Ariana Grande Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Ariana Grande Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Ariana Grande is now edgier, wiser and older, especially after the release of a third album: ‘Dangerous Woman. In an ever crowded career, Grande has utilized all sides of herself, from a lounge sister to a dancing queen. From ‘My Everything’ to ‘Yours Truly, ‘Ariana has displayed great maturity in her music career. Below are the top 10 songs by Ariana Grande, the best of the best.

Ariana Grande Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Ariana Grande till 2017

10. ‘Tattooed Heart’

‘Tattooed Heart ‘is one of Ariana Grande most beloved songs. Wait a minute, what does that title mean. A heart with a tattoo. What many fans do not know is that Ariana Grande has a heart tattoo on her foot! The tattoo shows how the singer values this track, and how much she considers it as an important part of her musical career. Grande recorded this song for her debut. Part of the song goes: ‘honey you don’t need a lot of money, as long as am the name on your tattooed heart.’ This track is a lovely love song loved by many, especially those with a sweetheart, it leaves them hoping their names are tattooed hearts of their partners.

9.’Jason’s Song (Gave it Away)

Jason is the director of ‘the musicals.’ Before Grande turned out to be a teen queen on the kid’s television station known as Nickelodeon, this great musician used to be a Broadway kid starring in 13: Musical. That is part of the reason why she utilized the services of ‘Musical’s’ director Robert Jason Brown to release the hit song ‘Jason’s Song (Gave It Away), a pop tune with a piano, Grande’s Jazzy vocals and a bit of Snap. The song is available on a Japanese edition known as LP, although it did not make the best final cut for the album. Jason must be such a lucky man.

8. Why Try

Grande’s version of ‘XO’ by Beyoncé is ‘Why to Try.’ In fact, its written by the same person, Tedder Ryan. Soft power builds in a slow way before she gets to Sia levels of empowerment, taking her darker side in the track and producing an inducing belt when the track is almost at the end. Grande sings that she loves the pain she has to live with, there is no point of trying. She goes ahead to sing that she lives with devils and angels, but Grande has realized that they are all the same, in fact, she uses the phrase ‘In the same boat.’ This song triggers emotions and is loved and hated by people in almost equal measure. However, the bottom line is that it is great, and you just can’t miss listening to it.

7. Break Free

‘Break Free is a hit song by Ariana Grande, in collaboration with musician Zedd.The song is an important part of the careers of these two singers. First, the song has solidified Zedd as a superstar in EDM by offering him his multi-platinum song. However, it also shows the second side of Grande, as a person who holds on her own and refuses humiliation by German DJ’s electric riffs. This is one of the Ariana Grande Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

6. The Way (Featuring Mac Miller)

From a Nickelodeon star, Grande used her romantic, booming R&B track ‘The Way’ to break the pop charts. The track was the first single song in her album, ‘Yours Truly,’ and it brought to the limelight Grande’s youthful edition of older sounds. Mac Miller makes the track even better by giving a playful tune, calling Grande a ‘freak’ and a ‘princess,’ unraveling the two sides of Grande, something that she comes to show in her future albums.

5. Problem (Featuring Iggy Azalea)

Aliana Grande is talented, like for real. In this track, for instance, she has made a retro-pop sound to look modern instead of making a strange pop anachronism. With some verses from Iggy Azalea, the hit song ‘Problem’ is a joyous and soulful piece of hip hop. The track is influenced by ‘Heartbreaker’ by Mariah Carey and is also partly influenced by ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. It is such an amazing piece of art.

4. Love me Harder (Featuring the Weeknd)

Grande was a major factor in the crossover of Weeknd to a pop prince, from just a drugged R&B king. Weeknd’s feature on ‘Love me harder’ exposed him to a younger audience and formed his first ever successful foray to the Top 40 music in the pop category. He was to master it later with the collabs of Grande, Max Martin the co-write on ‘Can’t Feel My Face,’ a month before.

3. Boyfriend Material

Initially, ‘Boyfriend Material’ was intended for Ariana’s Debut album but failed to make the cut at the end. One year after releasing ‘Yours Truly,’ the pop music star decided to post the track online for all to listen, the record it’s self-being a thank you to her fans. The album received a second endorsement after the K-Pop team sang it again, keeping the sound but changing its name to “No More’.

2. Best Mistake

Best Mistake is one of the few that she did with her former boyfriend, Big Sean. The pair did the R&B song. The lyrics to this song are emotional, deep and thoughtful. Grande’s voice is soft, vulnerable and sexy. Fans describe this track in two terms: amazing and incredible, which has made even those who hate her to love her music.

1. Dangerous woman

‘Dangerous Woman id Grande’s first single in her third album, and the track has made the pop star bigger than ever before. Above the guitar, Grande belts as if she is the Bond Girl and James Bond combined, giving her a vampire performance on her best song so far. The pop star has displayed as more devilish in contrast to her angelic voice. All said, the track is the best and fans love it.

Ariana Grande New Songs 2016-2017

1. Honeymoon Avenue

‘Honeymoon’ Avenue is a song that has a story behind it and is fun too, something that makes it a complete hit. The song also has some of the best lyrics ever.

2. Dangerous woman

The best part of the lyrics to this song is: ‘something about you makes me feel like a dangerous woman.’ The song is a hit, and it tries to sway away from the opinion that Alicia Grande is a calm, polite lady. The song is sweet and romantic.

Judging from the list above, we can comfortably tell that Ariana Grande is such a good artist, and she never disappoints her fans. Let us hope that more and better tracks are on the way.

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