Adele Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Adele Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Global stardom beckoned for Adelle after the release of her second album called ‘21′, which topped the charts. The Totten ham star grew from humble beginnings and rose to stardom from a social site called ‘Myspace,’ with its XL recordings. Adelle says that the ‘Spice Girls’ inspired her, although she has made her fortune. She is an incredible songwriter and vocalist, and she continues to dominate the charts. Below is a review of the best songs sung by Adele.

Adele Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 best songs by Adele till 2017

10. ‘Make you feel my Love.’

The song contains a cover of Dylan Bob, the British singer who also appears on the other debut, 19. The cover is so gorgeous and resonant that you may forget that the track is originally not her’s. The teenage singer then reinvented a Dylan cut effortlessly, despite everyone imagining that it is from Joel Billy, the man who released it as a single track before Dylan to another country musician, Brooks Garth. Adelle makes the song sound modern and sweeter than the original song, and in fact, her version has over 100 million views on YouTube, approximately 2,000 times over the first song by Dylan.

9.’Hometown Glory.’

‘Hometown Glory’ is the first debut single by Adelle and the first song she ever wrote on herself, within a period of not more than ten minutes. Despite many knowing her with her torch tracks, the song is much different, in fact, it’s a love letter to her neighbors in the beautiful country, London. She sings about the summer season in the town and the persons she has met and wonderfully does it with a good balance of youth and wisdom. Adelle sings about a city where the people and the government oppose each other, have different ideas and never come together.


‘Hello’ is a song that returned Adelle back in a massive way. The song shows the entire world how much the musician can do with her lyrics and voice. The song made fans excited when it was previewed briefly at the U.K. show of ‘The X-Factor,’ a week before it officially released to the public. The song delivered and marked a return to the musician’s lovelorn form, despite her promising that 25 is not another album for a break-up. The vocals and lyrics in the song are beautiful and amazing, and they make the song fantastic.

7.’One and Only.’

‘One and only’ is a contender among the 21’s largest heartbreakers, despite ‘Someone like you’ getting attention as one of the biggest ballads by Adelle. Her lyrics and voice fill with desperation and love as she pleads to be the sole interest regarding romance to a prospective lover. The song is among the five tracks that Rubin Rick produced the entire album. The song has an artificial pitch and voice, and the powerful raw emotions run deep into the souls of almost all listeners, regardless of the age.

6. ‘Rumour has it.’

‘Rumour has it’ is one of the jazziest songs ever composed by Adelle. The track provides a pace change from the sadder singles contained in her album: ‘sophomore.’ The song put Adelle into a single woman group of the sixties. Despite the song not being so successful in comparison to other tracks in the ‘21′ album, it still attracted many people to a majority of her shows. The song has an attitude, which is evident in Adelle’s voice. The lyrics are awesome, and she sings the track quite well. This is one of the Adele Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. Sky Fall

Adelle boasts of an Oscar award won in 2012 for her cinematic and epic contribution of hefty Bond songs. The moody, dark song swept the awards season with trophies at the Academy Awards, Brit Awards, Golden Globes and Grammy Awards. ‘Sky Fall’ is an instant hit track that best suits to follow the success enjoyed by ’21.’The song goes through some hard time but comes out triumphant, thanks to Epworth Paul, the co-writer of the song. The track sounds like a Portishead running through an Olympic event. Despite all the challenges, this is one of Adelle’s best songs ever.

4.’Chasing Pavements.’

‘Chasing Pavements’ is the second single from Adelle’s album,’19.’The Song is as emotional as the ‘21′ breakup tracks, but it gives an early and fantastic glimpse at the musician’s capabilities. The song originates from a bad break-up in her relationship that resulted in her punching an ex out of the bar. The song is however not without controversy, as its lyrics promoted the habit of being gay and going after gay men. As a result, a majority of the Radio stations banned the track, but it still topped the best 4o hits and even won nominations to over two Grammy Awards.

3.’Set Fire to the Rain.’

‘Set fire to the rain’ is Adelle’s third continuous number one song. In the great single, the musician’s voice sounds like a flame of fireworks, despite the idea of setting fire to the rain being somehow ponderous. The musician has however tried to clarify the meaning of the song amidst considerable controversy: she argues that the inspiration came from her personal experience, where she discovered that a lighter stops working when in the rain. The effortless soaring chorus and an epic confetti burst bits, as the song’s title suggests.

2. ‘Someone Like You.’

‘Someone like you’ set a tone for the musical legacy of Adelle. The simple piano, the biting lyrics, and the musician’s pained delivery made for the millennium made many people shed tears. During the Grammy awards in 2012, the song won an inaugural award in the just introduced category of best ‘Pop solo performance’. The song is famous for its emotional reaction among people. A large number of people burst into tears every time the song plays. Adelle has the emotions and hearts of the listeners in this song, as her words make a lot of people shed tears, this is a fantastic piece of art by a great musician, Adelle.

1. ‘Rolling in the Deep.’

Here comes Adelle’s best song: ‘Rolling in the Deep.’ The track makes this singing Queen a global hit maker, despite ‘Someone like you’ being regarded as her greatest voices for generations. The track is a great breakup composition that starts the musician’s ‘21′ era on a serious note and a favorite for the heartbroken listeners. The song made it be the first smash globally, and later proclaimed the biggest crossover song over the past 25 years after doing better than the rest: pop/adult, rock, dance, R&B, hip-hop and Latin charts all around the United States of America. Adelle makes history as the first artist to appear on all those charts with just one song!

Adelle new song 2016-2017

1.’Send my Love.’

It looks as if Adelle is the Queen of breakup songs. Her latest release is a dedication to her former boyfriend, after a sorrowful breakup. Adelle seems to be happy that the friend is gone, and that she now has her life back.

Adelle is such a sweet musician, and her sexy body and voice explain who she is in the real sense. She has produced the best break-up songs ever, and that makes her famous all over the world. Adelle recently released her hit song titled ‘Send my Love,’ and we are waiting for more of her tracks. We hope the next one won’t be about a breakup, let’s hope it will be a romantic love song.

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