Top 10 Computer Damaging Viruses in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Computer Damaging Viruses in The World in 2017. Many computer users have been finding themselves in the problem with their computer systems such as the computer getting viruses that are very damaging. Some of these computer viruses are very dangerous to an extent that the computer systems cannot be repaired and, therefore, you need education on those computer viruses so that you can make sure that you keep your computer safe from those viruses. There are some programs that have been produced so that they can be installed into the computers to prevent the viruses from getting into your computer. These programs are very important because they will not allow any virus into your computer at all. Some of you might have planed that you will install the programs but you never did and for that reason, you computer will be at risk of getting one or more of these Computer Damaging viruses for 2017 explained below.

List of Top 10 Computer Damaging Viruses in The World 2017

1. The Iloveyou computer virus

the-iloveyou-computer-damaging-viruses, Top 10 Computer Damaging Viruses 2017

This virus is considered to be one of the most dangerous computer virus ever known till 2017. The virus is said to have been programmed by two Filipino programmers namely Reonel Ramones and Onel de Guzman. The virus used social media platforms whereby it popped up and told the users to click on a link that was all about love issues. The users failed to understand that those links were viruses and the virus has been approximated to have caused a damage of up to 10 billion US dollars.

2. Code Red computer virus

code red computer damaging viruses 2018

The Red code virus was first realised i the year 2001. The people who discovered the virus are two digital security employees. The virus was named the virus red code because the two digital employees found the virus as they were drinking the code red mountain dew. The virus had been restricted to specific places such as the white house in the United States of America. The virus caused a distraction of up to 2 billion US dollars. Chinese developed the virus.

3. Melissa


This computer virus was named after an exotic dancer in Florida and was created by a man named David Smith in the year 1999. I come out as a word document that had been infected by a computer virus. This virus is reported to have caused a damage of up to 80 million US dollars. The man who created this virus was charged and was sentenced to 10 years in prison but spent just 20 months and paid a 5000 US dollar fine for the ten years sentence.

4. Sasser computer virus.


This virus was first discovered in the year 2004. The virus was programmed by a computers science student named Sven Jaschan. The virus is the fourth in the rank affecting millions of computers as well as destroying a crucial infrastructure.

5. Zeus computer virus


A number five is Zeus computer virus that is made of Trojan horse, and it affects computers that have Windows programs so that they can perform criminal activities. Approximately 70 million US dollars were stolen by the people who developed the virus, and an estimated 1 million computers were infected.

6. Conficker virus


This virus made its appearance in the year 2008. It affected more than 9 million computers, and more than 9 billion dollars were stolen through the use of Conficker virus. Any computer that uses Windows was affected in cases it got in touch with that network. Then, it moved ahead to set up software that will twist the computer into a botnet labourer and scareware to scam cash off the user. Microsoft later provided a fix and patch with various antivirus peddlers providing updates to their definitions.

7. Stuxnet


This virus is said to have been developed by the American government and the Israeli defence forces. The virus was created for the purpose of cyber warfare. The virus did help the two governments so that they can detect any nuclear attacks that Iran could be planning to the world. The virus function in a way that it gets into any computer, and it will detect the nuclear settings if the computer is found not to have the configuration of the nuclear, the virus will destroy the computer down, and the contrary is true about the computer without the nuclear configuration.

8. Mydoom


This virus surfaced in the year 2004, and the author is completely unknown yet. The virus was said that it contained a message “Andy; I’m just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry,” The virus is also estimated to have caused 38.5 million dollars damage and is still active in some cases today.

9. Cryptolocker


The virus targeted computers that were running on Windows. It spreads through emails mainly. The only way that you can use to unlock those files is by paying some money. The virus has damaged about 20 million US dollars.

10. Flashback computer virus


This virus is not that much destructive as the other computer malware. The virus was discovered in the year 2011, and a solution has not been worked out about it.

The only thing that you need to realise is these Computer Damaging Viruses 2017 are very dangerous, and you should, therefore, protect your computer by installing an anti-virus program.