Top 10 Classic Bollywood Movies Of All Time

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Classic Bollywood Movies Of All Time till 2017. Bollywood’s reach has begun to extend well beyond India. In a world where melodramas are considered tasteless to the European and American palate, why do they play so well in Kuala Lumpur and Cairo? Why is the rest of the world beginning to see that there is a country big enough, good enough; an omnipotent nation who can share centre stage.
Beginning at number 10, we’ll discover what it is we’re missing and why we might just fall in love with the movies that make Bollywood as illustrious as its predecessor.

List of Top 10 Classic Bollywood Movies Of All Time till 2017

10. Border, 1997

Border Top Most Classic Bollywood Movies Of All Time

Based on the historic war between India and Pakistan where in 1971 on the eastern and western fronts the Asian nation and Pakistani forces collided, Indian directors who by nature, are not fond of war, knew when a story must be told, it would be told with brutal honesty. Under the direction of J. P Dutta who produced the recreation of the battle of Longewala, the picture went on to triumph with accolades. It achieved awards for Best Lyrics, Best Director, Best Action, Best Film, Best Supporting Actor and soundtrack. It was an epic response from the reviewers who reported it to be one of the best war films ever made.

9. Baazigar (Gambler) 1993


When a young boy named Ajay promises to reap revenge on the people who were responsible for his mother’s unconsciousness due to her husband and daughter’s death, the story unfolds with revenge having been met and taken. Throughout this thriller, Ajay who avenges his father’s death by killing and destroying lives finally arrives home to tell his mother the job is done. Revenge is sweet as he dies in her arms. Baazigar was nominated to collect the Best supporting actress, Shilpa Shetty, Best Lyricist and won Best Actor, Best Music Direction and Best Screen play. Today it is considered one of the best.

8. Mr. India, 1987

Mr. India Top Best Classic Bollywood Movies Of All Time

It’s in the way a story is told but when the Indian movie and film industry has not been successful with science fiction, something has to give. When a sci-fi classic comes along like Mr. India, by Shekhar Kapur with stars Sridevi, Anil Kapoor and Amrish Puri, it is a cast with promise. Anil Kapoor (Arun) is a street violinist who takes orphans into his large rented house. He is a poor man who is facing debt. His rent is overdue so Arun chooses to be positive and when he discovers a watch-looking device that makes the wearer invisible he uses it to fight against evil. Since its release, it has been considered one of the most iconic films of its time.

7. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge 1995

Dilwale will take Dulhania Top Most Popular Classic Bollywood Movies Of All Time

Translated, Dilwale Dulhania Le jayenge is a romance and India like everyone else, loves romantic films. This is a story of a young man and woman of Indian descent but of British customs, who fall in love on a trip to Switzerland. Their plans to wed are thwarted; the young woman’s father is hell bent on returning her to her promised fiance, a betrothal promise he must fulfil. Raj is determined to marry Simran and must do all he can to convince her father that he loves her. On the edge of the romantic seat, this is an all time block buster of a movie that delivers a story, plot, and conclusion. With a high flying award as a major hit and in 1996 while it won 10 Filmfare awards, it is the highest number ever awarded and the film went on to exceed1000 weeks at Maratha Mandir Theatre.

6. Raat (Night) 1992


Director Ram Gopal Verma is considered a learned mastermind and when he put this horror together, he got Raat to tell of the Sharma family who relocates to another locale. Settled in the house where strange occurrences occur, the family, Mr. & Mrs. Sharma and their only child, Manisha (Mini) are forced to endure the presence a ghost of a woman. The ghost is the previous owner of the house who was brutally murdered in the basement. Although the horror genre lacks popularity, it is still considered one of the best horror films in the Cinema.

5. Mother India (1957)


The hallmark of India’s cinemas is in the strength of the dramas they screen. Mother India remains a highly rated classic and was nominated for an Oscar. Evocative of the all-time classic, “Gone with the Wind”, this is a remake of Mehboob Khan’s seventeen-year-old achievement Aurat (1940). It is the story of a poverty-stricken woman who through many adversities and trials, raises her two sons after the death of her husband. Radha is played by Nargis who rigidly sticks to her high moral values in the name of women in India. Her strength of character shines throughout this superb melodrama that was awarded the prestigious Filmfare Awards for Best Actress and Best director respectively. It has also been suggested as one of “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”.

4. Andaz Apna Apna , 1994

Andaz Apna Apna Top 10 Classic Bollywood Movies Of All Time

When two men with an aim to get rich by marrying an heiress are inadvertently made to be her protectors, the story leads the audience on a journey that will make them shake their heads. With a balance of comical confusion, it is a road to inevitable happiness with tribulations along the way. The movie received four nominations at Filmfare Awards in 1995 and was later screened where it gained a reputation for one of the most watched films on national television.

3. Company (2002)


This crime thriller was directed by Ram Gopal Varma is a subtle reflection of the Mumbai underworld. Based on the workings of the Mafia, it is a thriller that when released received positive reviews from the critics. It won seven Filmfare Awards and went on to do extremely well at the box office. It is the sequel to Satya which was also directed by Verma and exposes the real life Dawood Ibrahim’s underworld business through D-company. Having won several awards, it received critical acclaim at the Austin Film Festival as well as the New York Asian Film Festival. Quite an achievement that is well remembered.

2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (You won’t get this life again) 2011


This is a comedy drama about three inseparable childhood buddies who set off on a tour of Spain. Each friend chooses a sport and everyone in the group must partake. It unfurls with substance and a plot created and directed by Zoya Akhtar. The actors, who play the three friends Arjun, Kabir and Imraan portrayed by Hrithik Rohsan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar deliver a combination of drama and comedy with a little indulgence of adventure. Commercial success came with positive reviews from the critics and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara received several nominations at Filmfare and claimed victory with two of them.

1. Sholay (Embers), 1975

Sholay Top Popular Classic Bollywood Movies Of All Time

Influenced by westerns such as The Magnificent Seven, Sholay is remembered for its character’s strong and powerfully delivered dialogues which went on to claim the name of Film of the millennium. Time Magazine and CNN-IBN placed it at number one in the prestigious position of Best of Bollywood. With a cast that delivers a performance of restrained brilliance, it can only be a picture that will time and again, offer the foundations of what is expected in drama. Like a template, it is the kind of movie that delivers a quality that can only be emulated if the creator desires success. Sholay was re-released in 3D and has been given an all time block buster verdict. It went further to earn 60 golden jubilees across India, a record that remains unsurpassed and was the first film in India to celebrate a silver jubilee.

While Bollywood remains one of the largest movie producers in India, it represents a large chunk of the net box office revenue and is one of the largest centres of Film production in the world. The term “Bollywood” put down its roots the 1970s and since then, India has overtaken America as the world’s largest movie producer. Quite a feat.