Anita Baker Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Anita Baker Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. When it comes to R&B, Anita Baker is a legendary figure. A large number of female singers has emerged and faded out since her reign, but only a few have left an impression on music fanciers than Anita has done in the many years she has been in the industry. The musician was born and raised in Detroit, Mich., where she started her music career as a part of Chapter 8 music group before embarking on her solo music career. After signing a deal with Beverly Glen Records, she released her first album, “The Songstress,” in the year 1983 and managed to sell over 300,000 copies.

Anita Baker Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Anita Baker top 10 songs of all time till 2017

10. Soul Inspiration

“If I lost you now it would take my heart from me / I can’t Imagine life without the love of you,” sings Anita Baker on her song “Soul Inspiration,” the second single she released on her album “Compositions.” Co-written by Graham Lyle, Terry Britten, the song builds from a berceuse into a festive jam in the course of its track that producer Michael J. Powell provides. Even though the song didn’t rank on the top ten R&B charts, it still appeared on the top 20, peaking at number 16 on Billboard charts. The infectious ditty has stood test of time and has remained a testament and delight to greatness of Anita Baker.

9. Fairy Tales

With her album “Fairy Tales” closing track, Anita Baker delivered another brilliant offering. Co-written by Michael J Powell, Vernon Fails and Baker, the “Fairy Tales” finds Baker giving her featherlike octaves a rest, and instead preferring to flex her powerful vocals. Baker is no one-trick pony. Third track she released from her “Compositions” album, “Fairy Tales” earned her another top ten hit and served as the bookend to her timeless album.

8. Whatever It Takes

The lights get dimmer on the slower-burning offering “Whatever it Takes.” The tune, written by Gerald Levert, is among the several deep album cuts from Anita Baker’s catalog that is a fan best-loved among her devoted supporters. Subtle and sensuous with air of desire, Anita Baker shines on the song and concocts a perfect jam for romantic nights in with your special someone.

7. Talk to Me

The album “Compositions” opens with the song “Talk to Me. Co-written by Powell, Baker, and Vernon Fails and produced by Michael J. Powell, the song is upbeat and shows the songstress’ impeccable nuance and vocal range. It peaked in the top five on Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, and it has remained to be a big radio hit off. Moreover, it continues Baker’s run of classic singles.

6. More Than You Know

Baker’s fourth album reached its climax on epic love ballad “More Than You Know.” The song is among the LP’S passionate moments. It features many emotions to spare and impeccable songwriting. The singer’s soothing vocals clash with the instrumentation awesomely and make a memorable number. This is one of the Anita Baker Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. Feel the Need

“Feel the Need” is another great track that Anita Baker released on her debut album “The Songstress.” The song that was written by Patrick Moten, ranked at number 67 on the R&B charts and is among the songs that helped Anita to standout as a great musician globally. In around five and a half minutes, Anita Baker was able to state why she had to feel the need in him.

4. You’re the Best Thing Yet

“You’re the Best Thing Yet” became Anita Baker’s second single to rank in the R&B charts, ranking on the R&B top 40. This was after the singer’s song “Angel” had ranked on the top 10 in late 1980’s. Even though Anita Baker witnessed earlier success, she complained that she didn’t receive any royalties from her work. As a result, she signed with Warner Music Group – associated Elektra records label in 1985 and started working on her next album.

3. Angel

“Angel” is the first single from Anita Baker’s debut solo studio album “The Songstress.” Released in the year 1983, the song hit position five on the R&B charts. Written by Patrick Moten, Anita Baker and Sandra Sully and produced by Beverly Glen, the track amongst some others enabled Baker to become an international success. After releasing “The Songstress” she signed with Elektra Records (a Warner Music Group division) in 1986, who acquired the rights of the album and later re-released it in the year 1981 with a new cover.

2. Will You Be Mine

“Something has come over me / A feeling I can’t explain / The Love I lost I found it again” are the opening lyrics of Anita Baker’s “Will You Be Mine.” The song from “The Songstress” album ranked at number eighty-seven on the R&B charts in the United States. The co-writers of the song were Patrick Moten and Carlos Turrentine. The powerful hit is all about love and you had better given it a listen today.

1. No More Tears

“No More Tears” peaked at position 49 on the Billboard’s Hot Black Singles Chart. As a result, it became Baker’s first entry on Billboard’s singles chart. Michael Powell as Michael J. Powell wrote the track. According to Alex Henderson of AllMusic, this hit just like “Angel” and “You’re the Best Thing Yet,” is honest and heartfelt. It has a faster tempo.

Anita Baker Most romantic songs

1. Same Ole Love (365 Days a Year)

Written by Darryl K. Robers and Marilyn Mcleod, the song ranked at number 44 on the US Billboard charts. Anita released the song as a single to affirm her multi-platinum album, “Rapture.”

2. Sweet Love

“Sweet Love” is another strong love song that Anita Baker produced in her musical career. The writers of the song that ranked at number 13 on the UK R&B charts were Gary Bias, Anita Baker and Louis Johnson. The song was the second single from the singer’s critically acclaimed album “Rapture” released in August 1986.

After a troubled year in 1989 that included a backlash and miscarriage for her fast growing reputation of becoming a hotheaded diva, Baker looked to silence the negativity with “Compositions,” her fourth album released on June 12, 1990. The album reflected her growth as a songwriter.

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