Top 10 Worst WWE Super Stars Ever

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Worst WWE Super Stars Ever till 2017. A closer scrutiny at the WWE McMahons athlete leaves one wondering whether the business will stand in the coming generations. Despite being a home of world’s greatest talents in terms of wrestling, the industry have served as a pest-house for inferior low quality breeds of athletes. This ramshackle has led to a massive suffering of the business financially – makes you think McMahons son was justified in asking his father control of Monday night raw.

It is more worrying and unimaginable to think the powerhouse of WWE – the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Rayback and Cane are not spared in this unprecedented town down in the once jubilant and vibrant industry. Notable traits that are escalating the volatile situation further include; Profane language, aggressiveness, disrespect to the fans and abuse of stage just but to mention a few.

There is no exactly clear-cut difference on who is who in WWE but the list below brings some of the worst talents in WWE brought to lime-light.

List of Top 10 Worst WWE Super Stars Ever till 2017

10. Rochelle Loewen


A WWE DIVA who could just have served better as a broadcaster. As the only Diva who features in this set, Lowen stay in WWE was marred by a series of failures and setbacks. She had very little to show in the industry and consequently she was forced to content with continuous and unceremonious failing in matches. Despite having smashing looks, she never had good relationships with fellow wrestlers. Her temperamental attitude led her into falling in a feud with WWE wrestler Randy Orton. Rochelle said publicly that the superstar had urinated in her bag and that he is retarded.

9. Bull Dempsey

Bull Dempsey Top Best Worst WWE Super Stars Ever 2018

The credibility of Bull Dempsey as a wrestler is highly questionable. The former NXT wrestler is by all means miles away from being a competitive wrestler. Despite a lot of meaningless and irrelevant talks, Dempsey suffers a backlash of being a sluggish athlete. He is no any better than his counter-parts – Zayn and Finn Balor. His matches are boring and less entertaining to watch. Maybe Dempsey should just consider going back to NXT.

8 Mojo Rawley


Together with his accomplice Zack Ryder, Rawley has very little or nothing to showcase. Mojo is no way near to becoming a professional wrestler. His matches and his ego in seeking public attentions are highly disgusting. The former footballer has more of football than wrestling in him.

7. Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin Top 10 Worst WWE Super Stars Ever 2017

This is also another footballer within the NXT. Baron lacks tact and necessary skills to see him rise up the ladder but he will stop at nothing in ensuring that no chance slips under the radar. He uses wit and employs guile in all his matches. Besides he is very rude and highly temperamental. Baron attitude not only frustrates fans but also makes him loose their support. The use of avarice to garner supports is archaic and maybe he should just consider raising his amateurish standards.

6. The Ascension.


Though it is a tag team it is worth being in the limelight. This is a squad comprising of Konor and Victor. It was a team that upon its inception seemed to sideline with the taste of the fans. It was supposed to serve like a rector and hit like sledge hammer. However, with time, the Ascenscion went under producing nothing meaningful. It also become one of the worst, irritating and most poorly performing tag in history of sports entertainment.

5. Eric Rowan.

Eric Rowan Top Famous Worst WWE Super Stars Ever 2019

Member of the Wyatt family and was former NXT wrestler. Rowan strange behavior stems from wearing sheep masks. Despite being physically fit Rowan lacks wrestling abilities. A moment he seizes a moment in the WWE rings Rowan uses the opportunity to inflict pain and torture on his opponent. Do not anticipate any entertainment from Rowan.

4. Colin Cassady

Colin Cassady Top Popular Worst WWE Super Stars Ever 2018

It is worrying that even endowed with good height Of 7 feets, Cassady fails to deliver. There were many iconic characters with good heights such as Cane and the Undertaker who did excellent wrestling. Cassady and his team – Enzo Amore and Carmella – need to rethink seriously about their strategy in order to fit in the shoes of wrestlers like Dudley boys.

3. Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman Top Most Worst WWE Super Stars Ever 2017

Wyatt family member. He has nothing attractive despite his oratory skills when it comes to using the microphone. Despite having a huge and scary body, he lacks in ability of creating a lively entertainment. Strowman proves to be an amateur in all manners as he fails even to pose threat to even the weaklings in WWE. He is the 3rd Worst WWE Super Stars Ever till 2017.

2. Mark Henry

Mark Henry Top Most Popular Worst WWE Super Stars Ever 2019

There is no question about Mark Henry being the world’s strongest man and athlete in WWE. His record speaks for itself. But why is it then the scale of worst wrestlers tipping in his favour? Henry only uses his body to punish his opponents and he like the skills required in the attitude error. Henry has lost many matches with wrestlers who may not be of his cadre. The athlete only taps on power as the major weapon.

1. The Big Show

The Big Show Top 10 Worst WWE Super Stars Ever

Dating back to his career in 1995, Shaw was a must watch but his wrestling abilities dwindled drastically. His over reliance on KO knock out punch rendered his matches flat and boring to watch. Shaw has been in the ring with a number of wrestlers but his matches have never been a treat. Shaw lacks in agility and swiftness which are prerequisites of a successful wrestler. He tops the list of Top 10 Worst WWE Super Stars Ever till 2017 because of capitalizing on strength and the insipid KO punch.

Finally, These are the Top 10 Worst WWE Super Stars Ever till 2017

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