Top 10 Most Beautiful Game Babes Ever

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Game Babes Ever till 2017. A lot of guys love to play video games because they are exciting, loaded with fast action and a few titles even have hot leading ladies. Females are probably one thing that men love more than video games. When a sexy video game image is created for a hardcore video game title; this is sensory overload for the average dude. He gets to slay enemies, conquer kingdoms and get a cheap thrill from his alluring video game girl. Here is a list of the most beautiful game babes ever to appear on a console.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Game Babes Ever till 2017

10. Rayne

Rayne Top 10 Most Beautiful Game Babes Ever

The BloodRayne series is all about vampires and their conquest of the world. Rayne is one of the last humans on Earth who knows how to stop these evil creatures from totally dominating humanity. She is a strong and sultry video vixen who battles hard while looking captivating in her tight vampire-slaying outfit.
Rayne got the moves, the body and the tight wardrobe to match. She is truly one video game queen who will forever be etched in the minds of young men. Not even Buffy the Vampire Slayer can compete against this vampire killing machine.

9. Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine Top Most Popular Beautiful Game Babes Ever 2018

The Resident Evil series emerged in the 90s and in the 2000s it was a big hit in theaters. The leading lady Alice was and is the hottest chick in the series but the character Jill Valentine who appeared in the second installment; well she is just a guy magnate of the first order.

Jill Valentine works for the Racoon Police Department. Her uniform consists of a short black form fitting skirt, a gun belt that hangs low on one side of her waist and a tight blue short-sleeve top that makes her breasts pop.

Valentine also has short dark hair. She also has a body that would make a guy want to literally jump through a video game monitor just to touch. Jill is extremely desirable with her smooth skin and perfectly applied makeup. This zombie battling babe has it all and she isn’t afraid to show it off to the guys.

8. Sophitia Alexandra


Swords, magic and kingdoms are all a part of SoulCalibur which was a great video game series from the past. Many top notch video game vixens came out of this series. One in particular was Sophitia Alexandra. She was an electrifying character that made a guy wish he could bring her out of the video game right into his living room. She was the perfect warrior with a titillating persona. Sophita Alexandra magnificent torso and mesmerizing face will forever be remembered.

7. Alyx Vance

Alyx Vance Top 10 Most Beautiful Game Babes Ever 2017

Half Life 2 featured Alyx Vance who as the very attractive wife of Gordon Freeman’s character. She was the complete package. Her looks were simmering and her personality was pleasant. She was a great video game character to play. Alyx was designed to be a likable character within the game. So, the people that played with her got to see first-hand how entertaining and tasty looking that she really was.

6. Dead Or Alive Girls

Dead Or Alive Girls Top Most Beautiful Game Babes Ever 2017

The females that appeared in the Dead or Alive zombie series were some of the hottest chicks in the video game world. They were based off of real life college girls or females in their early 20s. They were well built, curvy chicks who wore bikinis. They had plenty of cleavage and lots of extra junk in the trunk. Many guys liked to play Dead or Alive just to look at the extras while they ran from the zombies. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Game Babes Ever till 2017.

5. Tifa from Final Fantasy VII


TIfa made her debut in Final Fantasy VII which is the best remembered game within the series. Tifa was on the leading character’s (Cloud Strife) team. She wasn’t much on fashion. She simply wore a tank top and shorts but she did so in a passionate manner. Tifa was lovely to watch and to play with as she helped Strife to defeat his many foes.

4. Samus Aran


Samus Aran was actually the hero (or heroine) in the first Metroid game. She wore the full body armor suite and fooled people into thinking she was a dude. But when the game was over players found out that Samus Aran was a girl. Guys went bonkers over Semus Aran after she climbed out of the Metroid suit and showed off her bikini clad frame. She was truly a pleasant surprise for such a great video game.

3. Joanna Dark

Joanna Dark Top Most Famous Beautiful Game Babes Ever 2018

Once upon a time a video game character named Joanna Dark had her own series. She was a like female James Bond. However, she sported sexy attire and not a formal suite. Joanna Dark was so tantalizing in the Perfect Dark series that she actually made the cover of FHM. Many video game characters do not grace the cover of this men’s magazine. So, Joanna Dark was truly an exception to the rule. Many guys loved her then and probably still desire her now.

2. Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan Aensland Top Famous Beautiful Game Babes Ever 2019

Morrigan Aensland is a winged beauty who fights against demons from the abyss. She appears in the Dark Stalkers Series and her erotic body is highly pleasing. Guys can see her magnificent features as she battles her way across the demon filled worlds to defeat the dangerous enemies of humanity. Morrigan is definitely one of the finest video chicks of all time.

1. Lara Croft

Lara Croft Most Popular Beautiful Game Babes Ever 2019

Tomb Raider featured Lara Croft who by far is the hottest video chick in the whole entire gaming universe. She is an iconic figure that has captured the hearts and minds of many young male video game players. Her tight shorts and agile body is enough to make any guys heart skip a beat or two. She has dark hair, a beautiful face and an uncanny fighting ability. Lara is just the best simply because she is the best.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Game Babes Ever till 2017. These video game chicks have been around for some time and will probably remain the hottest video divas in the gaming world for a long time into the future.