Alessia Cara Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Alessia Cara Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Alesia Cara is a Canadian musician, born and raised in Ontario, Brampton. The singer starts by posting covers of famous tracks on YouTube before she decides to compose and record herWalls.’songs in late 2015, when she releases her album. The singer is young in the music industry, but .’ has done more than many artists who have been in the same industry for many years. Below are her best ten songs, and the latest she has released.

Alessia Cara Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Alessia Cara 2017:

10. ‘Stars.’

‘Stars’ is the ninth song from Cara’s album titled ‘Know it all.’ The musician romantically sings for her boyfriend, asking him to come home because she misses him. He sings that he is always on her mind, and memories of him are ‘killing’ her, as he is away for long. She compares him to the morning stars and the galaxy. She wants to be with him forever. ‘Oh we could be stars, we could be stars, we could be stars.’

9. ‘Outlaws.’

‘Outlaws’ is the third song from the album titled ‘Four Pink Wall.’ The song is about going the farthest that someone can for a loved one. She asks her lover to run fast, ‘like the devil is behind them.’ He prefers they run to a place where nobody can ever find them. She tells him that he can never be judged without her and that they will kill time together. ‘We’ll be outlaws, we’ll take on the world, We’ll be outlaws.’

8. ‘Overdose.’

On ‘Overdose,’ Cara looks at the dark side of love and relationships. She sings about a man who takes her but later lets her down. She pleads with the man to allow her to take up the pieces he left her in, and she wonders when she allowed that to happen. The singer regrets ever meeting the man, but everything is over. ‘Oh and I overdose.’ ‘Boy I want off this roller coaster.’ The song is emotionally composed but is a thriller.

7. ‘Seventeen.’

The song is nostalgic, and Cara wants to remain seventeen forever. Cara writes the track in collaboration with Kole Sebastian, and it features samples from ‘My Girl,’ a 1964 hit song by ‘The Temptations.’ The song is a turning point for her album titled ‘Know it all.’ She recalls the memories of being seventeen and how she wishes the days stay forever. ‘I thought he lied when he said: take my time to dream.’ ‘Now I wish I could freeze the time at seventeen.’

6. ‘Stone.’

‘Stone’ is song number seven in the ‘Know it all’ album. The song is made better by the inclusion of Sebastian Kole, the talented songwriter. Many people consider the track to be a romantic one and those in love it for that reason. However, the intention of the musician was not solely romance; he sings about different kinds of relationships and love. ‘When all is shaken, be my safety.’ ‘In a world uncertain, say you’ll be my stone. This is one of the Alessia Cara Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘Wild Things.’

‘Wild Things’ released as a single around 2016, after serving as a promotional song for some time. In the track, Cara sings about the importance of self-confidence and love. The song is a commercial success, and it boasts of two recognitions: the ‘Platinum certification’ from New Zealand and a ‘Gold Certification’ from Australia and the USA. ‘We’ll just fine don’t mind us, yeah.’ ‘Find me where the wild things are.’

4. ‘Four Pink Walls.’

In the song, Cara sings about staring at walls while inside her room, wondering how her life will be when she gets older. She sings about how she grows up confined within the four walls, watching the ceiling as particles fell. Suddenly everything changes and she now misses the four pink walls. She recalls that and compares it with the present. Today she wakes up in a different place, wondering how things changed. ‘I knew there was a life, behind those four pink walls.’

3. ‘I’m Yours.’

‘I’ Yours’ is track number four in the ‘Know it all’ album.’ She sings about falling in love with a man without her will. Somebody steals her heart, but with her permission. She sings about a man who has a nerve that breaks up her loneliness, and she tells him that she wasn’t looking for love. She sings that the man tricked her, and she now wants to be handled with caution, because she is delicate. ‘I made room for you, so baby, am yours.’ ‘Oh, baby, am yours.’

2. ‘Scars to Your Beautiful.’

‘Scars to Your Beautiful’ is a track about loving oneself and feeling confident about personal beauty, something that pressures many girls all over the world. Alesia sings about a girl who wants to be beautiful and noticed; she wants to create attention. She tries to hide her pain and misery because she cannot cry after applying some makeup on the face. ‘No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars, and we’re beautiful.’

1. ‘Here.’

‘Here is the leading single off the ‘Know it All’ album. The song discourages parties and expresses her dislike for parties, which makes the track an anti-party song. The song succeeds commercially, earning some handsome cash for the artist, peaking to the top 40 tracks on many charts. The song boasts of a double platinum award from the RIAA. ‘And I can’t wait till we can break up outta here.’

Alessia Cara New Songs 2016-2017

1. Wild (Feat. Troy Sivan)

In her latest release, Cara sings about a man she loves, a person who drives her totally wild. ‘You’re driving me wild, wild, wild.’ Cara sings. The collaboration with Troy makes the song romantic and exciting to hear.

2. ‘Scars to your beautiful.’

Cara’s new song is about the stress faced by ladies in an attempt to look cute and attractive. The song is already an anthem to some people, despite its recent release.

Alessia Cara is a talented musician who rose from humble beginnings. The musical queen continues to thrill fans all over the world with her sweet music. The musician sings about real life issues such as love, breakups and relationships. She has a unique and emotional way to deliver her message, and that is why we love you, Alessia Cara.

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