Top 10 Deadliest Aviation Accidents of All Time Till 2017

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Deadliest Aviation Accidents of All Time in the world Till 2017. The fact that air travel is the most convenient and fastest travel system in the current world has made the aviation industry among the biggest industry globally. However, there has been several incidences over the past years which has led to questions being risen concerning the aviation industry’s safety. This began on 21st December 1923 where the first major aviation accident was witnessed in the Mediterranean Sea when the Dixmude, French Navy’s airship, crashed into the sea after being struck by the lightning, killing a total of fifty two passengers. Since then there has been additional crashes involving five hundred and forty aircrafts happening across the seven continents. The total number of life loss recorded sums up to 53500 lives. The following is a list of the top ten deadliest aviation accidents of all time.

List of Top 10 Deadliest Aviation Accidents of All Time Till 2017

10. The Nigerian Airways (Flight 2120)


This accident took place on 11th July 1991. It involved a passenger flight headed to Sokoto in Nigeria, from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. This crash which took the lives of all the two hundred and forty seven passengers on-board, happened soon after the plane took off from King Abdulaziz International Airport. The crash is said to have been as a result of less pressure below the minimum required standards in the tyres number two and four as observed by the lead mechanic. Efforts to inflate the tires failed due to unavailability of nitrogen. The then project manager who was not willing to accept flight delay decided to ignore the problem and prepared the aircraft for the flight. During the crash seat harnesses holding passengers to their seats were burnt through and as a result passengers fell out of the plane. This accident is said to have been the most fatal involving a DC-8.

9. The China Airlines


This air crash involving the China Airlines passenger Flight 140 which killed a total of two hundred and fifty six people on board, including both the crew and passengers took place on 26th April 1994. The crash is said to have been caused by pilot error. Although a total of ten people were found alive a day after the crash, those who survived the injuries were only seven, including three children.

8. The American Airlines


This crash involving the American Flight 587 took place on 12th November 2001. The plane was on its way to the International Airport, Santo Domingo’s Las Americas from the New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Shortly after taking off, the aircraft Crashed into the Belle Harbor, killing all the two hundred and sixty passengers on board and five other people who were on the ground. According to the statement issued by the Board of National transportation safety, the crash was as a result of human error. Mechanical failure was caused by the rudder mechanism after an extreme use. This dismissed claims that the crash was as a result of terrorist attack. This is considered New York state’s second deadliest aviation accident that ever happened.

7. The Malaysia Airlines

The Malaysia Airlines Deadliest Aviation Accidents of All Time

This crash involving the Malaysia Airlines passenger flight 17 took place on 17th July 2014. This flight was on its way to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam when it got shot down. The total number of deaths recorded was two hundred and ninety eight, Involving fifteen members of crew and all the two hundred and eighty three passengers on board. The aircraft was shot down using a missile (Buk surface to air missile) by the insurgents from Russia, according to the German and American intelligence. It is said that the missile was fired from within their territory. This aircraft crush is considered the deadliest aviation terror attack.

6. The Saudi Arabian Airlines


This crash occurred on Tuesday, 19th August 1980 when the Saudi Arabian passenger flight 163 caught fire immediately after it took off to Jeddah from Riyadh Air Base. The aircraft then made an emergency landing back at the same airport killing all the crew and the passengers on board. It is said that the plane’s captain decided to return to the base after receiving confirmed fire warnings. This was after the flight crew received warnings of smoke in the aft cargo compartment C3 of the plane. The plane’s captain late call and the delayed fire rescue is blamed for this tragedy. Also, the crew and passengers could not evacuate the plane since the plane’s plug type doors did not open in time. Since then the cause of fire outbreak in the plane has remained a mystery.

5. The Air India Flight 182

The Air India Flight 182 Top 10 Deadliest Aviation Accidents of All Time

This aviation accident that killed all the three hundred and seven people onboard took place on 23rd June 1985. This accident was caused by a bomb that destroyed the Air Indian passenger flight 182 mid-air before crashing into the Atlantic Ocean, while in air space belonging to Ireland. This bombing coincided with the bombing of the Narita Airport. There are beliefs that the two bombings were linked. The crash is said to have been an act of retaliation against the Indian government for the operation their army. This occurrence is the largest Canadian mass murder that ever happened.

4. The Turkish airlines


On 3rd march 1974 the Turkish Airlines passenger flight 981 crashed killing all the three hundred and forty six people, including eleven crews and all the three hundred and thirty five passengers on board. This crash is considered the deadliest crash of all time involving a single plane, with no survivors. It is said that this crash was as a result of failure by the cargo door. The cargo door at the plane’s rare end which had been secured improperly broke off. This caused an explosive decomposition which destroyed cables involved in the control of the craft.

3. The Saudi Arabian-Kazakhstan Airline Collision


This crash is considered the third deadliest air crash of all time. This aviation accident which killed a total of three hundred and forty nine people on board involved a mid-air collision of the Kazakhstan Airlines flight 1907 and the Flight 763 of Saudi Arabia, making it the deadliest ever mid-air collision in the world. The collision is said to have been as a result of error on Kazakhstan aircraft.

2. The Japan Airlines


This aviation accident which occurred on 12th august 1985 is considered the second deadliest crash of all time. This took place twelve minutes after the start of the flight when the aircraft craft crashed into Mount Takamagahara’s two ridges, a hundred kilometres from Tokyo in Ueno. This crash killed a total of five hundred and twenty people including five hundred and five passenger and fifteen crews on board, making it the most fatal single-aircraft accident of all time. Only four people survived the accident, all of which were women passengers.

1.The Pan Am and KLM flight Collision

The Pan Am and KLM flight Collision Top Deadliest Aviation Accidents of All Time

This deadliest aircraft accident which took place on 27th march 1997 killed a total of five hundred and eighty three out of six hundred and forty four people leaving only six survivors. This occurred in a runway at the los Rodeos Airport when two Boeing 747s were involved in a collision. This accident is said to have been as a result of communication failure and limitations by the heavy fog, runway incursion and pilot error.

It is evident that each of the above accidents ended in the same manner, death of passengers and crews. This has led to need for many changes made in the aviation field. Especially focusing on the erroneous areas, which should be taken care of to ensure the safety of passengers, the crew and the people on the ground as well. Ground officials should also be taken under certain specialized training to make them extra careful when preparing any aircraft for takeoff. All these efforts put together will make the air travel not only the fastest means of transport but also the safest