples favorite.

4. Kun for mig by medina

Ever listened to some real R&B songs? You have definitely not heard if you have never listened to medinas. She is a Danish, pop and RnB singer and she also write songs which never stop saturating the music industry. The renowned singer has won quite a number of awards one of them being the 2010 Danish awards where she won the female artist of the year, her album was recorded the best of the year and was the song writer of the year. She is only 33 she still has a long way to go and she will definitely go further than where she is at this point.

3. Vito by medina

Medina’s song Vito is one of a kind of her song that has hit the music industry and made people go nuts with her vocal and her dances. This musician is a one of a kind because she dances very energetically and still her vocals comes out very well.

2. mestondt featuring medina by burhan g

Let me take this chance to introduce another pop and RnB singer who has who is a song writer and a music producer. He is Burhan g. this time the song has proven worth it because of the way it hit the music industry and was ranked second place in the list of the best Danish songs of all times.

1. Toeterre pa himlen featuring nik and jay by burhan g

The song is in Danish language. The singer burhan G, a modern singer, producer and a song writer made the song with a special collaboration with nik and jay. The name of the song means closer to was produced by the famous Copenhagen records.

These are the Top 10 Best Danish Songs of 2017. This songs have made us to at least know the meaning of fun and laughter in our lives today and they will forever do to us like that. Men if you have never listened to this Danish songs ten you should definitely try them out.