Top 10 Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time till 2017. The Miss universe Organization is a worldwide pageant body known for organizing various beauty contests like Miss Teen, Miss Teen USA and the famous Miss Universe. Most of the participants in these competitions are usually people of high profile and therefore this organization does not comprise on the level or quality of their models. However, some of the competitors in these beauty pageants have left a lot of people wondering how these beauty queens managed to win or reach that level. Below is a list of some of the worst beauty pageant winners ever.

List of Top 10 Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time till 2017

10. Katie Rees: Miss Nevada

Katie Rees Top Most Popular Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time 2018

She was crowned Miss Nevada in 2008. Katie Rees got a lot of appreciations and congratulatory messages from the crowd during her crowning, but to be honest, this lady never deserved to be given that title. After her hot pictures went viral, she received widespread condemnation as people argued that she never deserved to be crowned of that title since there were hotter ladies than her in that contest. After the release of her photos, she tried to keep the story to a low-profile but never succeeded.

9. Zuleyka Rivera: Miss Universe


She was crowned Miss Universe in 2006. There was a lot of confusion and disagreements at the time of her crowning as even the audience never agreed to whether she really deserved that title or not. The fact is Zuleyka is not an impressive or attractive lady at all because of the many plastic surgeries that she has undergone and which ruined her beauty. The way she was given that title remains a big puzzle to this day.

8. Lindsey Evans: Miss Teen Louisiana

Lindsey Evans Top Popular Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time 2019

Just eleven days before finishing her reign as Miss Teen of Louisiana, Lindsey Evans had already returned her crown. Some sources say that this lady used to carry marijuana to every place that she went or visited. She is remembered as one of the beauty contestants whose reign came to an end after a very short period of time.

7. Riyo Mori: Miss Universe


Riyo Moriwas never a beautiful lady, though my words maybe a bit disgraceful but that is the plain truth. There is nothing impressive on attractive about this lady, take a look at some of her pictures and you will be surprised. It remains a misery of how this lady won the Miss Universe title in 2007. Whatever she did to be given that title is still strange even to this day.

6. Gabriela Isler: Miss Universe

Gabriela Isler Top Most Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time 2017

She is a Venezuela top beauty model. Gabriela was the winner of Miss Universe in 2013. However, her win was a controversial one as the audience never approved or got satisfied with it. When her name was read out as the overall winner, people could not believe it. People argued that Gabriela never deserved to be given this honor because she lacked natural beauty, but the way she ended up being crowned that title remains a mystery to this day. She is one of the Top 10 Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time till 2017.

5. Carrie Prejean: Miss California

Carrie Prejean Top 10 Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time 2017

Carrie Prejean was crowned the Miss California in 2007. However, this lady was not that lucky as she was dethroned later of that title because of contract violations. It was very sad and embarrassing as this lady had to suffer from insults, bad statements, and bad repute too. She was also criticized heavily by her fans due to her support of same sex marriages.

4. Olivia Culpo: Miss Universe

Olivia Culpo Top 10 Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time

She was the overall winner of Miss Universe 2012.this lady is among the most controversial beauty pageant contestants ever. People argued that she never deserved that title because she was never born a female. The audience never approved her win something that led to widespread condemnation. She also received a lot of hate from the audience as she went to pick her crown.

3. Gloria Diaz: Miss Universe

Gloria Diaz Top Most Famous Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time 2018

Gloria Diaz was the winner of Miss Universe pageant in 1969. She comes from Philippines, and she has been one the worst females who likes upsetting people due to reasons best known to her. This lady does not have a welcoming personality as she is somehow rude to people. Besides this, she has never been attractive or impressive as her beauty comes from putting on a lot of makeup.

2. Paulina Vega Dieppa: Miss Universe


Paulina Vega Dieppa was crowned Miss Universe in 2014, but she was never that beautiful something which angered the audience as many people were unhappy with the decision of crowning her as the winner. Many people said she was the least deserving contestant amongst other contestants; however other people cheered her own.

1. Keishla Villafane: Miss Puerto Rico

Keishla Villafane Top Famous Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time 2019

This beauty queen had to return the crown after terminating her contract in 2009 as she was alleged to have threatened some of the staff of the beauty pageant. This greatly damaged her repute and was forced to return the crown because many people said that she was the worst beauty pageant ever.

These are the Top 10 Worst Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time till 2017. This list of worst beauty pageants is continuous, but the ones listed above are the top ten worst beauty participants ever. However, this list may change as time goes by because beauty contests are held every year and are bound to change the list.