Beres Hammond Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Beres Hammond Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. For many years, Beres has been producing great lovers’ rock music. His cool profile shouldn’t deceive you. Lots of people associate him with a playful smile, unassuming demeanor, a beard, a cap and spectacles which may also calm you into burying the fact that you are in presence of a big musical talent, perhaps the greatest singer/songwriter in Jamaica. The singer has remained cool even though he is among the few individuals responsible for maintaining mighty soulful reggae music legacy.

Beres Hammond Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Beres Hammond of all time Till 2017

10. Call on The Father

This is one of the greatest hits that Beres Hammond produced. It boasts a very strong and tuneful melody. Hammond has a beautiful vocal tone and sets a real feeling into the song’s lyrics. “Wish it never had to be, the way I see this world running / Shouldn’t have to be, cause now everyman’s cup is filled with hate and overflowing” are some of the lyrics Hammond included in the song. Its chorus is very simple: “Come down father, come down.”

9. Nothing No Go So

One of my favorite songs: “Nothing No Go So.”Beres Hammond included arousing but meaningful lyrics in the song. Instrumentally, it features rich full accompaniment which compliments Hammond’s vocals. From the intro part, “Nuh-nuh-nuttin no no,” to the end, the artist is able to deliver his message in a great way. The song generally touches on love and sex affairs. “Tell dem mi she nutting no go so / And yuh neva build yuh shoulda muscle wid yuh third leg” are some of the lyrics to expect in the song.

8. Stuck on You

This Hammond’s song featuring Sonya Collymore, Roveleta Fraser and Verese Vassel has awesome musical qualities. With the great guitar solo, Hammond was able to deliver his inspired lyrics. The artist starts: “Good God help me please / I know as long as a coin is spinning / I know there is my chance of winning.” Hammond wonders why he should worry or even cry when he is waiting to be a victor. “I won’t be leaving without my share / With the Almighty standing right there.”

7. Black Beauty

Reggae/dancehall market is always growing and most musicians go through a hard time trying to remain relevant – including the artists enjoying great fame globally. For example Cecile is famous in Europe but doesn’t enjoy the same fame in Jamaica. Gyptian has also attested to the same. However, Beres Hammond has remained to be Jamaica’s favorite singer for a long time. Apart from writing meaningful reggae songs, Hammond also delivers his love messages in a unique way. “Black Beauty,” one of his great tunes, proves this.

6. Tempted to Touch

In 1990, Beres signed up with Penthouse Records and luckily he was able to release “Tempted to Touch.” The song produced by Donovan Germain is probably the artist’s best known song both in the United Kingdom and United States. It also laid a foundation for “Respect to You Baby” and “Is This a Sign” released on “Love Affair,” a 1992 album. It is no surprise that several artists including Busy Signal and Rupee have twisted it.

5. Putting Up Resistance

Hammond decided to return back to Jamaica after Hurricane Gilbert’s wake. After his return, he produced the great “Putting Up Resistance” with Tappa zukie as the producer. He released it in the year 1989 as a title and as he expected, the song touched most of his fans. It was also a big follow-up in “Strange.” The songs chorus: “Still I’m / Putting up a resistance / I’m ah gonna work it out / You know I’m / Putting up a resistance / I have got to work it out.” This is one of the Beres Hammond Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. My Wish/A Little Time

Beres Hammond worked alongside Buju Banton to produce this song. Even though the lyrics of the two tunes are essentially the same, Buju’s appearance makes them different. Engineer Steven Stanley’s mix on “My Wish” also gave the version an ethereal, haunting and eerie quality which differentiated it from the other Bere’s songs.

3. They Gonna Talk

At the start of the millennium, Beres Hammond was still trying to write greater hits. He released “They Gonna Talk” (from his 2001 album “Music is Life) in 2001 exactly 25 years after releasing his debut in 1976. In the song Hammond states: “Some things were meant to be / So why not let it be / And stop worrying about it.”

2. Doctor’s Orders

WNWK 105.9 FM famous DJ, Gil Bailey, premiered this song to New Yorkers after its release in winter: that was in 1993. As the DJ kept pulling up “Doctor’s Orders” everyone listening felt the shiver. The song became an authentic hit that winter.

1. Falling in Love All Over Again

Hammond’s career started in the year 1976, but his career started peaking in 1990s. “Falling in Love All Over Again” is a heartwarming song about reigniting cold emotional sparks. The song also appeared on “Love Affair, the album that featured “Tempted to Touch” and it has remained to be one of the classic combination tunes that Beres recorded with Buju Banton. With its offbeat, head tone harmonics, the song probably reminds Hammond about Marvin Gaye.

Beres Hammond Best Love New Songs 2016-2017

1. Rockaway

Hammond is a romantic balladeer and in this song he delivered a smoother “Lovers Rock.” In addition to using bang-up rhythms, in the 2001 hit (“Rockaway”) Hammond was able to remind people about the songs that moved him. “Oh year, oh I miss those days yes / I miss those days yeah / Remember the songs.”

2. What One Dance Can Do

Willie Lindo is both the writer and producer of this song. “What One Dance Can Do” broke Hammond in reggae/dancehall market and enabled him to stand as a strong musician in the field.

In the early 90’s, Beres started building his own home studio and this has become a trend among most successful reggae artists: they have taken most of their production duties. Even though the self-production trend has affected the music quality of most singers, Beres Hammond home recording studio has attracted most Jamaica’s musicians.

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