Alabama Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Alabama Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Old and new country fans know that the Alabama is the band that started the ‘Country rock vocal’ harmony style. The group boasts of many songs, ranging from fast rocking sounds to slow ballads. The band writes and performs its songs, touching on the emotion in the songs that keep them famous and selling shows out, over for decades since the band was formed. Below are their top ten songs, the best of the best. Check if any of your favorite songs are included.

Alabama Top 10 Songs List New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Alabama of all time Till 2017

10. ‘High Cotton.’

‘High Cotton’ is a track from the band’s ‘Southern Star’ album released in 1989. Josh Leo and Michael Lee sing about their younger days when everything looked okay despite the world being collapsed. They never understood that times were lean, and the grass was always green around their house.Life seemed better than it was in the real sense. ‘High Cotton’ is a number one track for the Alabama.

9. ‘I’m In a Hurry and Don’t Know Why.’

‘I’m In a Hurry and Don’t Know Why’ is a closer view into our daily lives, and all the rat race that we have to put up with to survive. The most ironical thing, however, is that despite human beings doing all this hustle, they don’t even understand why things happen that way. That is why the band thinks that we are always in a hurry, but we don’t know why. The song made it to the top position in Canada and the US.

8. ‘Roll on Eighteen Wheeler.’

‘Roll on Eighteen Wheeler’ is a track that all of us can relate to, regardless of our day to day occupation. The trucker song explains what a truck driver has to do to get home, regardless of the challenges faced. The simple song maneuvers to the position one place and now boasts of being on most people’s top 10 songs list, including on our list. Who would not love to ‘Roll on Eighteen Wheeler’ anyway?

7. ‘She and I.’

‘She and I’ is a track written by Dave Loggins the icon, showing the band’s lighter side in the video as it tries to maintain a good story in the lyrics. The track is a love song in all ways including the words, lyrics, and the video. The song reaches position one slot on various country and pop charts, which tells that the band did an incredible job on the record.

6. ‘The Closer You Get.’

‘The Closer You Get’ is a track that hits the hits the top ten early and continues to rise to position one, eventually culminating in position nine on many ‘Adult Contemporary Charts.’ The band sings to a girl, telling her that the closer she gets, the more the man falls for her. Many people love the song and will sing every bit of the same while closing their eyes.

5. ‘Feels So Right.’

‘Feels So Right’ comfortably rose to position one and bar bands still play the same now and then around the whole world. The group applies time fewer lyrics, telling the girl to hold him tightly and love him more. They even go ahead to request for a heart smile from the woman. That makes the track a favorite for many bar bands across the world.

4. ‘Song of the South.’

‘Song of the South’ is one of the many tracks penned by Bob McDill for Alabama. The song is heavy with country music euphemisms, and the lyrics of the record gets sweeter as you continue to listen to the song. The band sings of sweet potato pies and shutting the mouth as well. The track describes a product refined by three experienced members of a country music band, the Alabama. This is one of the Alabama Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

3. ‘Shaggin’ On the Boulevard.’

‘Shaggin’ On the Boulevard’ is a track that pays homage to the Alabama’s early roots. The band sings about persons who cannot dance, but the same people can play for free, which is somehow ironical. The track is from the times when the band still did play a lot around Myrtle Beach, as well as other beach areas in the world. The song is relaxing and entertaining, something you can be sure to listen to again and again.

2. ‘Love in the First Degree.’

‘Love in the First Degree’ is a track that starts with the group singing about how they have had the idea that love is a prison for a very long time. That start up line made the track to be position one because many young lovers fell for the same and voted for it in large numbers. The idea that love is not a prison seemed to sink into the minds of lots of people thanks to the Alabama band.

1. ‘Mountain Music.’

‘Mountain Music’ is Alabama’s best song as well as one of the most famous national releases that the band ever produces. The top ten track by Alabama reminds fans of the good old music, with the band making it look as magnificent as possible. The group sings everything about good old music, like the grandpa and grandma used to play.

Alabama Most Romantic Songs:

1. ‘When We Make Love.’

The song is very romantic, and it goes past what many ladies think about men. The band sings to a girl, telling her that whenever they make love, it is always more than an affair. He cares for the girl and wants her to know that their souls, mind, and heart are always together, ‘When they make love.’

2. ‘Take Me Down.’

In the song, the Alabama sings romantically to a girl telling her to fly with him away, taking him on a one-way flight, on the lovely arms. The person is the one who takes your hand when no one else can, one who understands you more than anyone can do.

The Alabama is one of the country music bands with the longest experience in music, having been making country music for close to five decades. The band sings about love, romance, heartbreaks and real life issues. The group is everything that a country music fan can ever wish to have, and that is why we love the Alabama.

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